Thursday, March 28, 2013

Happy Passover--Part II


This is Happy Passover Part II. This is Birkat Kohanim (Priestly Blessings) in Israel at the Kotel. The Cohens(Priests) will be blessing the nations and this is the biggest event that happen at Kotel twice a year. I am a Kohen and unfortunately I have not been able to participate at this event. One of my goals in life or one of the items in my bucket list is to be part of the Birkat Kohanim at least once in my life.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


I should have posted this two days ago. First and foremost, HAPPY PASSOVER TO ALL OF MY JEWISH BROTHERS AND SISTERS AROUND THE GLOBE. I finally returned to work after two days and I walked into 65 unread e-mails and 19 voicemails at 9:30 p.m. I really cannot talk about my reaction after seeing all of that work that needs to be done for just two days off. However, it does not really matter. It was for Passover. Passover is my favorite holiday. The Jews have always been main target of many different nations including Egypt in this case. The whole essence of Judaism, the birth of a nation was during Passover. What is Passover? Passover is the Holiday when the Jews capture their religious and personal freedom from bondage of the world’s strongest nation at that time. So what does it say about Jews? It says a lot. I could go on and on about this issue but I’ll try to keep it as brief as it gets.
The birth of this nation, Jews, is from bondage of slavery to just wonder in a desert for Forty years. It is a very peculiar way of having a religion. However, if you look throughout history, it created a fighting and resistant nations. How many times throughout history did governments and people swore to destroy it. Even today, there are people who are sworn to destroy it. These people will never be successful because the Jews were born out of slavery and they survived and they will survive anything. It is hacked in their DNA. Now days, people are dedicated to promote and advertise the hatred of Jews. Look at all the Pro-Palestinian supporters and their websites. It is filled with ABSOLUTE LIES and look how many times they have been caught lying. They are filled with Hatred of Jews. This is nothing new for Jews. Throughout history, it has always been politically correct to pick on Jews one way or another. From Hitler to Spanish Inquisition, to current Iranian government, to Arab Persecution of Jews in Islamic nations, to college campuses in today’s society which is politically correct so say anything Anti-Semitic about Jews as long as you could replace the word Jew with Zionist. These people should know one thing: the Jews will survive. As I said above, survival is hacked in Jewish DNA. Do not look at the American Jews and the absence of Judaism in their lives. The Jews will always come together. Why? The reason is very simple, we always have come together and those who left were never part of the survival. Passover is the great reminder of the Jews to not worry; we will get through it no matter what happened.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Civility Among Terrorist Apologists

Watch this video. This is amazing. This little whore, called Mrs. Silverman (yes a self-hating Jew) assault an Israeli girl for writing Am Israel Khai, which means “Long Live the Jews.” So, they attacked her and they called her names that actually are well deserved for Mrs. Silverman the freak that was trying to assist her. Actually I take that back, I do not wish to insult whores because at least whores have a shred of self-respect and dignity. So much for civility and human rights! For these people, the safety and security of the Jews is problematic. That is the simple fact of these groups. First and foremost, these groups, these terrorist apologists are filled with self-hating and psychopaths like this sorry excuse for a sub-human. As you could see, they love to scream “free speech” and “human rights”, yet they cannot even allow the same concept to apply for their destructive and barbarians views. They are barbarians who protect barbarians, people who want to destroy and murder innocent civilians along with state of Israel. I am way too familiar with these tactics. Honestly, I wish I was there to give her a piece of my mind. Too bad I am tied up with work. Too Bad!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Oldest Syrian Synagogue in Ruin

I really do not think that this is as bad as all the Syrians who have died in this conflict; however I do believe it is still a sad event that one of the oldest Synagogues ended up in ruins. The opposition fighters are the ones who have filmed this and posted it on YouTube. I do not see any sign of animosity or happiness on the part of the recorder of this clip. I respect these men for taking the time to show what has happened and unlike many of their brothers and sisters in Gaza or other Arab or Muslim nations, they are not celebrating the destruction this holy place.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Another Gaza Lie Uncovered

