Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Core of Palestinian Cause and Supporters!

This is for those who say Anti-Zionism has nothing to do with Anti-Semitism. Wow! This is Palestinian Cause for you. It’s just that this time they said what they really think. First, they openly denied Holocaust, and then they tried to use Holocaust for their own benefit by calling Jews Nazis. Check out the scene on 3:05 on the video. It will Shock you. What is amazing about this video is it is exactly what is wrong with Middle East. I love the fact that how they guy is preaching the "religion of peace" and then listen to the end: they are going to have no choice but to accept it. Doesn’t that sound forceful a bit? And then the next scene, the supporters of such “religion of peace” charge the Israeli supporters and try to intimidate them instead of protesting. They think they more you intimidate, the more you get message crossed. It shows exactly what Israel has to deal with in that region. Except Israel does not stand back and be scared and say: “they are so violent”. Instead they fight back and stand up for their existence. Otherwise, as that girl said it, they would send “back to ovens” by people like her. Watch the video and be prepared to be disgusted by absolute stupidity, barbarism, and idiocy

This video seems a lot similar to the protests in Berkeley against Israel.

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