Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Anti-Aircraft in a Mosque

Israel is embarrassing Hamas time after time. This time, Israel is doing an amazing job releasing videos showing extend of Hamas’s War Crime and utilizing civilian infrastructure for military purposes. I wonder why the members of “religion of peace” are so angry now. I guess this Anti-Aircraft and many missiles and mortars were taking a refuge in that center for “religion of peace” to escape Israeli ruthless aggression against them. Good job IDF and keep up the good work.

On a different development, Red Cross finally comes to its senses.


Anonymous said...

Check this one out. In this video, Palestinian supporters talk about wiping out the Jews!

Ben Kahen said...

yeah I have seen that one too, there are many many many of them like that. Compare it to Israeli protests, where you see American flags and they are relatively a lot more peaceful than Palestinian one and much much much more racists and Hateful. But again, Fredulent Palestinian cause is nothing but a HATEFUL CAUSE. It breeds hate and it flourish with it. The more hate they create, they more powerful and successful they become. It is as simple as that.

Anonymous said...

Arash, that is a pro-Israel rally calling for the wiping out of Palestinians.
So you "watched the video" huh?
Man, it never ceases to amaze me how much you embarass yourself.

Anonymous said...

Since you will erase all this since it makes you look pathetic, i already posted about it on

Arash, really, how many times do I have to catch you lying and making things up?

Ben Kahen said...

Dude, what are you saying, how am i embarrasing myself, I have seen that one. And like I said, Israeli protests are a lot less racist than Pro-Palestinian ones and by the way, as you could see perfectly, this clip has been edited and out 1000 interview, they are taking out 4-5 of them, so please, stop with your non-sense, so far you are pissed cuz your beloved Hamas got their ass kicked and Palestinian time after time, embarrassed themselves with their violent protests.