Thursday, January 08, 2009

Hamas and Palestinian Cause

When watching this clip, just remember: Palestinians voted for these guys, and not too long ago, they rallied in millions in their support. If that’s not enough, take a good look at the speeches given, they are not talking about Zionists, they are talking about Jews specifically. However, their agents and apologists in Europe and U.S. campuses cannot say Jews openly; therefore they proceed with the same Anti-Semitism B.S and replace the words Jews with Zionism. That is completely accepted and encouraged by the so-called liberal left and academia. Hamas is Palestinian Cause. This is Palestinian Cause for you, a fraudulent cause that has done nothing for humanity except deceive and misleading it with one deadly goal: get rid of Jews from their inheritance and annihilate them from their own land.

Thanx LGF


sandrine said...

ben try to send me this video on my profile of Facebook or if you cant through my inbox

thanks for this video
i wish the world could see this
especially in France

Anonymous said...

This man represent the entire Israeli cause: