Monday, September 01, 2014

Eighth (8th) Anniversary of my Blog

So, last July was the 8th anniversary of my blog. Unfortunately, end of July of this year was the height of Operation Protective Edge. Therefore, I did not get a chance to write anything about the anniversary of my blog. From last year to now, a lot has changed in my life. From July 2006 until now, my entire world has changed.
To give you a quick update, I am still working as a tax attorney. I am still spending average of 14 to 15 hours per day on my work. There is nothing much to my life except the crazy work hours. Many ask me why or how could I work so hard. The answer to this question is very vague. To be honest, I find my profession quite exciting. Yes, people work for an income to fund their preferable life style. However, I can bravely claim that I work because I enjoy my profession. The income is the reward for the hard work.
I started my own law firm last year. The current firm that I work for actually found out about my own firm and yet they decided to keep me here. Under my own firm, I am doing a lot of different things. I have started to focus on many other areas of law such as Estate Planning and Wealth protection. I also went to New York this year. Believe it or not, when it comes to fun part of my life, these are the only two updates I have for the last year. I have done some small local traveling too. However, majority of the year was all about work.
With regards to my blog, I have found it very helpful to share things that I find interesting on the web. Quite frankly, majority of my readings are on political aspect of global advancement. At the same time, this new barbaric phenomenon is also another item that is taking majority of my free time. Islamic State (IS-or formerly known as ISIS) is a huge movement and we are basically witnessing only the infant stages of it yet. There are a lot to be said about them. Besides IS, majority of my readings are about Taxation and legal world and they are not really worth sharing on this blog.
For the next year, I am hoping to share a lot more on IS and their agenda. As I said previously, there are a lot to be said about them. This state will portray the true and pure face of Islam without any sort of distortion by its supporters. It will show the globe what the true Wahhabi and Salafi Islam is about and how it was practice by Prophet Mohamed. Of course, there are others who will try to mask this movement as something else by justifying its barbaric nature and making it Israel or America’s fault; however, I am a firm believer that our Muslim friends in Europe will simply uphold this group as one of their own by giving them their full support. We will see huge support from around the world for this group. IS will be the next hot and popular topic on this blog for the next year to come.

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