Monday, March 18, 2013

Civility Among Terrorist Apologists

Watch this video. This is amazing. This little whore, called Mrs. Silverman (yes a self-hating Jew) assault an Israeli girl for writing Am Israel Khai, which means “Long Live the Jews.” So, they attacked her and they called her names that actually are well deserved for Mrs. Silverman the freak that was trying to assist her. Actually I take that back, I do not wish to insult whores because at least whores have a shred of self-respect and dignity. So much for civility and human rights! For these people, the safety and security of the Jews is problematic. That is the simple fact of these groups. First and foremost, these groups, these terrorist apologists are filled with self-hating and psychopaths like this sorry excuse for a sub-human. As you could see, they love to scream “free speech” and “human rights”, yet they cannot even allow the same concept to apply for their destructive and barbarians views. They are barbarians who protect barbarians, people who want to destroy and murder innocent civilians along with state of Israel. I am way too familiar with these tactics. Honestly, I wish I was there to give her a piece of my mind. Too bad I am tied up with work. Too Bad!

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