Monday, April 14, 2014

"Anonymous" Gets an Israeli Spanking!

So there is this group of losers who seem to lack any goals or motivation in life except to be angry at anything and everyone. At the same time, they are a form Anarchist losers who basically have spent a lot of time behind computers and that is pretty much the only thing they know for now. They started hacking into different websites stealing personal information of many innocent victims and of course they sell it in the black market of identity theft world. To justify their crimes which are nothing but what a common criminal loser would do, they started taking up different causes and they tried to portray themselves as modern day Robinhood. One of the causes was of course is Fraudulent Palestinian Cause. They started bombarding Israeli websites on daily basis. For a while, international police was after these criminals because Israel was not the only victim. They really had made a name for themselves until an Israeli Hacker called “Buddhax” decided to expose these losers. Not even that they hacked into their computer and exposed these losers, they were able to expose all of their personal information online which I have gladly included here. At the same time, they were able to manage taking a picture using their own cameras. Anyways, here is the information and the story behind it! Enjoy!

Hackers Information by Buddhax @ iEF

An Israeli hacker calling himself “Buddhax” has reportedly exposed some of the participants of an Anonymous-backed cyberattack that hit a number of Israeli websites this week, Haaretz reported.

Posting on the Israeli Elite Force Facebook page, “Buddhax” linked to a Dropbox document with names, IP addresses, locations, and photos — many of which apparently came right off the ‘Anonymous’ members’ personal webcams.

“Im sure Anonymous ‘hackers’ will think twice next time before they trying [sic] attack Israel,” Buddhax wrote in the document. “DDoS [distributed denial-of-service] & Deface small sites are not hacking. Im not a big hacker too…But im good enough to expose you.”

In addition to gaining access to the machines of 16 participants, Buddhax alerted them with a message popup which said, “Next time do not participate in OPIsrael. We know who you are. We know where you are. Hail Israel,” according to Haaretz.

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