Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009: An Interesting Finish for Hamas and Iran

Today is the last day of 2009. A year filled with events and shocks. This year was also the first year we had the pleasure of having Mr. Obama as our president. However, what amazes me the most how this year came to an end. During the past week, many of terrorist apologists or supporters came to some sort of truth that maybe their whole thinking method has not been so right. You might ask why, and the answer is very simple. Just look at the past week. Two major developments that many in News Media did not get a chance to analyze.
The first event is what took place last week in Gaza.
For weeks, Hamas was trying to mobilize Gazans to participate in the rally that Hamas was organizing to commemorate one year anniversary of their shameful defeat in Gaza. Guess what happened? Not that many people showed up! One might respond: “well maybe they were busy or they just didn’t feel like it.” The answer is believe me people care in Gaza. How do we know? Just look at the past rallies that Hamas held in 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, and 2006. Thousands and thousands people used to show up to demonstrate their support for Hamas. The reason is fairly simple: Hamas failed to make their lives better. Hamas turned out to be just a stereo typical Arab government or regime who only promise a lot and deliver a little. Last year, Hamas foolishly thought they can encounter Israel through direct military conflict. They wanted to create an image for themselves resembling Hezbollah had after Lebanon War of 2006. With that stupid thought they vowed that they won’t reinstate the ceasefire that was in place for six months. Weeks before the ceasefire come to an end, they started bombarding Israeli border towns such as Tserdot. As I mentioned in my previous blogs, boy they were gravely mistaken because just like Hamas was preparing, Israeli military was studying Hamas and they hit them hard and quick. Hamas was shown to be completely incompetent when it comes to battlefield and direct contract with IDF ground troops. Hamas fighters were itching for Israeli incursion into Gaza and they proved to be nothing but failures. Their tactics were simply not sufficient to encounter IDF ground troops. With exception one or two casualties, the only Israeli casualties that Israel suffered was result of friendly fire and it was less 15 soldiers. Even though every Israeli casualty is a tragedy for Israel, it was just embarrassing for Hamas. After the war, Hamas had nothing to show to Gazans. Hamas had no achievement or accomplishment for aggregating Israel to attack Gaza strip. Gazans are not stupid, they know full well it was Hamas’s stupid method that sent an invitation to Israel to enter Gaza. After the war, Hamas agreed to a ceasefire that holds until today. Hamas promised reconstruction; Hamas promised glorious days for Gaza and the only thing they delivered was destruction. A year after the war, Israelis live in peace and Israel’s economy is flourishing. The only thing Hamas is trying to gain is calling Israel “War Criminals” and most of the evidence that they are offering is nothing but Hearsay which is inadmissible. So if we move past history, we will see that Gazans finally woke up and realized that Hamas is nothing but a typical Palestinian or Arab movement that promise a lot and deliver nothing. As one resident of Gaza said in an interview for why he didn’t attend the rally, Hamas did not even build a single factory after the war to provide jobs for the Gazans. They only reconstructed their weapon factories that benefit their own members. They completely ignored the tough economic situations that Gazans are going through. Gazans finally realized that Hamas loves the fact that they are living in poverty so they could use it as a PR campaign to destroy Israel’s image in the international community. The Gazans see how Israel is helping their own citizens while Hamas is only thinking about rearming itself to grab more power. At the end, Hamas has lost legitimacy and it is a major development.
Another issue that was developed in the last week of 2009 is Iran. Boy Iran just shocked the world on Sunday. Iranians just took to the street on Ashura day using one of the most sacred religious Shia days to criticize the regime and especially the Supreme Leader Ali Khamenie. What was even more shocking in the news is that Iran’s rulers and its thugs and gangs stormed Hosseinie Jamaran which was a place where Khomeini chose as his residence and used to give powerful speeches.
