Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009: An Interesting Finish for Hamas and Iran

Today is the last day of 2009. A year filled with events and shocks. This year was also the first year we had the pleasure of having Mr. Obama as our president. However, what amazes me the most how this year came to an end. During the past week, many of terrorist apologists or supporters came to some sort of truth that maybe their whole thinking method has not been so right. You might ask why, and the answer is very simple. Just look at the past week. Two major developments that many in News Media did not get a chance to analyze.
The first event is what took place last week in Gaza.
For weeks, Hamas was trying to mobilize Gazans to participate in the rally that Hamas was organizing to commemorate one year anniversary of their shameful defeat in Gaza. Guess what happened? Not that many people showed up! One might respond: “well maybe they were busy or they just didn’t feel like it.” The answer is believe me people care in Gaza. How do we know? Just look at the past rallies that Hamas held in 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, and 2006. Thousands and thousands people used to show up to demonstrate their support for Hamas. The reason is fairly simple: Hamas failed to make their lives better. Hamas turned out to be just a stereo typical Arab government or regime who only promise a lot and deliver a little. Last year, Hamas foolishly thought they can encounter Israel through direct military conflict. They wanted to create an image for themselves resembling Hezbollah had after Lebanon War of 2006. With that stupid thought they vowed that they won’t reinstate the ceasefire that was in place for six months. Weeks before the ceasefire come to an end, they started bombarding Israeli border towns such as Tserdot. As I mentioned in my previous blogs, boy they were gravely mistaken because just like Hamas was preparing, Israeli military was studying Hamas and they hit them hard and quick. Hamas was shown to be completely incompetent when it comes to battlefield and direct contract with IDF ground troops. Hamas fighters were itching for Israeli incursion into Gaza and they proved to be nothing but failures. Their tactics were simply not sufficient to encounter IDF ground troops. With exception one or two casualties, the only Israeli casualties that Israel suffered was result of friendly fire and it was less 15 soldiers. Even though every Israeli casualty is a tragedy for Israel, it was just embarrassing for Hamas. After the war, Hamas had nothing to show to Gazans. Hamas had no achievement or accomplishment for aggregating Israel to attack Gaza strip. Gazans are not stupid, they know full well it was Hamas’s stupid method that sent an invitation to Israel to enter Gaza. After the war, Hamas agreed to a ceasefire that holds until today. Hamas promised reconstruction; Hamas promised glorious days for Gaza and the only thing they delivered was destruction. A year after the war, Israelis live in peace and Israel’s economy is flourishing. The only thing Hamas is trying to gain is calling Israel “War Criminals” and most of the evidence that they are offering is nothing but Hearsay which is inadmissible. So if we move past history, we will see that Gazans finally woke up and realized that Hamas is nothing but a typical Palestinian or Arab movement that promise a lot and deliver nothing. As one resident of Gaza said in an interview for why he didn’t attend the rally, Hamas did not even build a single factory after the war to provide jobs for the Gazans. They only reconstructed their weapon factories that benefit their own members. They completely ignored the tough economic situations that Gazans are going through. Gazans finally realized that Hamas loves the fact that they are living in poverty so they could use it as a PR campaign to destroy Israel’s image in the international community. The Gazans see how Israel is helping their own citizens while Hamas is only thinking about rearming itself to grab more power. At the end, Hamas has lost legitimacy and it is a major development.
Another issue that was developed in the last week of 2009 is Iran. Boy Iran just shocked the world on Sunday. Iranians just took to the street on Ashura day using one of the most sacred religious Shia days to criticize the regime and especially the Supreme Leader Ali Khamenie. What was even more shocking in the news is that Iran’s rulers and its thugs and gangs stormed Hosseinie Jamaran which was a place where Khomeini chose as his residence and used to give powerful speeches.
Jamaran was a sacred place and it was a symbolic structure for the regime. This regime is so desperate that it violated the sanctity of a structure that they had set up to be sacred. These thugs stormed it and after they were confronted with the opposition supporters, they pursued to break windows and doors of the place. This is super embarrassing.
On the Ashura day, this was a day that Regime had used for years to legitimize itself. For years, they used this day and Imam Hussein to confront world powers. Now this day became a thorn in their own eyes. The regime acted stupidly by confronting the protesters like that. Videos emerged how ruthless the regime’s agents were in confronting the protesters such as running them over with cars. However, it also showed that Iran’s movement is gaining momentum and it is more powerful than ever. Iran’s regime tried to make up for the embarrassment by trying to set up a counter protest in support of the regime. However, as documents started showing up on Facebook and twitter, it showed that government had to bus in people from different towns and most of these people were government workers who were forced by the companies they worked to show up to the protest. An example of it is the employees of Bus Stations and Buses were ordered to check in and show up to the protest. The government provided buses and transportation. The irony is that the speaker of the protest was not even from Tehran, he was from Mashhad. Amazing! All together they gathered all these people through coercion at a square in Tehran and used it as photo op to somehow legitimize themselves. Iranian opposition fired back by screaming “death to Khamenie (The Supreme Leader)” on their rooftops at night time. It could have been heard all over Tehran.
Question is why these two developments are significant and how are they even related?! Very simple: it goes to show those idiots leftists in this country that this kind of school of thought that they hold very dear to their heart won’t work. The Left absolutely loved Hamas. They called them “freedom fighters from people of Gaza who are fighting against Zionist Colonists”. They called Ahmadinejad a leader of Iran who is standing up to the U.S and they desperately tried to justify his position against Israel and U.S. Ahmadinejad used Zionism and Israel to gain legitimacy in the Arab world. Arab world absolutely worshiped Ahmadinejad. He was the second most popular leader among Arabs after Nasrallah. Why?! Simply because he had the balls to say what the Arabs were actually feeling about Holocaust. Iran is a major supporter of Hamas and if it wasn’t for Iran, Hamas would not be this powerful or they would simply cease to exist. Now Iran’s legitimacy has been questioned and Hamas legitimacy is slowly but surely vanishing. All together, it goes to show you that this kind of school of thoughts is a lot like Marxism. IT SIMPLY WON’T WORK! It shows that this kind of school of thought that the Left and the Arabs around the world loves to look up to is nothing but hot air, and when it comes to it, they will massacre their own people for personal self interest.
Funny thing: since the start of the movement, I haven’t heard a peak from a single Arab that they support Iranian students! GEE I WONDER WHY?! Iranians supported Palestinians, Lebanon, Syrians, Iraqis, and many other Arab movements all around the world. Iranians shed tears for them, gave them BILLIONS of dollars and guess what happened? They got nothing in return. Iranians abroad were more anti-Israel than many Arabs in U.S college campuses. Funny thing: they got nothing back from their Arab comrades. Most of them are quiet. Funniest thing is most of these pathetic Arabs are trying to question media coverage instead of actually showing support for Iranians. They write things like “how come Media groups don’t cover Palestinians like they are covering Iranians.” Just like always, they can’t look and act any more pathetic. So much for gratitude for Iranians from their Arab friends! Most of them don’t want to see Ahmadinejad going down and I wonder why?!
All together, we are ending 2009 with major developments. I am not in any position to make any predictions but even though things are not that good, I must say there is still A LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL!


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Intriguing reading of the fundamentals!

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Considering you just failed the Barr exam, i suggest you spend more time working on your grammar, which, based on this post, you clearly havent.

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