Sunday, November 05, 2006

New Face of Iran

First of all, I want to apologize if I did not write anything for a while. I just started law school and I must say that it is very challenging. However, I am going to attempt to post at least one article a week.

Today, I am sitting in my property class tutoring, and I realized that I have forgotten to bring my case materials, so this tutoring turn out to be a total waste. So I started surfing the web and I came across interesting documents regarding how liberals in this country view some good people around the world.

Today, I am going to write about this country in Middle East who truly deserves to be the super power of the region. This country is Iran. Iran has a very rich culture with an amazing population. Every part of this country has its own character and every part of its soil is very dear to them. Iran has gone through a lot of good and bad times; and today she is going through one of its darkest days of its history.

About twenty-six years ago this country was taken over by bunch of Mullah who took advantage of its citizens’ religious beliefs by making false promises. However, I am not going to talk about Iran’s culture or what happened during 1979 and the revolution. My target in this article is going to DR. Ahmadinejad. Yes, I know you are surprised but he really has a doctoral degree and a lot of his lovers in this country always point out to it.

Iran is in its darkest days of its history and it does seem like any good news is going to come out of that area for a while. Iran has invested its future in its nuclear plants and allegedly they want nuclear power solely for peaceful purposes and Energy. However, every single intelligence agencies around the globe is reporting that it is a weapon program and Iran is simply after Nuclear Bomb. With this nuclear program comes a face who is leading this deadly ambition and that is newly elected President of Iran Dr. Ahmadinejad.

If you want to know about Iran’s ruling government, you need to get to know Dr. Ahmadinejad because it is truly descriptive of Iran’s hidden rulers. The faces that we never see, the names we’ve never heard, but they are the ones who are running the whole picture.

Dr. Ahmadinejad is a true moron. His extremely short and a knowledgeable person fluent in Farsi knows he is completely uneducated. His speech patterns are the type used by illiterate class of Iran.

However, his appearance, height, or knowledge of the language are jokes compare to his evil and murderous backgrounds. He was known as a Guy 1000 Shots or The Blank Shooter. He was in the Revolutionary Guard and he was an active player in Evin Prison that is very well known for its horrendous crimes against political prisoners. He is also linked to massacre of Kurds in Iran and many assassinations of Iranian opposition leaders in Europe.

He has absolutely no sane idea of Economy and foreign policy. He loves attention no matter how bad it is. He loves to pick on sensitive subjects such as holocaust and he is a born anti-Semitic. He picks on those subjects create enemies and through those enemies, he tries unify Iranian citizens that are completely displeased with actions of this Islamic Regime.
His religious beliefs are the scariest of all. This fool is a true believer of Mahdism. Emam Mahdi is the 12th Emam of Shiites and according their beliefs he has disappeared and he will come back to bring peace. This seems like Jewish and Christian belief of Messiah. Regular Iranians and Shiites believe in him and usually they refer to him as peace bringer or symbol of peace. The scary part is that there is a religious minority in Iran who believe that they should start a war against non believers and enemies of G-d in order to bring this guy back. This moron Dr. Ahmadinejad is a true believer such belief and he believes that its target is Israel. He thinks that if he could start a deadly war with Israel, he would be able to bring Mahdi back. One of the evidence supporting such a claim is his recent attempt to pass a law in Iran requiring all religious minority to distinguish themselves in public (it’ll bring memories of Nazi Germany where Jews had to wear the stare of David). The reason he was trying to pass this law is that according to him, Jews and other minorities are not pure and any contact with them would make you impure. He was trying to tell Iranian Parliament that this is the time of Mahdi and the Muslim should be pure for the upcoming return of Mahdi. In another word, he is trying to say that we’re going to get the bomb, and we’re going to use it, and we’re going to bring Emam Mahdi; so let’s be ready for it.