Jamaran was a sacred place and it was a symbolic structure for the regime. This regime is so desperate that it violated the sanctity of a structure that they had set up to be sacred. These thugs stormed it and after they were confronted with the opposition supporters, they pursued to break windows and doors of the place. This is super embarrassing.
On the Ashura day, this was a day that Regime had used for years to legitimize itself. For years, they used this day and Imam Hussein to confront world powers. Now this day became a thorn in their own eyes. The regime acted stupidly by confronting the protesters like that. Videos emerged how ruthless the regime’s agents were in confronting the protesters such as running them over with cars. However, it also showed that Iran’s movement is gaining momentum and it is more powerful than ever. Iran’s regime tried to make up for the embarrassment by trying to set up a counter protest in support of the regime. However, as documents started showing up on Facebook and twitter, it showed that government had to bus in people from different towns and most of these people were government workers who were forced by the companies they worked to show up to the protest. An example of it is the employees of Bus Stations and Buses were ordered to check in and show up to the protest. The government provided buses and transportation. The irony is that the speaker of the protest was not even from Tehran, he was from Mashhad. Amazing! All together they gathered all these people through coercion at a square in Tehran and used it as photo op to somehow legitimize themselves. Iranian opposition fired back by screaming “death to Khamenie (The Supreme Leader)” on their rooftops at night time. It could have been heard all over Tehran.
Question is why these two developments are significant and how are they even related?! Very simple: it goes to show those idiots leftists in this country that this kind of school of thought that they hold very dear to their heart won’t work. The Left absolutely loved Hamas. They called them “freedom fighters from people of Gaza who are fighting against Zionist Colonists”. They called Ahmadinejad a leader of Iran who is standing up to the U.S and they desperately tried to justify his position against Israel and U.S. Ahmadinejad used Zionism and Israel to gain legitimacy in the Arab world. Arab world absolutely worshiped Ahmadinejad. He was the second most popular leader among Arabs after Nasrallah. Why?! Simply because he had the balls to say what the Arabs were actually feeling about Holocaust. Iran is a major supporter of Hamas and if it wasn’t for Iran, Hamas would not be this powerful or they would simply cease to exist. Now Iran’s legitimacy has been questioned and Hamas legitimacy is slowly but surely vanishing. All together, it goes to show you that this kind of school of thoughts is a lot like Marxism. IT SIMPLY WON’T WORK! It shows that this kind of school of thought that the Left and the Arabs around the world loves to look up to is nothing but hot air, and when it comes to it, they will massacre their own people for personal self interest.
Funny thing: since the start of the movement, I haven’t heard a peak from a single Arab that they support Iranian students! GEE I WONDER WHY?! Iranians supported Palestinians, Lebanon, Syrians, Iraqis, and many other Arab movements all around the world. Iranians shed tears for them, gave them BILLIONS of dollars and guess what happened? They got nothing in return. Iranians abroad were more anti-Israel than many Arabs in U.S college campuses. Funny thing: they got nothing back from their Arab comrades. Most of them are quiet. Funniest thing is most of these pathetic Arabs are trying to question media coverage instead of actually showing support for Iranians. They write things like “how come Media groups don’t cover Palestinians like they are covering Iranians.” Just like always, they can’t look and act any more pathetic. So much for gratitude for Iranians from their Arab friends! Most of them don’t want to see Ahmadinejad going down and I wonder why?!
All together, we are ending 2009 with major developments. I am not in any position to make any predictions but even though things are not that good, I must say there is still A LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Ayatollah Montazeri

