Sunday, December 20, 2009

Ayatollah Montazeri

It’s been a while that I have not written anything. However, the loss of this courageous man motivated me to write something about him and honor his loss. Montazeri is one of the leading figures in the Islamic Revolution. Even though he was a great fighter against the previous regime in Iran, however after the revolution he broke ranks with the government and only pursued the will of people. A lot of people were involved in the revolution and only after the revolution they came to conclusion that what a mistake it was. I am not claiming Montazeri ever regretted calling for the revolution. However he did stand up to the government even though the regime ruthlessly tried to shut him up. Yesterday he passed away. What it means for the Green Revolution is beyond me, but for now it does not seem very peaceful for the Islamic Regime. Another thing that I like about this guy is that when he shined a lot of light into the stupidity of the Iranian regime and it showed how ruthless this regime is. My favorite memory of him is when wrote about how Iranian military ran the war with Iraq and how incompetent the leaders and military strategists were in the war. He talked about how a cleric with absolutely zero military experience was giving military orders and deciding how to fight a war. It also showed how a lot of Iranian casualties could have been easily prevented if Iran had not ruthlessly murdered all of previous regime generals. Overall, from what I know from him, he was a man of people who really cared about the Iranian demanded from the regime.

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