This is the guy who is the president of a nation who soon will be able to acquire a nuclear bomb. It is not a myth, it is not a joke, and it is not a lie. Iran is after nuclear bomb. They love to pick a conflict with Israel and they expressed their desire to wipe it off the map. They are making fool out of the world peace. This government of Iran has invested billions of dollars in global terrorism and a perfect example of it was portrayed in world’s stage in Lebanon. That is a tip of an iceberg; Moron Ahmadinejad has declared in many occasions that they will turn the world into a burning hell if their interests are threatened. That means they are going to resort to violence utilizing terrorist tactics every where they could get their hands on. There are already numerous sleeping cells all over Europe and the U.S waiting for the green light to start their activities.

The world is aware of this problem and they are working toward. However, there are countries such as China or Russian whose interests are not at risk at all. China has nothing to lose in this situation. So what if Israel get wiped off? So what if Hezbollah or Al Qaeda for that matter get their hands on nuclear weapon? When it comes down to it, they will just use the bomb themselves and get rid of them. They are morally retarded in a sense that they are scared of using any sort of weapon if it comes down to it.

Russia on the other hand, acting like an attention whore, is trying to get back to world’s stage and establish itself as a super power again. They got nothing to worry if Iran gets the bomb and to some extend it is in their benefit. It would undermine U.S. authority at the world stage and to some extend weakens the U.S. in the minds of the people. If Israel has to be sacrificed in this matter, big deal! Russian historically has never been beneficial, sympathetic, or friendly to Jews or to Israel. Through out Arab conflict with Jews, Soviet Union always backed Arabs even though they were aware that Arabs were planning to destroy Israel. Today, in their mindset, nothing has changed.

These two countries are going to block any world action against Iran. The U.S. is going to have to go after Iran by itself.
Iran poses a global challenge to world peace. They are not afraid of sharing any type of weapon with terrorist groups around the globe. There is no doubt that Iran will share that nuclear bomb with groups such as Hezbollah and Hamas. It will drag the Middle East into a nuclear bomb. Dr. Ahmadinejad has a big plan for this bomb and it will result in a lot of dead people.

What is going to come out of this situation is unknown. However, what is known is that Iran is going toward destruction if it continues in the path that Dr. Ahmadinejad has taken. It will up to the Iranian citizens to rise up; otherwise expect to see bombs going off in Iran.


Anonymous said...

what do i think?
i think you should start bringing your materials to class

Anonymous said...

oh ya.. and we're screwed :)
thanks ben

Farnaz :)

Christine said...

How is Ahmadinejad received in Iran? The US media likes to portray him as threatening, tricky, and dangerous - in particular picking up on his anti-Israel comments. But what do the Iranian intellectuals think of this leader?

Ben Kahen said...

The intellectual are in fear and they really can't say anything, i know for fact that iranian opposition outside the Iran hate his guts, but in Iran, people don't really wana say anything about him! they are too scared! It is not like in here that you could say whatever you want about someone.

Anonymous said...

Arash is speaking for all Iranian intellectuals in Iran even though he hasnt been there since he was a little boy. Yes, yes, but Iranian's abroad who are clueless as to the reality in Iran are a reliable source. (sarcasm)

Two, analysts will tell you that Iran is 8-10 years away from the bomb, IF that was their intention.

Do you have a source in regards to your claim that Ahmadinejad pursued such legislation? It does seem like you're talking out of your ass. Here in the blogosphere, we use links to back up such controversial statements.

You do know that Ahmadinejad distinguishes between Zionism and Judaism and pays homage to Iran's Jewish population as is mandated by the Iranian constitution (they are legally considered "People of the Book" and are protected).

Stick w law school and leave politics to the big boys.

Ben Kahen said...

Yeah, I love to see how Ahmadinejad distinguishing between Zionist and the Jews,
I would like to know that when he is talking about how Holocaust and how it never happened, or even if it happened, not that many people killed, is he blaming the Jews or the Zionist?
Oh, about the Iranian intellectuals, if you could read farsi read, and start clicking on the links!
Don't kid yourself, Iran is six or seven month away from the point of no return.
About the Iranian intellectuals in Iran, I can see how many of them are being executed or jailed every single day, and don't make a mistake, they are all lovers of Ahmadinejad (sarcasim!).
About the legislation, every single Persian Jewish Temple in Los Angeles were notified about this legilation and all of our relatives in Iran are aware of it.
I am sure during Nazi times, when they told them about the Nazi camps, people asked for proof too and it was really hard to get it! I just can't believe how anybody could ever support this guy or defend this guy. At the same time, how come in his defense, no one talked about his reputation for his role in Evin Prison, or the massacre of Kurds, or many other assasinations he was involved in Europe!