It’s been a while that I have not written anything. However, the loss of this courageous man motivated me to write something about him and honor his loss. Montazeri is one of the leading figures in the Islamic Revolution. Even though he was a great fighter against the previous regime in Iran, however after the revolution he broke ranks with the government and only pursued the will of people. A lot of people were involved in the revolution and only after the revolution they came to conclusion that what a mistake it was. I am not claiming Montazeri ever regretted calling for the revolution. However he did stand up to the government even though the regime ruthlessly tried to shut him up. Yesterday he passed away. What it means for the Green Revolution is beyond me, but for now it does not seem very peaceful for the Islamic Regime. Another thing that I like about this guy is that when he shined a lot of light into the stupidity of the Iranian regime and it showed how ruthless this regime is. My favorite memory of him is when wrote about how Iranian military ran the war with Iraq and how incompetent the leaders and military strategists were in the war. He talked about how a cleric with absolutely zero military experience was giving military orders and deciding how to fight a war. It also showed how a lot of Iranian casualties could have been easily prevented if Iran had not ruthlessly murdered all of previous regime generals. Overall, from what I know from him, he was a man of people who really cared about the Iranian demanded from the regime.

Friday, October 02, 2009

Afghanistan is Not Iraq

Ok, we’re under President Obama rule now. He is our President and there is nothing you could do about it. However, one thing that pisses me off is what the hell happened to the “Anti-War” people. I thought they were against the war and against violence. Why did they vanish? The reason I am asking this question is because Obama is talking about increasing troops for Afghanistan and he is investing more money in that country.
Personally, I think it is a horrible mistake. I am not saying we’re defeated and we should cut and run. The reason I am saying this is because Afghanistan is not Iraq. Sorry to say this but THERE IS NO HOPE FOR AFGHANISTA. Afghanistan is not Iraq. Iraq has future and there is hope for Iraq. But Afghanistan does not have anything.
The difference between the situations in Iraq and Afghanistan is that Iraq has natural resources. On top of that, Iraq has an educated population too that could take over the government. The natural resources could pay for rebuilding Iraq and the educated population could assist the democracy to work. Iraq at the same time has been thirsty for democracy. Yes, there are crazies in Iraq too. There are sectarian differences, however thank to Al-Qaeda and their terrorism that devastated this country, people have decided to set aside their differences at least for now. At the same time, the only reason Iraq fell apart in the beginning was that there were not troops in the region and the country was not secured. It was the lack of management of the war by President Bush that forced Iraq into chaos. At the same time, it was also the Media and their hatred of Bush that added fuel into the fire in Iraq. The terrorists quickly realized that if they could destabilize Iraq, they have enough allies in the U.S with same hatred of Bush that they could force U.S to pull back. They were successful to some extent. With every soldier that died in Iraq, the media actively assisted those terrorist by highly publicizing it. They were all screaming: “Vietnam, Vietnam” or loonies such Cindy Sean who grossly took advantage of her son’s death to push her own wacky ideologies on the Americans. Directors such as Michael Moore and other morons were just adding more fuel to the fire. Thank G-d, with exception of Michael Moore movie, none of the movies made a dime and they were a complete loss. However, the only benefit was terrorists were gaining more power and moral support. Of course, Democrats being out of power at the time were also benefiting from it. Let’s just say, Iraq fell apart because of many reasons that could have been prevented. I don’t want to go too much into detail of what happened.
However, Afghanistan is not Iraq. Afghanistan is not Iraq though. Afghanistan does not have any natural resources. Meaning, there is no money to rebuild it. Who is going to pay to rebuild this country in this economic mess that we’re in today? Afghanistan does not have any infrastructure. There are no roads, no electricity, no clean water, and many other goods that a country a needs. At the same time, the worst part is that not that many educated people live there. The country is so backward that it would take hundreds of years to bring it even remotely up to date in terms of infrastructure, education, and political process. This country has been devastated by tribal war for many many years and there is almost no change in sight. The country is still heavily religious and the signs of Taliban practices and rules and can been seen everywhere. The practicing religion has an extreme sect of Islam which is Wahabisim. The same type practiced in Saudi Arabia. There are other type of Islam there too, however it seems like Wahabists are incredibly powerful in that country. I have said before and I say now, Wahabisim will never ever work with democracy and it is the most violent type of Islam that needs to be eradicated. I don’t care if it is someone’s religion; Wahabsim is almost like Nazism and should not be tolerated in any sense or form. Strategically speaking, Afghanistan is located where there are a lot of mountains around. This will provide natural shields for all types of insurgent activities. Iraq was flat; tanks could easily relocate from one place to another. Troops could easily be transferred from one location to another. However in Afghanistan, it is not so easily achieved. The weather, geographical location, and existence of no road make military activity a hell. Investing more troops in Afghanistan will not work that well. I really hope it does, but I think Obama is making a huge mistake in this case.
In conclusion, the only apparent thing in here is the hypercriticism of politics and of course of the Left. They were screaming “peace peace peace”! I still remember the signs that say: “fighting for peace is like fucking for virginity”. My question is what happened to the virgin? What happened to peace? Did they abandon it? What happened to media criticizing this president and his decision? When Bush (worst Commander in Chief in U.S history) with recommendation and pleas of generals in Pentagon especially General David Petraeus wanted to increase the troops, they were criticizing him left and right, but now they are completely silent on this matter? At the end, I think Obama and Left are creating another Vietnam and our troops are going to pay a hefty price for it. I hope not, but that’s the direction we’re headed.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Human Rights Groups Frivolous Claim

After a long delay, I am back. I have been incredibly busy. However things have been great. It’s been a tough life, but the accomplishments are what make the hardship sweet. Anyways, I am coming back to blogging after four months and I am coming back with a video to refute Human Rights Watch and their report about IDF’s alleged war crime. Let’s take a look at one of their claims of alleged war crimes.
Human Rights groups have been documenting fabricating stories from sources connected to Hamas. They claimed that IDF soldiers opened fire on civilians despite the fact that they were showing white flags. IDF conducted investigation and it became obvious that those claims are frivolous. At the same time, Human Rights groups whom by the way get massive donations from Saudi Arabia and they presented claims of heavily criticizing Israel during Operation Cast Lead and other operations in order to collect those donations, forgot the fact that Israel has been filming a lot of the missions just for this reason.
This video I have posted shows exactly why Human Rights groups are losing legitimacy and they are nothing but empty think tanks for the left and have become terrorist mouth piece and apologists for the killers. This video also proves that Hamas has been using human shields and yes Human Right Groups forgot to mention it.

