Wednesday, December 31, 2008

While the other side has restore to their daily lies and rhetoric, Israel is coming up with hard cold facts and proof to show why Israel is conducting its attack. While the other side is using bumper sticker slogans and crazy wack-job former congresswomen to mislead international community as they do every time, Israel is releasing more videos of they are actually targeting. As Palestinians are staging more photos to defraud international community, Israel is showing the world what they are targeting. As the Arab world is enraged again and again for a war that Hamas chose to begin, Israel is showing what they are targeting. As Iran is closing down more newspapers for criticizing Hamas for using Palestinian population as their shield against Israeli attacks, Israel is doing all it can to protect its citizens in the South. The same victocrat tactic is being used again and again to buy sympathy for terrorist activities of Hamas. This time, it is not going to work, not that international community is not going to fall for it, they have already fallen for it, only that Israel will keep pounding Hamas target. Anyways, here are more videos of what is taking place.

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