Anonymous said...

Do you have a source or are you going to talk about people and rumors all day long? Do a search and get me a link from a news article. If this really happened, trust me, the Zionist media would have a field day and everyone would already know about it.

Point of no return? Got sources?

Executed everyday? Post the news briefs, please, bc if this is happening, people should know about it. Otherwise, shut your mouth.

Also, if you're against killing dissidents, then you must also be against killing civilians, right? If so, you should be 100% against Israel who kills by the day. I would cite a source, but I dont have to, just check the headlines of your local news site any day of the week.

Is this the president Iran deserves? Maybe, maybe not, but its for Iranians to decide, not Israelis or Americans, so shut your trap.

Ill spit you an issue that does have to do w a decision you may make as an Israeli, do the Palestinians deserve the occupation?

Ben Kahen said...,12858,1399378,00.html

You wanted proof for Iranian nuclear facility, here it is!

I know your next respond, it is Israel who is making accusation.
Why should we trust Israel?

Here is your answer:
Israel does not need to make up lies in order to rally the world against Iran. The only allies Iran have right now in the world are Syria and Venesuela. One country shitier than the other one.

Israel does not need to have an enemy in the region to exist; on the other hand Iran constantly need an enemy to unit its population with in order for the rulling government to stay in power. OH yeah, I forgot, you think Iran government is as democratic as Switzerland, therefore there is no reason people in Iran should rise up.

About Israel, I don't think Iraninan intellectuals that are in Iranian jails have blown up buses in Iran have they? or tried to kill inocent people!

Palestinian dont' deserve occupation, at the same time, Israel does not need a country in its neighbor whoes only goal is to "throw the jews into the sea".

Palestinian had their chance for peace and they blew it. We give them Gaza, they start importing as much gun as they could. They don't start building schools, universities, NO, GUNS ONLY!

Palestinians don't deserve occupation, but until the day they could act like civilized people in the face of the world, they are not going to get anything.

Morons like you are going to point out, they are going ot fight fight fight.... yea yea yea! and more people are going to die...not that morons like you care! who cares, there are one billion muslims around the world, why would it be bad if one million of sacrfice themsevles? this is the mentality that drag the region into constant war and hatred....
Iran is after nuclear bomb! don't bullshit yourself please! and don't try to decieve the world. Iran has decieved the world and its population enough, you don't need to contribute to the fact!

other issue you raised, on claim regarding leaving it up to Iranian do decide whehter they deserve it or not, my parents are persian, and I saw how the government treated my father who helped in the revolution. He was in Iranian jails, and survived, please don't bullshit people with your whole concept of Iranian. On the other hand, who are you to decide or judge what Israel is doing?

If you truly LOVE IRAN as you put it, you wouldn't want Iran to get that nuclear bomb! The reason is because the only solution comming out of it is going to be Iran is going to end up as a radio active desert! I am sure you love that since you think it will wipe of Israel before it gets destroyed.

Ben Kahen said...

Too add to it!
don't worry, I know who you are!

Be a man and sign up with your name!

Siamak said...

Pouya why have you gone undercover? Lol are you ashamed of your identity? I guess you don't want us to know that those arguments (or lack thereof) are yours!! LOL

Am Yisrael Chai

Anonymous said...

No, no, I just promised Id never legitimize a fascist blog w my name. But I felt compelled to blog bc sometimes, fascist commentary deserves to be swiped at!

But I had hoped youd know it was me. I mean, could it be any more obvious?

Anyway, I invite all 2 of your viewers to my blog for real commentary, not this fascist glorification of racism.

Oh, and the gov't doesnt need an enemy to "unit" its population. No, no, no, the Iranian people have always been opposed to Zionism, and this stance precedes the existence of the Islamic gov't.

