Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Mumbai Terrorists Tortured Jews

Barbarians from “religion of peace” in Mumbai conducted a gross attack. Amazing part of it is their true hatred of Jews. Apparently they had tortured the Jewish hostages before killing them. Here is a small detail of what has happened:

“The couple left a 2-year-old son, Moshe, who was rescued by his Indian nanny. Rivka was six months pregnant when she was killed, a Chabad spokesman, Avraham Berkowitz, said Tuesday.
The condition of bodies recovered from the Nariman Building, which housed the Orthodox Chabad-Lubavitch retreat, horrified doctors, the Telegraph reported.
"I have seen so many dead bodies in my life, and was traumatized," a mortician told the Telegraph. "It was apparent that most of the dead were tortured. What shocked me were the telltale signs showing clearly how the hostages were executed in cold blood."
Some were found with their throats slit and others were executed in a line with a bullet to the forehead.
The crowd of thousands at their funeral included Israel's president, Shimon Peres, the country's chief rabbis and other top government officials.”

Click here for the full story.

The amazing part is that liberal morons in Media around the world are still trying to search for a name for these morons (Click here for the story). A lot of them still trying to call them something else besides terrorists, or still trying to refuse to call them Islamist Terrorists. I don’t know how they want to explain the fact that these ISLAMIST TERRORISTS were fueled by Islam, not by Christianity, not by Judaism, and at the same time, it is not the first this has happened. This is truly sad. A lot of Terrorist-Apologists are sitting quietly, not a word about what had happened, at the same time, they always argued that Muslims are not and could not be anti-Semitic. These apologists argue that their only problem is with Israel and they are trying to stop the “ethnic cleansing” of Palestinian. I really would like to see how they would respond to this act of torture. Now, their brothers just grossly tortured Jews before cutting their throat or shooting them point blank.
Here is the video of the funeral. Again, compare it with the “religion of peace” funerals and how they would react. Look what the Rabi is asking at the end, and what kind of revenge he is asking for, and compare it with the revenge and skull and bone crushing that we usually see from the other side. The sad part is that BBC and Yahoo tried to put a violent spin to his speech. They wrote that the Rabi was asking for revenge and how G-d would take revenge, but they never wrote what kind of revenge they were asking for. This is what I call Liberal Moron White Washed News who has lost complete morality and accuracy due to the fact that they are trying to cater to their bigger audiences and not to piss them off. Either way, just do the comparison of the funerals and the type of revenge the religions are usually asking for.


sandrine richa said...

it is a terrible tragedy

it is quite a shame. i would like to add that bush administration warned India about a coming terror attack, it was in the newspapers today,, and i am sorry nothing was done to prevent this

the rage and violence of this tragedy is terrible and the photo of moshe baby crying breaks the heart

how can someone kill a pregnant woman,torture or kill someone just because of his or her religion???
are we back to nazism? a new era of total madness?
ok some will say, they are not a whole army , but a group of small cells of terrorists but
their idiology have completly wipped out from their mind any human sense and decent behavior, and they seem pretty out of control

here, i think like you said they are extreme sick persons ,and more very brainwashed and extremely violent

it is sad the liberal press is having a hard time to call them terrorists.

Anonymous said...

I want to throw up whenever I think, see or read about this awful atrocity. Gd give peace to little orphan Moshe and all the families who so brutally had their, mother, father, son, daughter, sister, or brother snuffed out by blood thirsty barbarians. Gd Avenge the blood of these innocent souls.

Anonymous said...

Dan G.

you're a lawyer, you know better than to use pronouns such as "they!!" :-)

I heard they weren't giving the Mumbai terrorists a proper burial.

Also, I heard about the torture of the american and israeli jews. I heard that they killed the jews first out of their hatred for jews in paritcular and secondly because they were worried Israel would send Mossad into India. Its incredible how much I've heard about this that may not be true. I don't know if either explanation is true, but I do know the Jews there were killed first. Such senseless killing- its so horrible, not to mention some of those who did so were British born fully equal and recognized citizens.

