Monday, April 20, 2009

Holocaust Remembrance Day U.N Style!

Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day. We also had to witness the circus that U.N had created for Racism. The guest of honor was Dr. Ahmadinejad. This little retarded monkey who is nothing but an attention whore used this forum to talk about Holocaust and attack Jews and Israel. I applaud the EU delegates who left the conference. It was truly embarrassing for Ahmadinejad.
One issue that many people failed to notice was that Ahmadinejad in his speech talked about Islam as the last religion on Earth. Do people know what that means? That means any religion that came after this religion is not valid and therefore they are Kaffer. According to Islam, Kaffers have 2 choices, one to submit to rule of Islam and believe in Allah, or face death. This resulted in millions of people being massacred throughout history under this horrible justification. If that is not enough, in Iran, other religions that were born after Islam invaded and raped Iran such as Baha’i were persecuted against on daily basis. Thousands of them were killed and their belonging confiscated after the Glorious Religion of Peace Revolution in Iran. The way he introduced Islam as the last religion is RACIST in its core, let alone other subjects he talked about. And this little retarded monkey was the guest of honor in this circus we love to call U.N. Amazing!
As this racist piece of crap was giving his speech, civilized world was remembering Holocaust outside. Holocaust survivors were being greeted outside of that mockery of humanity where they were conducting Durban II.

Well I have a message for you Mr. Ahmadinejad: NEVER FUCKING AGAIN! You will not live to see a day that Holocaust is repeated through destruction of Israel. NEVER AGAIN!
This is also something I had translated from an Iranian poet.
Here is the clip where this monkey as embarrassed. It is truly embarrassing for Iranian all around the globe to have this retarded monkey represent Iran.


Anonymous said...

J.B. Richa
Thank you Ben!!

Anonymous said...

S.B. LeBow
ty Ben. Incredible!

Anonymous said...

I'm not interested in who walked out. It is more interesting to know who didn't. I think Russia and China both stayed. Hmmmmm.

Ben said...

China and Russia: they both have horrible human rights records. Lets pick on Israel and deflect our own flaws!
I applaud the ones who left. I think it was more embarrassing for the retarded monkey giving a speech.

Anonymous said...

Because those Chinese and Russians have been brainwashed evildoers for their entire lives. They hear someone talking junk about America, etc. and it brings back nice Commie memories.