Monday, January 12, 2009

Palestinian Racism is Coming Out

As we see the protests happening around the world, you can’t fail to see the level barbarism this fraudulent cause of Palestinians are putting forth. I went to an Israeli rally and I did even see a single sign that was remotely racist or against Palestinians. They were protesting against Hamas, and you could not even see a word such as Palestinians anywhere. There was no flag burning, no calling for wiping off anybody, and they only protested against Hamas actions. However, take a good look at Palestinian protests. “[d]eath to Juice”, “Israel should be wiped off”, and "Jews are terrorists" signs are everywhere. By the way, for the Americans who are watching from the side lines, look at the Palestinian protests, you will not see a single American flag. I have also included a video of people who belong to “religion of peace” and I ask, ARE THESE SUB-HUMANS REALLY PEACEFUL IN THIS VIDEO? They are dancing and screaming “la elaha elal lah” and stumping on Israeli flags, and yet they claim to be peaceful? What is peaceful about them? You could see the same act that you see in beheading videos and now they are walking around openly saying “death to Jews”. Where is NY Times to document these protests, where is NY Times to document this level of racism? This is perfect proof Israel is not dealing with civilized community or people or culture. She is fighting barbarians like that who are only defrauding the world in a global scale and utilizing the same old global Anti-Semitism to buy support for their fraudulent cause. Israel is fighting the true fascists of our time, the ones who even sided with Hitler during WWII. Make no mistake, if it comes down to it, Palestinian will not only repeat Holocaust against Jews, they will take it to a different level in terms of barbaric ways they will achieve their goals. These protests and how barbaric they turn every time Pro-Palestinians protests are the significance of the fact that Palestinians do not want peace, they just want to destroy Israel and throw Jews in to the sea.

Here is the link to more pictures and more racism for those who are interested.


Anonymous said...

we may be "terroists" but they're the TERRORISTS.

HerkJason said...

The following are English translations of the Israeli and Palestinian National Anthems. Can you guess which one goes with which?

"With my determination, my fire and the volcano of my revenge. With the longing in my blood for my land and my home."

"Our hope is not yet lost, the hope of two thousand years, To be a free people in our land."