Monday, March 11, 2013

Another Gaza Lie Uncovered

I believe BBC needs to re-evaluate its correspondents in the area. This guy is clearly biased in his opinion with regards to the conflict, yet he is reporting for a news agency. This BBC reporter claimed that it was the IDF fire that had killed his family. His family and residence had provided cover for missiles that were bombarding Israeli citizens and he quickly pointed his finger at Israel. After U.N did its investigation about the fire, it concluded that it is the militants who might have killed his family. Yet, he is calling the report “Rubbish”

Jehad Mashhrawi dismissed the UN findings as "rubbish".
He said nobody from the United Nations had spoken to him, and said Palestinian militant groups would usually apologizes to the family if they had been responsible.

I am stunt at the hypocrisy involved here. His excuse is that if it were the terrorist who caused the damage, they would have apologized for it. When? When was the last time THEY EVER APOLOGIZED for anything let alone apologizing for accidental killings? You see, people like this man are liars. They are part of Palestinian Propaganda machine who fabricate almost anything and everything to defraud the global opinion against Israel. Unfortunately, BBC has not fired this man and they never will. This man used this picture for propaganda purposes and yet nothing has been done. This is the simple symbol of Palestinian Cause which to lie to the world and fabricate events and deaths in order to achieve their goal. It is nothing new and it is not the first time.

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