Friday, August 14, 2009

Human Rights Groups Frivolous Claim

After a long delay, I am back. I have been incredibly busy. However things have been great. It’s been a tough life, but the accomplishments are what make the hardship sweet. Anyways, I am coming back to blogging after four months and I am coming back with a video to refute Human Rights Watch and their report about IDF’s alleged war crime. Let’s take a look at one of their claims of alleged war crimes.
Human Rights groups have been documenting fabricating stories from sources connected to Hamas. They claimed that IDF soldiers opened fire on civilians despite the fact that they were showing white flags. IDF conducted investigation and it became obvious that those claims are frivolous. At the same time, Human Rights groups whom by the way get massive donations from Saudi Arabia and they presented claims of heavily criticizing Israel during Operation Cast Lead and other operations in order to collect those donations, forgot the fact that Israel has been filming a lot of the missions just for this reason.
This video I have posted shows exactly why Human Rights groups are losing legitimacy and they are nothing but empty think tanks for the left and have become terrorist mouth piece and apologists for the killers. This video also proves that Hamas has been using human shields and yes Human Right Groups forgot to mention it.

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