Monday, May 04, 2009

To Attack or not to Attack

This one sneaked up on a lot of people who keep up with the news. Pakistan has become the main concern for many Western Countries. More importantly, it has become the main issues for U.S. and Israel. As our secretary of defense, Robert Gates, has said that there are “grave concerns” with regards to the situation in Pakistan. Taliban and Islamic Fundamentalist forces are moving closer to capital city of Islamabad in Pakistan. As we know, Pakistan has nukes. That is a recipe for disaster. But honestly, is it a surprised to anybody now? This is fairly simple: YOU DO NOT ALLOW ISLAMIC NATIONS WITH FUNDAMENTALIST TENDECIES TO ACQUIRE NUCLEAR WEAPON. Is it racist or Islamo-phobic to say that? Yes, but as our Supreme Court has made a ruling, when it comes to matters of national security, it would require strict scrutiny to review the racial classification. Here is the government compulsive interest in this matter: SURVIVAL OF HUMAN RACE! Is that enough concern to finally say: maybe we should not allow Pakistan to have nuclear power because if we look inside their country, even though they have a lot of secular citizens who want to go through their daily lives, we also have a lot of wack-jobs running around. Here is the link to the news about Pakistan and situation there.
If that was not enough, Democrats and numb-nuts Lefties in this country, caused Musharaf to step down through their constant protests. They did it not because of democracy and what is right, they did it to defame Bush and get rid of Bush’s allies. Remember how Kerry went to Syria, remember how Pelosi did the same thing and went to Syria. They did the same thing to Musharaf who was a very strong leader. He was able to secure the government. However, as soon as Democrats took over both of Houses, they had to get rid of him.
Now, as we’re reviewing what’s going on in Pakistan, it is clear that you cannot allow a nation with fundamentalist points of views, with views that does not value human lives to acquire powers that could point humanity in jeopardy. When you have a group of people who believe that there is a better life waiting for them after this life is over, you probably do not want to trust them with something that could wipe out a whole nation. Mr. Gates: you are the same guy who has been saying that maybe U.S should come to terms with Nuclear Iran. Nuclear Iran is not an option. A country who believes in apocolyptian 12 Imam cannot be trusted with a nuclear bomb. Iran was just nominated as the biggest harbor of terrorist in the world, and you want to allow them to have a nuclear bomb? Does that sound intelligent to anybody?
For those who argue that Iran wants to get a nuclear bomb for deterrent reason: this is a complete B.S. Iran wants a nuclear bomb to bully the region, so nobody would stand up to them for all the terrorist activities that they are conduct in the region such as in Iraq, Yemen, Oman, Lebanon, Gaza, Egypt, and many other countries. Iran wants Islamic revolutions all over the region just like Khomeini promised with saying: we will not stop until we raise the Green Flag of Islam over every Mosque, Churches, and other government building in the World. If you think it is a crazy idea, just look around the region and Iran’s agent in those countries I mentioned above. At the same time, if one of those crazies ever is in the mood, they would simple give one of these to Hezbollah and all they need to do it is detonate right on the border of Israel and Lebanon and there goes Haifa.
I hope this event teaches U.S the lesson of life time: YOU CANNOT ALLOW IRAN BECOME NUCLEAR. Iran is not a Western Country, Iran is not Turkey. Iran is a nation filled with different fundamentalist gangs. Iran has a stable strong government. However, within this government, there are different sources of power, different groups, different mafias, and different people who are crazier than each other. In the end, the question is: if or when Taliban takes over Pakistan, are we going to attack Pakistan or not? Better question is: is U.S going to allow Iran to become a nuclear power or not?

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I am a J.D Now

Well, this is it. I’m a J.D now. Yay!! I am not sure when I’ll take the bar, but most likely it will on February 2010. I am going to continue working for my current employer. However, the good news is that the Law School with all its responsibilities is over. Everyone asks me how exciting is it or whether I am incredibly happy. I really don’t know what the big fuss is about. Yes, I am happy; however I am not super excited. It was a hard three years and I will be lying if I say I will miss it. However, it is a chapter of my life that came to its conclusion. I am not too happy, and I am not sad either. I am very indifferent about it. I guess it could also be because that I am super busy and the whole notion of graduating law school hasn’t register with me yet.
On a different note: HAPPY 61ST BIRTHDAY TO ISRAEL. Now that is something to happy about. Even though I probably would not get a chance to celebrate it, it is a good event that could make me smile. It is good to see the only Jewish Homeland and country gets older. Even though all of its enemies wish death upon it(and actively pursuing it), it is good to see that the only Jewish nation that is the only country who would stand up for Jews around the world, gets a year older. . Here is a clip to celebrate Israel’s Independence Day. This video is a year old, but it has great imagesKol Hakavod Israel. 

Monday, April 20, 2009

Holocaust Remembrance Day U.N Style!

Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day. We also had to witness the circus that U.N had created for Racism. The guest of honor was Dr. Ahmadinejad. This little retarded monkey who is nothing but an attention whore used this forum to talk about Holocaust and attack Jews and Israel. I applaud the EU delegates who left the conference. It was truly embarrassing for Ahmadinejad.
One issue that many people failed to notice was that Ahmadinejad in his speech talked about Islam as the last religion on Earth. Do people know what that means? That means any religion that came after this religion is not valid and therefore they are Kaffer. According to Islam, Kaffers have 2 choices, one to submit to rule of Islam and believe in Allah, or face death. This resulted in millions of people being massacred throughout history under this horrible justification. If that is not enough, in Iran, other religions that were born after Islam invaded and raped Iran such as Baha’i were persecuted against on daily basis. Thousands of them were killed and their belonging confiscated after the Glorious Religion of Peace Revolution in Iran. The way he introduced Islam as the last religion is RACIST in its core, let alone other subjects he talked about. And this little retarded monkey was the guest of honor in this circus we love to call U.N. Amazing!
As this racist piece of crap was giving his speech, civilized world was remembering Holocaust outside. Holocaust survivors were being greeted outside of that mockery of humanity where they were conducting Durban II.

Well I have a message for you Mr. Ahmadinejad: NEVER FUCKING AGAIN! You will not live to see a day that Holocaust is repeated through destruction of Israel. NEVER AGAIN!
This is also something I had translated from an Iranian poet.
Here is the clip where this monkey as embarrassed. It is truly embarrassing for Iranian all around the globe to have this retarded monkey represent Iran.

Monday, April 13, 2009


Sorry I have been very busy and inactive in terms of blogging. I would get back to it soon. It’s been a while that I have visited Israel. That is why I put up this video. Happy Passover!

Thursday, March 12, 2009


I have been incredibly busy. I am working more than 40 hours a week along with full load of courses. I am graduating in a month and I am totally unprepared. However, work is taking 75% of my time. It is an incredibly interesting job. At the same time, these days there are not really much to write about. I am not allowed to write about the job I am doing, otherwise it would blow your minds away. However, I can still comment on them.
Hezbollah calls themselves party of G-d. Iran who is a religious country openly support Hezbollah if not control them. The interesting part is that this Party of G-d from “religion of peace” are the biggest criminals ever walked on the face of this earth. Their whole foundation, their whole structure is funded by fraud, IP crimes, human smuggling, drugs, and of course Oil money that is well deserved by Iranian people. They are of course, stiff supporter of fraudulent Palestinian Cause. These people have incredible well organized cells in South America, Europe, China, and many other parts of the world that cooperate with a lot of Mobs in those areas. The purpose: to make money for their deadly cause. However, the way they make their money is through criminal activity and crimes against the indigenous people of those areas. Again: this is a party who hold themselves as Party of G-d; if they are Party of G-d, why are they bunch of criminals? Is criminal activity that includes rape, murder, human smuggling, theft, burglary, IP crimes, and many other crimes, a notion that their G-d wants to promote itself? The more I read about these things, the more I realize what a bunch of criminal crooks they are who are nothing but a mob looking after their own self-interest.
At the end of this path, it amazing how bunch of little school boys who goes to universities in this country, who never even lived in those areas (of course w/ exception of some vacation they took for a week or two), look up to these criminals. They all call themselves: WE’RE ALL HEZBOLLAH. They have no idea what kind of criminal they are calling themselves. Hezbollah is criminal gang; it’s not a political force. A political force that is funded by criminal activity is nothing but a mob or organized crime. Their ideology is in total contradiction with their actions and it is clear that this Party of G-d is nothing but a party of criminals.

Thursday, January 29, 2009


Due to barbaric nature of our beloved supporter of “Palestinian Cause” and “religion of peace” and of course their lack of respect, I am forced to turn on the “comment moderator”. This is caused by a terrorist apologist who was educated in Berkeley and his gang who openly deny holocaust (aka Nahid and Pouya who never criticized her). They have resorted to their childish attacks and insults that is only utilized by people whose cause is simply empty and fraudulent. They would try to silence you through harassment, intellectual terrorism, and sabotage. I believe this is caused by their frustration and anger regarding the fact that Hamas got their asses kicked and now they don’t have anything to celebrate for. It seems to me that these people were dramatized or sexually harassed as kids by their family or relatives or someone close to them due to the fact that they are so hostile and uncivilized. Anyways, sorry for inconvenience to other readers. Leave your comments and I will publish them as soon as I get a chance. Thanx


Sunday, January 25, 2009

My New Car (Part II)

