Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I am a J.D Now

Well, this is it. I’m a J.D now. Yay!! I am not sure when I’ll take the bar, but most likely it will on February 2010. I am going to continue working for my current employer. However, the good news is that the Law School with all its responsibilities is over. Everyone asks me how exciting is it or whether I am incredibly happy. I really don’t know what the big fuss is about. Yes, I am happy; however I am not super excited. It was a hard three years and I will be lying if I say I will miss it. However, it is a chapter of my life that came to its conclusion. I am not too happy, and I am not sad either. I am very indifferent about it. I guess it could also be because that I am super busy and the whole notion of graduating law school hasn’t register with me yet.
On a different note: HAPPY 61ST BIRTHDAY TO ISRAEL. Now that is something to happy about. Even though I probably would not get a chance to celebrate it, it is a good event that could make me smile. It is good to see the only Jewish Homeland and country gets older. Even though all of its enemies wish death upon it(and actively pursuing it), it is good to see that the only Jewish nation that is the only country who would stand up for Jews around the world, gets a year older. . Here is a clip to celebrate Israel’s Independence Day. This video is a year old, but it has great imagesKol Hakavod Israel. 

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