Sunday, January 11, 2009

Videos from Operation Cast Lead

Terrorist apologist’s websites are coming up with posts after posts with propaganda articles. However the amazing part is that they are only articles. They are only in form of opinion or unsubstantiated report or some propaganda piece produced by terrorists. Israel on the other hand is releasing video after video embarrassing Hamas. Operation Cast Lead is going pretty good, IDF’s casualties are relatively low and they are inflicting painful damages on Hamas. Israel is providing factual proof regarding Hamas’s War Crimes. These videos are perfect proof of how Hamas is hiding behind civilians. The latest one is this video about Hamas using a school and a zoo and they are booby trapping this school. As we know Schools and Zoos are considered civilian infrastructure and utilizing such facilities to achieve military purposes is considered the violation of Protocol I which is a WAR CRIME. Of course U.N. does not even bother criticizing such acts. Here is the video:

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