Monday, May 04, 2009

To Attack or not to Attack

This one sneaked up on a lot of people who keep up with the news. Pakistan has become the main concern for many Western Countries. More importantly, it has become the main issues for U.S. and Israel. As our secretary of defense, Robert Gates, has said that there are “grave concerns” with regards to the situation in Pakistan. Taliban and Islamic Fundamentalist forces are moving closer to capital city of Islamabad in Pakistan. As we know, Pakistan has nukes. That is a recipe for disaster. But honestly, is it a surprised to anybody now? This is fairly simple: YOU DO NOT ALLOW ISLAMIC NATIONS WITH FUNDAMENTALIST TENDECIES TO ACQUIRE NUCLEAR WEAPON. Is it racist or Islamo-phobic to say that? Yes, but as our Supreme Court has made a ruling, when it comes to matters of national security, it would require strict scrutiny to review the racial classification. Here is the government compulsive interest in this matter: SURVIVAL OF HUMAN RACE! Is that enough concern to finally say: maybe we should not allow Pakistan to have nuclear power because if we look inside their country, even though they have a lot of secular citizens who want to go through their daily lives, we also have a lot of wack-jobs running around. Here is the link to the news about Pakistan and situation there.
If that was not enough, Democrats and numb-nuts Lefties in this country, caused Musharaf to step down through their constant protests. They did it not because of democracy and what is right, they did it to defame Bush and get rid of Bush’s allies. Remember how Kerry went to Syria, remember how Pelosi did the same thing and went to Syria. They did the same thing to Musharaf who was a very strong leader. He was able to secure the government. However, as soon as Democrats took over both of Houses, they had to get rid of him.
Now, as we’re reviewing what’s going on in Pakistan, it is clear that you cannot allow a nation with fundamentalist points of views, with views that does not value human lives to acquire powers that could point humanity in jeopardy. When you have a group of people who believe that there is a better life waiting for them after this life is over, you probably do not want to trust them with something that could wipe out a whole nation. Mr. Gates: you are the same guy who has been saying that maybe U.S should come to terms with Nuclear Iran. Nuclear Iran is not an option. A country who believes in apocolyptian 12 Imam cannot be trusted with a nuclear bomb. Iran was just nominated as the biggest harbor of terrorist in the world, and you want to allow them to have a nuclear bomb? Does that sound intelligent to anybody?
For those who argue that Iran wants to get a nuclear bomb for deterrent reason: this is a complete B.S. Iran wants a nuclear bomb to bully the region, so nobody would stand up to them for all the terrorist activities that they are conduct in the region such as in Iraq, Yemen, Oman, Lebanon, Gaza, Egypt, and many other countries. Iran wants Islamic revolutions all over the region just like Khomeini promised with saying: we will not stop until we raise the Green Flag of Islam over every Mosque, Churches, and other government building in the World. If you think it is a crazy idea, just look around the region and Iran’s agent in those countries I mentioned above. At the same time, if one of those crazies ever is in the mood, they would simple give one of these to Hezbollah and all they need to do it is detonate right on the border of Israel and Lebanon and there goes Haifa.
I hope this event teaches U.S the lesson of life time: YOU CANNOT ALLOW IRAN BECOME NUCLEAR. Iran is not a Western Country, Iran is not Turkey. Iran is a nation filled with different fundamentalist gangs. Iran has a stable strong government. However, within this government, there are different sources of power, different groups, different mafias, and different people who are crazier than each other. In the end, the question is: if or when Taliban takes over Pakistan, are we going to attack Pakistan or not? Better question is: is U.S going to allow Iran to become a nuclear power or not?

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