Thursday, January 29, 2009


Due to barbaric nature of our beloved supporter of “Palestinian Cause” and “religion of peace” and of course their lack of respect, I am forced to turn on the “comment moderator”. This is caused by a terrorist apologist who was educated in Berkeley and his gang who openly deny holocaust (aka Nahid and Pouya who never criticized her). They have resorted to their childish attacks and insults that is only utilized by people whose cause is simply empty and fraudulent. They would try to silence you through harassment, intellectual terrorism, and sabotage. I believe this is caused by their frustration and anger regarding the fact that Hamas got their asses kicked and now they don’t have anything to celebrate for. It seems to me that these people were dramatized or sexually harassed as kids by their family or relatives or someone close to them due to the fact that they are so hostile and uncivilized. Anyways, sorry for inconvenience to other readers. Leave your comments and I will publish them as soon as I get a chance. Thanx


whyzeee9 said...

So who do you endorse for the Israeli election?

Ben Kahen said...

Either Bibi or Livini! Kadima has to step up.