I know it is a bit too old, but when I was busy writing about Operation Cast Lead. I did not want to divert the attention. However after I got my old car, I realized that driving a big car is not really for me. I am more into sporty and fast cars. Therefore, as soon as a complication came up with the contract for Nissan Murano one, I returned the car. Now I lease a 2009 Acura TSX. I got this car about three weeks ago. This model has a brand new body and of course new interior too for 2009 models. It is an amazing car and of course, it does not fall into Persian stereo type of BMW or Mercedes. I got the sport package for this car. It is truly an amazing car. The color I got is the same color as the one in this picture.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Operation Cast Lead and its Humiliation for Hamas

As we’re finalizing the closing chapter of Operation Cast Lead, every side is trying to figure out what just happened and what is going to happen in future. Hamas was looking for a way to upgrade its respect around the globe and maybe promote its reputation to Hizbollah’s Level. They were itching for an Israeli incursion into Gaza so that they could create a second Lebanon for IDF. After Lebanon 06, IDF had lost its deterrence in the Arab world especially in Gaza. Hamas was looking for an opportunity to repeat what Hizbollah had done in South Lebanon. On the other hand, Iran and their agents in the region were pushing Hamas into this conflict. Iran had greatly benefited from Lebanon and its support for Hizbollah. Iran needed to drag Israel into a bloody conflict to distract her from attacking Iran’s nuclear facility during the transition of U.S administrations. Therefore, they supplied Hamas with everything they could possibly find to prepare them to attack Israel. Hamas also thought that they are going to teach Israel a new lesson. They dug tunnels just like Hizbollah had done; they had used schools and mosques as weapon depot, and they were just waiting for Israelis to come. So when the ceasefire came to an end by early December, they were confident enough that they could confront Israel militarily. They also had received green light from their master (aka Iran) to start a confrontation. So with full confident in their capabilities, even before the ceasefire come to an end, they alleged their readiness to confront Israel and resumed their attacks against Israeli civilians in the south. However, they had miscalculated one thing. Just like Hamas who was preparing for a war, Israel was watching Hamas’s every move. Not even that, Israel had prepared its special units and trained them to confront Hamas in Gaza and urban areas. Israel had learned necessary lessons from Lebanon to confront Hamas in Gaza. Basically, Israel has Hizbollah to thank for its victory in Gaza. Israel inflicted severe damages through air within hours of the start of conflict. Israel was patient in its planning and she used diligence to conduct its operations in Gaza. IDF was very organized in going into Gaza. Israel kept clear channel of communication between commanders unlike Lebanon that units were all confused and nobody knew what to do. A perfect example of how much damage Israe caused Hamas is this: according to Persian Israel Radio based in Jerusalem, Iran had trained about 100 Hamas fighters in Iran and they had snuck back into Gaza to prepare Hamas to confront Israel. These fighters had received special training with regard to different type of conducting terrorist attacks or weapon trainings. Israel chased and killed all 100 of these fighters. In terms of military objectives, Israel showed its superiority in terms of combat and urban fighting. Hamas had booby trapped every inch of Gaza. Hamas looked miserable in the battles. Israel lost 13 soldiers during this whole operation; 5-7 of them were caused by friendly fire. That is a total embarrassment for Hamas. How misrule and humiliated should you be that another country has to declare victory for you? Hamas totally miscalculated its objectives and forgot that they are not Hizbollah and Israel was very prepared to confront them.

Another issue that arised as a result of this war was the drift that created between commanders in Gaza and Syria. Khaled Mashal was sitting in his comfortable house in Syria ordering these commanders to keep fighting. He was benefiting from all the civilians who were dying in the fighting. However, Hamas commanders kept saying that they were ready for any ceasefire and Hamas commanders in Syria kept rejecting it. This showed the level of inhumanity and lack of respect for human life in part of Hamas commanders in Syria. They did not even value the lives of their own men; would you imagine what they would do to Israelis if they ever get a chance? They could not care less that their fighters did not stand a chance confronting IDF and they were just benefiting from high civilian casualties.

Another issue that is important to notice is remember in Lebanon 06 how the Arab protesters were actually happy the war was happening and they were proud of Hizbollah. AngryArab blogger was celebrating the war and congratulating Hizbollah on their victory and their actions toward Israeli citizens. They were not sad even a bit that there was a war happening simply because Israel was losing civilians; not even that, they were congratulating Hizbollah for killing and terrorizing Israeli citizens through their bombardment of civilians cities. They were so proud of their war and they were not hiding it. However, in this war, since Hamas was being humiliated, they were furious. Not even that they were furious, they resorted to Anti-Semitic tactic to send their messages to the world. Their protests were filled with absolute hate. They were calling themselves protesting for peace and for peaceful purposes. What happened? How come last time that they had achieved a bit of success, they were not protesting for peace or ceasefire, but out of the sudden they decided to protest for peace? Either way, they were humiliated just like Hamas because this time they portrayed their anger through violence and they showed their true barbaric natures.