I've tried to do some reading to figure out HOW they were tortured, but I couldn't find anything.

Ben Kahen said...

I have included the link there, but doctors are not releasing the details. The doctors were saying that they had never seen anything as bad as that. I am purposely using "they" because I want to see how people would classify them. By the way ..i'm not a lawyer ..i am still in school but not a lawyer yet

Anonymous said...

lol i know- 3rd year right?" I'm a 1L who should be studying Torts right now

"do the comparison and what THEY ask for as revenge"
-- who is the they there?

Ben Kahen said...

again, use your imagination for "they"! I am not refering to Jews, that's for sure.

Anonymous said...

terrorist sympathesizers?

Anonymous said...

Chris K

it is a sad, sickening, and seemingly repetitive sounding story that we hear too much about in these troubled times.

..bless those victims of this terrorist attack and may revenge come harshly.

Ben Kahen said...

You are getting Closer! Try harder

Anonymous said...

feel sorry for that poor orphan :(

Ben Kahen said...

Chris: Revenge is not the answer, honestly who are you going to take revenge from? the people who did are dead already, how are you going to find the planners? More people are going to die if we try to do anything, the question is how to stop this kind of mindset?

What pisses me off is why should Jews always be the target? Why? Come on enough is enough. How much jewish life should be wasted for people come to their senses, and this sort of behaivor is very much encouraged by terrorist apologists and their views toward Israel. They justify this sort of action by blaiming it on Israel and false alledge ethnic cleansing, when it is themslves and the groups they openly support talk about ethnic cleansing. It is really saddening and it will continue until everyone, and i mean everyone, left right and center stop their anti-semitisim in every sense and form. I say it will never happen.

J.M. said...

Horrible, There is no other word for it than evil. There is no banality to this evil, it is baldfaced. Still, it obviously shows that a "war" on terrorism is not going to win over the hearts and minds of certain people so mentally twisted by their circumstances and lack of education that they will commit these barbaric acts. An entire generation of despair in many parts of the earth may have been brainwashed into thinking they are performing a righteous act by butchering another human being. US marines in Afghanistan and Iraq know that less than 10% of the people they are fighting are diehard believers in conservative Wahabiism the rest are motivated by nationalism, xenophobia, wretchedness, or a combination of these factors. It is easy to point out the flaws, it is much more difficult to point to solutions. What would the solution be? Get rid of Islam as some earlier comments on this board have suggested? Regardless of whether it is right or wrong it is obviously not a practical solution and very narrow minded. So then what? A campagin to wipe out extremism by butchering women and children in the wretched parts of the earth so that their sons and daughters wont grow up to fight a holy war? That obviously is just as evil. So what then? Education, development, reform, transparency, knowledge - the values of the Enlightenment are all globally proven. Just because it`s difficult to implement and there are obstacles doesn`t mean it can`t be done. The problem lies with the fact that many people are still living both mentally and physically in the middle ages and it is amazing what sustainable development, education, and jobs can do for a community - how can we expect people to understand if we don`t engage them? These 20 year-old boys were obviously lost. Frustrated young men have always been used as cannon fodder to fight someone else`s wars. These kids were brainwashed into believing they were righteous. They were past the point of return. Police action solves these immediate problems. War cannot be the long-term solution though. Even the Bush administration is coming around to figuring that out at this point.

Anonymous said...

Masha K
Disgusting. Revolting. Those media agencies are doing their usual thing of appeasement. Sick

Ben Kahen said...

wow, I dont' knwo where to start to resopond to your comment. All I can say is that we cannot sit still and be bombed either. There is obviously no answer to this question, unfortunately our society is too weak to continue a fight for longer than 2-3 months. For democrats for example, we're defeated if we're going to fight more than 2-3 months. At the same time, Islamist know that; Palestnian Terrorist along with Al-Qeada supporters and terrorist have always said: West cannot fight long wars, they are morally not that strong to keep on fighting. Taht's why they are in hiding and they are taking their time to attack us. The same is true in Israel, at least in Israel, Israelis are a lot more willing to keep a fight going, but even they are growing tired. That's the problem.

