Sunday, December 14, 2008

Flying Shoe Toward Bush-Courtesy of Iraqi Freedom

Every semester during finals, I put up something funny to cheer myself up. This semester, news blessed me with such a clip. OH my G-d, Thanks to Matt, I got distracted by this video. I have to say that it really made me laugh. Today is a crazy day. I am jailed at the library due to finals and missing out on a lot of fun stuff on TV. First on NFL, Chargers had a crazy win that they desperately needed. Second, I might be buying a car by the end of today. And now this video: it totally made my day. I am amazed at the way Bush reacted. I can’t believe his reflexes are this sharp. Whether going to Iraq was a good idea or not, or the consequences or handling of the situation in Iraq was done in a competent fashion, there is one thing I wonder: I wonder if this so called “journalist” (who by the way is supposed to be unbiased and just report) would have been able to do the same thing during Saddam regime. Bush said it very nicely, it’s part of freedom and expressing how feels about The United States President who made this act possible. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!
Overall, it is hilarious and it totally made my day. Thanks Matt!


Anonymous said...

Can someone explain to me why we have given these people 500 billion of our taxpayer dollars? So they can throw shoes at us?

Ben said...

Well, sooner or later, they will learn to use this freedom to throw shoes for their own benefit. Today they throw shoes, but in future they will learn to live in a democracy.

What I hate is the stupidty of Arabs and leftist wack-jobs. They are all joicing and calling this guy a hero. Instead trying to learn from the freedom that is in Iraq, where you could throw shoes at an official without getting shot right on the spot or hanged in public places or disappear; they have proceeded to criticize Bush administration and use it as a way of insulting Americans and rally to show their HATRED of U.S. How stupid are these people is beyond me?!
They won't miss a chance to show their hatred and they wonder why Americans and West look down on them? You wonder why and this is your answer, instead of praising the freedom of expression, they are praising the hatred.

Thsi is a serious problem that arab culture posses and need to deal in near future. I have feeling Arabs are too proud to ever accept there is a huge problem with their culture that promotes hatred and barbarianism instead civlized society of accepting different point of view.