At the end, Operation Cast Lead was a total success for IDF. Unfortunately there were many civilian casualties, however the blame does not rest on Israel, Israel was targeting what any other country would target which is military targets. Israel went after targets that Hamas had produced by using them for military objectives such as flying missiles toward Israel. This time, there are extensive video library as to what Israel targeted and the extend Israel went through to defend civilian lives in the conflict. The losers were not Hamas, the losers were Palestinian population in the areas who had to suffer and they will suffer in future. Not that they care, in their mind, it is Israel’s fault no matter what happens. However, Hamas will restore its military capability within a year or two, but until then, at least there will be some quiet time for the both side. All together, Israel restored its deterrence that she had lost because her failures in Lebanon. Now Hizbollah is on notice that Israel is ready to confront them, and if one day Hizbollah decides to send them an invitation, IDF is going to deliver them a hefty and destructive gift.

Kol Hakavod IDF!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Mission 1 Accomplished

Today, everybody is focusing on Obama. I think it is a bit exaggeration, but it is still a historical day. However, we should not forget about the last president either. Bush had a lot of flaws as a President. He was the worst Commander in Chief that this country has ever seen in its history. However, there are many things that he did right. Therefore, he does deserve to be thanked for them. You could also pay your gratitude by going to the site.

Click here for the link

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Israel Divert Missiles to Save Civilian Lives

This is amazing and a slap in the face of those who say Israel does not value civilian lives or purposely targeting civilians. This shows a complete fabrication of such stories and the best proof that Palestinian Groups such as Hamas are solely responsible for civilian deaths in those areas due to the fact that these groups use them as a human shield. I applaud Israeli Air force and their morals. I wonder how many Air-Forces around the world would do such a thing. Now compare it to Hamas and Palestinian Cause supporters who purposely target civilians to send their hateful message. Do you see a difference?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Anti-Aircraft in a Mosque

Israel is embarrassing Hamas time after time. This time, Israel is doing an amazing job releasing videos showing extend of Hamas’s War Crime and utilizing civilian infrastructure for military purposes. I wonder why the members of “religion of peace” are so angry now. I guess this Anti-Aircraft and many missiles and mortars were taking a refuge in that center for “religion of peace” to escape Israeli ruthless aggression against them. Good job IDF and keep up the good work.

On a different development, Red Cross finally comes to its senses.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Palestinian Racism is Coming Out

As we see the protests happening around the world, you can’t fail to see the level barbarism this fraudulent cause of Palestinians are putting forth. I went to an Israeli rally and I did even see a single sign that was remotely racist or against Palestinians. They were protesting against Hamas, and you could not even see a word such as Palestinians anywhere. There was no flag burning, no calling for wiping off anybody, and they only protested against Hamas actions. However, take a good look at Palestinian protests. “[d]eath to Juice”, “Israel should be wiped off”, and "Jews are terrorists" signs are everywhere. By the way, for the Americans who are watching from the side lines, look at the Palestinian protests, you will not see a single American flag. I have also included a video of people who belong to “religion of peace” and I ask, ARE THESE SUB-HUMANS REALLY PEACEFUL IN THIS VIDEO? They are dancing and screaming “la elaha elal lah” and stumping on Israeli flags, and yet they claim to be peaceful? What is peaceful about them? You could see the same act that you see in beheading videos and now they are walking around openly saying “death to Jews”. Where is NY Times to document these protests, where is NY Times to document this level of racism? This is perfect proof Israel is not dealing with civilized community or people or culture. She is fighting barbarians like that who are only defrauding the world in a global scale and utilizing the same old global Anti-Semitism to buy support for their fraudulent cause. Israel is fighting the true fascists of our time, the ones who even sided with Hitler during WWII. Make no mistake, if it comes down to it, Palestinian will not only repeat Holocaust against Jews, they will take it to a different level in terms of barbaric ways they will achieve their goals. These protests and how barbaric they turn every time Pro-Palestinians protests are the significance of the fact that Palestinians do not want peace, they just want to destroy Israel and throw Jews in to the sea.