Anonymous said...

Ben B.
Revenge is the answer and we know exactly whom it should be against. Now, the reason revenge is the answer is because we need to prevent this from happening again. The only way to do that is to make it clear to the enemy that they cannot win. And the only way to do that is to show them that they will all die before they can succeed in killing all Jews.

Otherwise, they won't stop.

Now, the leftists claim that we do not know who the enemy is or they claim that it's just a couple "extremists". But we know better than that. We know that Islam is, in itself, extreme, and that Islam is the problem and Islam is the enemy. Their holy book, the Koran, commands them to kill all non-Muslims and conquer their lands.

Moreover, the first non-Arab victims of the Muslims were Jews! In fact, Mohammad and his gang of terrorists not only killed thousands of Jews, but Mohammad personally beheaded several hundred Jews.

The only way to stop this kind of mindset is to destroy this kind of mindset. The Muslims which follow the Koran word for word (the true Muslims) have been brainwashed from a very young age to do so. Re-programming them to even the slightest bit of common sense, logic, rationalism, and to an overall mindset of civilization is almost impossible - unless you're God.

Thus, we have a choice, and it's a very very simple choice: Either we kill them or they kill us.

Most Muslims; however (even the true Muslims, which are probably a huge majority of Muslims) WILL start to "understand", when they see that Islam will not only fail to conquer the world, but it may fail to make it to the next century.

Ben Kahen said...

it is easier said than done. Islam in its form has been peaceful too, you need look at muslim relation in 12-13th century. They were pretty peaceful back then, yes, wahabist Islam is pretty violent, wahabist and salafist, but there are many sect of Islam that has nothing to do with violence. Either way, I m just tired of seeing Jews dying, whether it is done by Muslims, Nazis, crazy christians and polgroms, doesn't matter what religion, once in a while, a religion gets in a mood of killing bunch of Jews.

Joseph said...
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Anonymous said...

Ben Kahen, you write - "The same is true in Israel, at least in Israel, Israelis are a lot more willing to keep a fight going, but even they are growing tired. That's the problem."

That's your long term solution? Continue maintaining a war? Until when? Until all the extremists are killed? But doesn't killing an extremist then create a martyr for new extremists to rally around - not to mention turning his family into extremists with a personal vendetta? Like George Orwell's 1984 - it would be a perpetual war. How long has Israel kept the fight going? How successful has it been up to this point? These are serious questions to consider. At the end of the day, war will only breed more contempt - unless, as I said, you are talking about wiping the whole of Islam off the earth, which is neither practical nor morally acceptable and in all probability is not even possible (a simpleton's suggested solution). I understand your frustration. It seems the Egyptians, then the Romans, then Christianity and now Islam have all found a reason to persecute the Jewish nation over the past 2,000 years . . . it's very sad. But these are separate issues. I also wish that Israel wasn't blamed by the leaders of Muslim nations for everything that goes wrong in the Middle East - what is likely to change that? I don't think the answer is another big helping of more war.

Ben Kahen said...

I am not suggesting that we keep the wars going, I m saying that we need to keep the ability to fight at all time readiness; if you knwo anything about exteremist groups or Arab government, the second they witness a weakness they will use it to destroy, perfect example was Egyptian army and their goal just to take over Suez Canal, as soon as they realized that they have an option to destroy Israel, they went full force toward Israel.
What i am suggesting is that we need to keep the ability to fight open and ready at all time. There should never be a policy of appeasement, never ever bcause that would mean destruction of Israel. Israel could only make peace when it is strong, when it is weak or frustrated, they would never be able to make the peace that they are lookin for. At the same time, the war on terror must go on until the last minute that there is someone out there believing that Islam should be the rulling government of the world (just like Nazis and how they were trying to take over the world) ...just pay attention that they are not trying to say rulling religion of the world, rather rulling government such as the one in Iran and the former Taliban.

Until there is such people around the world, the war on terrorisim should go on and not allow the weak links to force into letting our guards down.

Anonymous said...