I believe BBC needs to re-evaluate its correspondents in the area. This guy is clearly biased in his opinion with regards to the conflict, yet he is reporting for a news agency. This BBC reporter claimed that it was the IDF fire that had killed his family. His family and residence had provided cover for missiles that were bombarding Israeli citizens and he quickly pointed his finger at Israel. After U.N did its investigation about the fire, it concluded that it is the militants who might have killed his family. Yet, he is calling the report “Rubbish”

Jehad Mashhrawi dismissed the UN findings as "rubbish".
He said nobody from the United Nations had spoken to him, and said Palestinian militant groups would usually apologizes to the family if they had been responsible.

I am stunt at the hypocrisy involved here. His excuse is that if it were the terrorist who caused the damage, they would have apologized for it. When? When was the last time THEY EVER APOLOGIZED for anything let alone apologizing for accidental killings? You see, people like this man are liars. They are part of Palestinian Propaganda machine who fabricate almost anything and everything to defraud the global opinion against Israel. Unfortunately, BBC has not fired this man and they never will. This man used this picture for propaganda purposes and yet nothing has been done. This is the simple symbol of Palestinian Cause which to lie to the world and fabricate events and deaths in order to achieve their goal. It is nothing new and it is not the first time.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Buycott Movement

This is a great movement and I fully support this. I am so sick of the “Boycott” movement and its inherited Anti-Semitism that they try to portray as “Anti-Zionism”. Who remembers what happened in Europe and how they treated Jews and their businesses? Didn’t they have the same movement which was no business deals with the Jews and Jews could not own any land? Well, now they are focusing on Israel’s flourishing economy. The funniest part is that the “Boycott” moment has not said a word about Syria, Iran, China, or any other countries with grotesque Human Rights violations. Only Israel and the Jews! So, now it is your turn to do the right thing and support this movement.

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

One Less Dictator: Hugo Chavez is Dead!

An idiot has left this world. There is no word as to how to assess the damage that this man has caused. He probably has set Venezuela back many decades. If you do not believe that Venezuela has been set back, read what the Vice President has said. Here is what he said,

There's no doubt that Commandante Chavez's health came under attack by the enemy," Vice President Nicolas Maduro said in an address to the nation from the presidential palace. "The old enemies of our fatherland looked for a way to harm his health,'' according to Maduro, drawing a parallel to the illness and 2004 death of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, which some supporters blamed on poisoning by Israeli agents.

So basically, the enemies of the state are the reason that this moron got cancer and said good-bye to this mortal soil. Natural causes are never the reason for these dictators. Noooooo!!! It has to do with Enemies. Why would he say this? Very simple: dictatorship and creating a foreign enemy to suppress the opposition and keep the people under his own rule. This is not his game plan. He is taking it right out of Chavez’s playbook. A country will not progress politically and essentially economically when you still have activities like this. Venezuela has some interesting days ahead of it. However, the initial movement does not look too promising. As for Chavez, I am not sad that a man like him died. In my eyes, he was nothing but a lying dictator and I think the world is a much better place without him.

Friday, March 01, 2013

Dennis Rodman is Retarded

Is this guy retarded? Seriously? As an attorney, I handled a case for this North Korean Immigrant. She had lost her husband, her parents, and a lot of her neighbors as the result of the mass starvation. This starvation is man-made and it has caused thousands of deaths. On top of that, the leaders of this idiotic country are exporting their nuclear bombs to terrorist nations around the world. So, this dumb moron and former Basketball “Has Been” is calling the leader of this country “a cool guy”. What the hell is this guy trying to achieve? He wants attention? Do people like Dennis Rodman honestly think before they do anything? How could you go up to this dictator, dine with him, give legitimacy for him, and be utilized for propaganda purpose and be the cause of the deaths of thousands more? Well, what can I say, I guess he is retarded.

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