Here is the link to more pictures and more racism for those who are interested.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Videos from Operation Cast Lead

Terrorist apologist’s websites are coming up with posts after posts with propaganda articles. However the amazing part is that they are only articles. They are only in form of opinion or unsubstantiated report or some propaganda piece produced by terrorists. Israel on the other hand is releasing video after video embarrassing Hamas. Operation Cast Lead is going pretty good, IDF’s casualties are relatively low and they are inflicting painful damages on Hamas. Israel is providing factual proof regarding Hamas’s War Crimes. These videos are perfect proof of how Hamas is hiding behind civilians. The latest one is this video about Hamas using a school and a zoo and they are booby trapping this school. As we know Schools and Zoos are considered civilian infrastructure and utilizing such facilities to achieve military purposes is considered the violation of Protocol I which is a WAR CRIME. Of course U.N. does not even bother criticizing such acts. Here is the video:

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Hamas and Palestinian Cause

When watching this clip, just remember: Palestinians voted for these guys, and not too long ago, they rallied in millions in their support. If that’s not enough, take a good look at the speeches given, they are not talking about Zionists, they are talking about Jews specifically. However, their agents and apologists in Europe and U.S. campuses cannot say Jews openly; therefore they proceed with the same Anti-Semitism B.S and replace the words Jews with Zionism. That is completely accepted and encouraged by the so-called liberal left and academia. Hamas is Palestinian Cause. This is Palestinian Cause for you, a fraudulent cause that has done nothing for humanity except deceive and misleading it with one deadly goal: get rid of Jews from their inheritance and annihilate them from their own land.

Thanx LGF

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Core of Palestinian Cause and Supporters!

This is for those who say Anti-Zionism has nothing to do with Anti-Semitism. Wow! This is Palestinian Cause for you. It’s just that this time they said what they really think. First, they openly denied Holocaust, and then they tried to use Holocaust for their own benefit by calling Jews Nazis. Check out the scene on 3:05 on the video. It will Shock you. What is amazing about this video is it is exactly what is wrong with Middle East. I love the fact that how they guy is preaching the "religion of peace" and then listen to the end: they are going to have no choice but to accept it. Doesn’t that sound forceful a bit? And then the next scene, the supporters of such “religion of peace” charge the Israeli supporters and try to intimidate them instead of protesting. They think they more you intimidate, the more you get message crossed. It shows exactly what Israel has to deal with in that region. Except Israel does not stand back and be scared and say: “they are so violent”. Instead they fight back and stand up for their existence. Otherwise, as that girl said it, they would send “back to ovens” by people like her. Watch the video and be prepared to be disgusted by absolute stupidity, barbarism, and idiocy

This video seems a lot similar to the protests in Berkeley against Israel.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Interesting Article of the Day!

Today as I started new semester, I started reading news. I was looking for any excuse to write another article about the Gaza operations. However, I don’t know why nothing jumped out except this article I read at Haaretz. The title said that Sarkozy said, “Gaza Operation does not Strengthen Abbas.” And the first reaction I got was, who gives a F about whether Abbas is strengthened or weakened when Israel’s southern cities are being bombarded on daily bases? Jesus man, are European this stupid, naïve, or whitewashed that they think a country would put the safety and security of its citizens ahead of some corrupt leader of the another entity who are calling for your destruction. The only difference between Fatah and Hamas is Fatah is a bit less extremists, but they are still very corrupt and violent. Sarkozy should come with much better incentive for Israel to end its battles against Hamas in Gaza strip.
Here is the link.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Some Data and Video from Gaza

The world is mad at Israel for standing up for herself. The world demands Israel to cease all attacks. Here is a simple data that should be presented to them with the question, do any of their countries would tolerate this act of aggression against their country? Hamas chose to end ceasefire, and even during the so-called cease fire, there were daily rocket attack on southern parts of Israel.

Well, the war is not going bad either. I have no doubt that it will not stop Hamas from rockets.
However it is good to create a deterrent and create a high price for every rocket that is flown toward Israel. When the price is too high, they might think twice before shooting anything toward Israel. Yesterday, Israel sent a big fish to heaven and fulfilled his child fantasy of becoming a martyr. Sheikh Nizar Rayyan, 52, a senior Hamas leader and cleric, was killed along with several others on Thursday when an IAF aircraft dropped a bomb on the eight-story Jabalya apartment building he lived in, the IDF said.

On a different note, Hamas and those leftist terrorist-apologists are crying their eyes out that Israel is butchering the Palestinians. Now, here is another video of how Hamas has utilized religious and civilian compounds for military objectives. If the leftist wack-jobs are crying because Israel targeted a mosque and they want to call an attack on civilian infrastructure, they need to check Protocol I and what is considered a military objective. As soon as a compound is used for storage or to fulfill any military objective, they lose the civilian status and they become a valid military target. However, this is not a new argument. The reason is because the other side is going to argue that Israel is reckless in choosing its targets, the counter argument is going to the recklessness lies not on Israel, rather it is Hamas who has chosen those civilians areas to prevent Israeli attacks. Anyways, I am not going to get into details of this argument, but this video is a perfect example of what Hamas is doing and how they are violating international treaties.

Thanx LGF