Masha K

The fact the terrorists grossly tortured a 6 months pregnant woman shows whom the west is fighting against.

Ben Kahen said...

Well Mashan,
i believe west did know who we are dealing with. Check out the video from October 2000, and how they killed two soldiers and danced around their body while burning with the soldiers hearts was in their hands!! just watch that video and you wil see what we're dealing with.

Anonymous said...

Ben B.
Not true. Islam is not peaceful. The Koran says to kill non-Muslims and conquer their lands.

Individual Muslims can be peaceful (which technically makes them non-true Muslims - in some cases, even sinners under Islam).

You do know that Mohammad and his gang of terrorists killed thousands of Jews and that Mohammad himself beheaded hundreds of Jews?

You do know that Jews living in the Islamic world were generally treated more harshly than Jews living in Christian Europe? It's not something that's taught in history classes often or even in too many books, but Dhimmitude is much more than just paying the Jizya. There was an amazing amount of restrictions against Jews, and overall, Jews were basically just at the mercy of Muslims, while the Muslims made it clear to the Jews that they should be thankful just for being left alive.

The Koran also has specific verses against Jews and Christians - yes, specifically against them.

And, in addition to all of that, Mohammad had a deep hatred for Jews, mainly due to losing debates with them and, of course, them unwilling to convert to Islam and follow him. Most Muslims try hard to follow the example of Mohammad (in addition to follow everything else in the Koran).

Meanwhile, in the case of Christianity, no where does it say in the Bible to kill Jews. Christians that killed Jews were sinners by their own religion.

And furthermore, let's be accurate when we describe Islam. It's not really a religion, but more of a political ideology with cult like properties - theocratic Nazism, really. And once again, you can see that just by checking out the Koran and the history books. Islam is all about spreading until its got the entire world and subjecting Muslims and everyone else (who they don't kill) to a very authoritarian society.

Of course, what I'm talking about doing to save Jewish lives isn't easy to do, but only because of the left. But, in the end, we're going to have to choose: Us or them. And I can tell you that for as long as Islam exists, they will not cease their terrorism or their effort to exterminate Jews, along with all other non-Muslims. True Muslims are savages, who will only understand force. We must crush them now.

Until this happens, more Jews will get killed. And all the leftists can bitch and whine about what I propose being "inhumane" - and to a degree, it certainly is, but what's going done to Jews is not only inhumane, but genocidal. This is a clear, organized, and concentrated effort to exterminate Jews. The followers of Islam finally have the money (and have had it since the 1950s or 1960s) for such an effort. And while this is all going on, the leftists (including many Jews themselves - more than 75% of American Jews) are willing to do nothing or very little about this. They are literally standing by while Jews get killed and even getting in the way and siding with the enemy when people like you and me get tired of seeing our people being killed all the time.

These Jews have joined the thousands (probably tens of thousands by now) of Jews who have died for absolutely nothing. No justice has been done for them. Their being killed has meant absolutely nothing. Because the people responsible have continued to get away with it and have continued to kill more of our people. And when I say "people responsible", I don't just mean the guys who actually pulled the trigger or even the guys who organized specific attacks, or even the leaders of the organizations responsible, I mean all the Imams, all - or almost all - the government leaders of Islamic countries, Islamic medias, many Islamic schools and the people working their, many Muslim parents, and so on. They're the people who have brainwashed the most recent generation (and it's true that most of them were brainwashed by the previous generation), but they're the ones responsible. Them, their Koran, and their perverted terrorist "prophet", Mohammad.

Mohammad was a Hitler success story - and the only reason we are still around is because him and his people didn't have the money or the weapons of today or of the 1940s (or anything close to that).

The only thing stopping these people from an all-out genocide is their military inferiority to the West and to Israel and India, so, instead, they are using peaceful Islamization and terrorist attack after terrorist attack TOGETHER to kill Jews, and it's working.

Peaceful Islamization has prevented any proper retaliation from being undertaken, while also allowing Muslims to continue to commit their terrorism.

