Thursday, March 12, 2009


I have been incredibly busy. I am working more than 40 hours a week along with full load of courses. I am graduating in a month and I am totally unprepared. However, work is taking 75% of my time. It is an incredibly interesting job. At the same time, these days there are not really much to write about. I am not allowed to write about the job I am doing, otherwise it would blow your minds away. However, I can still comment on them.
Hezbollah calls themselves party of G-d. Iran who is a religious country openly support Hezbollah if not control them. The interesting part is that this Party of G-d from “religion of peace” are the biggest criminals ever walked on the face of this earth. Their whole foundation, their whole structure is funded by fraud, IP crimes, human smuggling, drugs, and of course Oil money that is well deserved by Iranian people. They are of course, stiff supporter of fraudulent Palestinian Cause. These people have incredible well organized cells in South America, Europe, China, and many other parts of the world that cooperate with a lot of Mobs in those areas. The purpose: to make money for their deadly cause. However, the way they make their money is through criminal activity and crimes against the indigenous people of those areas. Again: this is a party who hold themselves as Party of G-d; if they are Party of G-d, why are they bunch of criminals? Is criminal activity that includes rape, murder, human smuggling, theft, burglary, IP crimes, and many other crimes, a notion that their G-d wants to promote itself? The more I read about these things, the more I realize what a bunch of criminal crooks they are who are nothing but a mob looking after their own self-interest.
At the end of this path, it amazing how bunch of little school boys who goes to universities in this country, who never even lived in those areas (of course w/ exception of some vacation they took for a week or two), look up to these criminals. They all call themselves: WE’RE ALL HEZBOLLAH. They have no idea what kind of criminal they are calling themselves. Hezbollah is criminal gang; it’s not a political force. A political force that is funded by criminal activity is nothing but a mob or organized crime. Their ideology is in total contradiction with their actions and it is clear that this Party of G-d is nothing but a party of criminals.

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