Thursday, January 01, 2009

Some Data and Video from Gaza

The world is mad at Israel for standing up for herself. The world demands Israel to cease all attacks. Here is a simple data that should be presented to them with the question, do any of their countries would tolerate this act of aggression against their country? Hamas chose to end ceasefire, and even during the so-called cease fire, there were daily rocket attack on southern parts of Israel.

Well, the war is not going bad either. I have no doubt that it will not stop Hamas from rockets.
However it is good to create a deterrent and create a high price for every rocket that is flown toward Israel. When the price is too high, they might think twice before shooting anything toward Israel. Yesterday, Israel sent a big fish to heaven and fulfilled his child fantasy of becoming a martyr. Sheikh Nizar Rayyan, 52, a senior Hamas leader and cleric, was killed along with several others on Thursday when an IAF aircraft dropped a bomb on the eight-story Jabalya apartment building he lived in, the IDF said.

On a different note, Hamas and those leftist terrorist-apologists are crying their eyes out that Israel is butchering the Palestinians. Now, here is another video of how Hamas has utilized religious and civilian compounds for military objectives. If the leftist wack-jobs are crying because Israel targeted a mosque and they want to call an attack on civilian infrastructure, they need to check Protocol I and what is considered a military objective. As soon as a compound is used for storage or to fulfill any military objective, they lose the civilian status and they become a valid military target. However, this is not a new argument. The reason is because the other side is going to argue that Israel is reckless in choosing its targets, the counter argument is going to the recklessness lies not on Israel, rather it is Hamas who has chosen those civilians areas to prevent Israeli attacks. Anyways, I am not going to get into details of this argument, but this video is a perfect example of what Hamas is doing and how they are violating international treaties.

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CSO 201 said...

Found this to be rather interesting and somewhat related... let me know what you think.

Ben Kahen said...

cso, this is from a lunatics from daily cos kids, and no they have never supported israel and no he was never a zionist, it's a just B.S. thing that he is presenting here as a propaganda. I do not think it has any values and i do not think he was a zionist or ever supported israel. The langugae is simply the same language of other terrorist apologists.