So, in the end, it all comes down to who we value more? Our people or their people. The choice we Jews, as a whole (or at least those in power), make will determine whether Jews survive.

Anonymous said...

Chris K

with all due respect to the good people and the good muslims of the world-- which they are the majority (of over one billion) but the truth is islam can easily be interpreted as a violent religion that can justify this attack, the previous ones, and the future ones.

the problem seems that the world and the leaders of the world always undermine the root of the problem rather then confronting it and speaking the truth!

Ben Kahen said...


you might be right to some extend, but you are honestly not doing justice in terms of what has happened to Jews. I know Muslims have not been friendly toward Jews, and in many cases slaughtered them and history does not want to show that, however that is not only Muslims. Polgroms, Spanish inquisition, and holocaust are the best example of christians' crimes against Jews. They would force millions of to either convert or they would kill them and they did all through out Europe. And again, like Christinitiy, there is a possibility that Islam could be reofrmed, and turned into something more peaceful. They definitely have the resources for it because in Quran, the Jews and Christians are people of the book and they have the right ot live, they jsut have to subordinated to Islam, if there is a way to somehow get that subordination out of this religion, they are just like any other religion, every rligion out there have somehow some notion violenc involved in it, we just need to reform it, and Wahabist and Salafist have not gone through such reforms. We can't just single out Islam saying, Islam should be destoryed, because the second you make such statement, you are talking about someone's religion, and they would block you out, destruction is not the answer, rather reform and education are the best tool to deal with it.

Anonymous said...

"it to destroy, perfect example was Egyptian army and their goal just to take over Suez Canal, as soon as they realized that they have an option to destroy Israel, they went full force toward Israel.

Do you have any, literally ANY evidence for this statement? Of course you dont, but since youre embarassed that I exposed another thing you literally MADE up, youll erase this. Even you understand how embarassing it is when i expose how you literally make things up. Ouch.

Ben Kahen said...

Just to burn your stupid ass who doesn't have anything productive to say, I'll give you a citation for this, and then you could see what I mean by that, but this is the last time I will ever cater to your stupidty, Please, go back to that site that condone statements such as: "holocaust is a propaganda" and its blogger saying, "Israeli kids deserve to die because if they grow up, they might serve in the occupation forces"...

The statement for Yom Kippure War is from:
Lecture of Professor James Cooper, Comparative Law Class, CWSL, (Dec. 4, 2008)

funniest thing it was 2day, and I just provided you w/ blue book citation. So now, please please get lost!

Anonymous said...

haha! Thank you for your incredible source! Now, imagine if I sourced someone who just...said something. Certainly I would ask for the ACTUAL source, ie what book they got it from so I could actually look it up, see the source and what it says within its context. In other words, do you have an ACTUAL source from the scholarly record to prove this, instead of what your proffessor said?
hahahahahahah, thank you for proving my point.
So, what exaclty did your proffessor say? That Israel invaded Egypt. Indeed, the quality of your institution rests on this so this should be VERY interesting.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me, i meant to say, did your proffessor say Egypt actually invaded israel?

Ben Kahen said...

Listen, honestly, please get lost. you are soo stupid that it is mind blowing. Seriously just get lost. Go open up a Wikipedia page and type in YOM KIPPURE WAR. It will have your answer there. I am seriosuly sick of your stupidity and lack of intellegence. You really don't have any argument. We are not talking about Yom Kippure war here, we're talking about the people that you support torturing a 6 month pregnant girl and then slaughtering her. So now, get lost.

Anonymous said...

Keep erasing. Everyone knows now you made something up again. Wikipedia says nothing about Egypt invading Israel. Sorry, you lied.

Anonymous said...

IM not gonna let you get away with lying and making up history Arash. Not gonna happen.

Ben Kahen said...

Ok, I guess Israel decided to invade Egypt in 1972; it was not a suprise attack. IT NEVER HAPPENED. It is all conspiracy theory, Israel was never attack, it was Israel who decided to invade Egypt. Ok, even wikipedia says Israel was attack by Egypt, Syria. I don't know what Wikipedia are you reading, but that's what happened.