Wednesday, December 24, 2008

My New Car

Well, after those miserable finals and finishing that scholarly writing, I came back to Los Angeles in search of some quiet and down time. Boy was I wrong? I had to deal with my old Honda Accord breaking down on me. I really do not know how I survived driving that car or did not get into a bad accident. I almost had no breaks, the engine had also problem, the heater was not working, and lately the windows did not work either. I feel sorry for the sucker who is going to buy this lemon. Anyways, after dealing with that old car, I came to a conclusion that keeping that car was a huge mistake and just a waste of money. So with assistance and support of my family, I finally closed a deal on a brand new 2009 Nissan Murano. I have never had a brand new car all to myself, and it is a totally different feeling. I was driving a Nissan for my college years and they are fairly a reliable car. At the same time, I have wanted to join the sport utility cars club for a while, so I went with this choice. It is an amazing car, but driving a Nissan does not go well with Persian community of southern California. Either case, I am happy with the car and it is an amazing car.

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