Tuesday, March 05, 2013

One Less Dictator: Hugo Chavez is Dead!

An idiot has left this world. There is no word as to how to assess the damage that this man has caused. He probably has set Venezuela back many decades. If you do not believe that Venezuela has been set back, read what the Vice President has said. Here is what he said,

There's no doubt that Commandante Chavez's health came under attack by the enemy," Vice President Nicolas Maduro said in an address to the nation from the presidential palace. "The old enemies of our fatherland looked for a way to harm his health,'' according to Maduro, drawing a parallel to the illness and 2004 death of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, which some supporters blamed on poisoning by Israeli agents.

So basically, the enemies of the state are the reason that this moron got cancer and said good-bye to this mortal soil. Natural causes are never the reason for these dictators. Noooooo!!! It has to do with Enemies. Why would he say this? Very simple: dictatorship and creating a foreign enemy to suppress the opposition and keep the people under his own rule. This is not his game plan. He is taking it right out of Chavez’s playbook. A country will not progress politically and essentially economically when you still have activities like this. Venezuela has some interesting days ahead of it. However, the initial movement does not look too promising. As for Chavez, I am not sad that a man like him died. In my eyes, he was nothing but a lying dictator and I think the world is a much better place without him.

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