Monday, March 24, 2014

The Real Palestine

So, there is this new movie going around on YouTube where the Pro-Palestinians are trying to portray a much loving picture of “Palestine”. They are right, there is no country called Palestine and it is nothing but a state of mind. They are trying to stay “Palestine is love”. I agree with that statement; however I believe the sentence is not a complete sentence because it lacks merits. The merits that it is lacking are love of what? I’ll complete that sentence. “Palestine is love” is the love of terrorism, hatred, and killing of Jews. Palestinians have not dedicated anything to civilized society except different methods to conduct and justify killing of innocent civilians. Every country they have stepped into, they have delivered nothing but chaos and destruction. This is a historic fact that many Israel’s neighbors have gone through, but they are too ashamed to share it. “Palestine” in its true core is nothing but a hoax, a hoax that utilizes all sorts of deception and lies to justify their existence. They resort to false propaganda and photo-shops in order create fake outrage and justify their barbaric acts against civilians. “Palestine’ is an entity that has rejected every peace offering on the table because it did not cater to their ethnic-cleansing identity. It is the group of people who willingly use their children for Propaganda with absolute disregard for their safety and security. It is the cause that utilizes their own civilians for protection of their terrorists. The reason is because if you dissect Palestinian Cause, literature, its leaders, and its core value, you find nothing but hatred of Jews and destruction of Israel and its identity as a Jewish nation. Here is an amazing video in response to the Propaganda that is not supported by any factual evidence what-so-ever.

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