It's funny bc you say Palestinians DESIRE to throw the Jews in the sea. I'd argue that while you allege that Palestinians want that, Israelis are actually killing Palestinians on a daily basis and expanding the settlements making it so that a future Palestine state is impossible. So while you whine about desires, I present to you what's actually taking place.

But I guess that's ok bc the Palestinians aren't Jewish.

Ben Kahen said...

you know very well how to play around w/ words such as fascism and racism when all the countries and ideologies you are supporting are rigged with smell of fascism and nazim. OOH, about the daily killing of Palestinians, even though there are occasion instances of Killing of inocnent people, more tan 80% of the time, the people who are killed somehow end up being a member of some militant group.
The fact that Hamas is desperately trying to upgarde their weapons to kill more people in Israel will put the responsiblity to prevent Hamas to acquire such a weaponry! Therefore, people end up dying, not the desire of Israelis to just kill Palestinians.
About the Iran's opposition to Israel, that again, is not because they believe in social right of Palestsinians, rather it comes froom their anti-semitic beliefs that were invested in Iranian culture toward the jews! They never ever called for a creation of Palestine as a state (until recently of course)...
who is more fascist?
when the Mullah in center of Shiraz was screaming out "I will burn my beard even this Najest (dirty) Jew state would survive in a muslim land!"
He never ever called for any right to paletinian or the fact of palestinian people's no no ..just the fact it was a jewish state! because they think of themselves as the only owner of that land!
who is the fascist here!!!

Anonymous said...

I dont know why a moronic mullah would say this or that.

I will tell you why I oppose Zionism, and it's not bc I despise Jews or don't want Jews to have a state. I recognize their claim to that land. I oppose Zionism bc in practice, that claim to that land has been interpreted by Israelis to supercede the Palestinians' claim to that land.

The majority of Palestinians killed are civilians, the construction of the wall (aka the land grab) and the settlements attest not to co-existence, but the right one group superceding the right of another group through force.

This must be opposed.

And yes, Israel has fascist tendancies, but it is not alone in the region.

We both know that fascism prevails across the region, and actually, beyond. And all of those gov'ts warrant criticism.

And no, opposing Israel is not anti-Semitic. At the time of the revolution, many Iranians opposed Israel for what it has done to the Palestinians and for Israel's support for the Shah. This is not anti-Semiticism. Was opposing the Shah anti-Iranian? No, and opposing those who supported the Shah follows the same logic.

But Im sure there were some people who opposed Israel bc they hated Jews, just like theres Israelis who hate Palestinians simply bc they are non-Jews.

The fundamental difference here is Israel's policy towards the Palestinians reflects that sentiment. While Iran's opposition to Israel reflects not anti-Semitism, but opposition to occupation and racism.

Siamak said...

People who think that Jews have no right to self-determination in their historic homeland are the real fascists. Pouya, you are blindly tied to the Palestinian narrative and you refuse to see the importance of Israel to the Jewish people. Arab/Muslim state only? forget about the Jews? Let them be wiped off the map by friendly Palestinians who just want a one-state solution? Haahahahah! Who is the real fascist here?

Pouya your new name is al-Husseini because you are both pro-Palestine and pro-Fascism.

Ben Kahen said...

during the revolution in iran the Iranians simply didn't have any knowledge of what was going on in that region! They hated shah because he supported a Jewish state, they couldn't care less what was happening to Palestinian.
during the six days war, when all the iranian were cheering for Palestinians, the only thing they were concerned about was the destruction of Israel, not the RIGHT OF Palesntinian TO A STATE!

Israel is subject to critisim, but anybody who call for destruction is Israel is the same book as anti-semitism. The destruction of Israel will definitly follow the 2nd Holocust! how: look everytime a jew gets captured by Palestinian how they lynch the guy!

85% of the death in Palestinian side have been militants! civilians with guns who try to fight against Israel are militans! Just because they are hiding in civilian areas doesn't make them civilians.

Curious Joe said...


Based on your Nov 5 post, I have a funny scenario for you to read:

First of all, please read the IRI constitution and refer to its Section 8, Article 110, Paragraphs 6 and 10. You will find the following facts:

1- Ahmadinejad is not the Commander-in-Chief of the Iranian Armed Forces. Consequently he has no authority to declare war against any country, including Israel.

2- Ahmadinejad can be fired at any time by the Supreme Leader

Therefore, Ahmadinejad is a mere puppet used by his bosses, namely Khamanei and Rafsanjani (K&R for short), even though the good Doctor was supposedly elected as The President by the Iranian people. I assume you are aware that many candidates were disqualified to run by K&R before the people could have a real choice as to who to vote for – truly a kangaroo game (like a kangaroo court). Interesting thing was that Rafsanjani himself was among the 5 candidates approved by the Supreme Leader. Even though Rafsanjani did not win the presidency, he yielded to Ahmadinejad because, at the end of the day, K&R could easily decide the fate of Ahmadinejad based on the IRI constitution.

Second, The Islamic Republic of Iran is a Capitalist System, even more dedicated to Capitalism than the US. However, while the super Capitalist K&R prop-up Ahmadinejad and his Anti-jewish, Anti-Israel rhetoric, behind the scenes they are in cahoots with the US. I assure you, the moment Ahmadijejad does not truly serve the interests of the Capitalists, K&R will not hesitate to have Ahmadinejad assassinated. Even though, based on the IRI Constitution, Khamanei can fire Ahmadinejad at any time, it will probably be more advantageous to K&R to have him assassinated and blame the CIA, US Special Forces or the MOSAD for his assassination.

Now why, you would ask, are the super Capitalist K&R and the US are in the sack together, but behave as two ends of “the Axis” in public? The answer is simple. Think of Duvalier, Idi Amin, etc. K&R know that their days in power could be numbered. Sooner or later the 60% of the Iranian population (who are below 30 years old) will revolt against the regime, its violations of human rights and freedom, and its ridiculous constitution which is based on Valaayateh-Faghih -- a weird set of notions created by the brain of an awful egocentric old man called Ayatollah Khomeini.

As K&R fill up their overseas bank accounts with the proceeds of the Iranian oil money (as the Shah did, as Saddam Hussein did), the K&R need to make sure that the “awful West” will not confiscate all that money, once the clerics regime falls in Iran. So, like Duvalier and Idi Amin, the K&R are already in cahoots with the US to protect their assets overseas. Meanwhile they prop-up the puppet Ahmadinejad to create a muddy water, while K&R are busy catching their own fish.

Ben Kahen said...


Good points, but frankly I believe a strike against Iran is inevitable.

I do believe that interest of the U.S. is being fulfilled with Ahmadinejad in the region. However, don't forget that Israel under any circumstance cannot and will not sit quietly for this catasrohphic Fundamental Islamic Bomb to be born in the region. Even with U.S. aid and approval, with or without the U.S. approval.

The reason for this this is portrayed in recent conflict with Hizbollah. In the begining of the this conflict Israeli Commandos raided southern Beirut three or four times, and Israeli Jet fighters leveled the town. Do you know why?
Israeli intelegence had some info regarding chemical weapons in the region. Field intellegence commando units known as Sayeret 13 went in and identified the locations of these weaponry that were saved for in cases Israel or the U.S. strikes Iran. The blew up the sites and Israeli Jet fights leveled it in order to hid the matter.

Why didn't Israel publicized such information to the world and went to great length by threating its elite commando units to not let the news get out? Even if those chemical weapons were fired toward Israel, believe me, not even a single Israeli would have died, becaue Israel is the only country in the world that has supply of chemical suits and preperation for 100% of its population with extra. But why did Israel didn't allow this to happen?

Answer is simple, because if Israel would have publicized the news, or would have let one of those to be fired toward Israel, as a way of keepings deterance in the region, Israel had to use chemical or to some extend tactical nuclear weapon on Lebanon or Iran (because they had supplied hizbollah w/ such weaponry).

Israel realized that Iran cannot and will not become nuclear. Doesn't matter how much the U.S. doesn't want it.

International society is worthless to stop becaus as you point out, everyone is pursuing its own capitalistic interest including the good-old marxist China and previous communit country of Russia.

I am telling you, we have very dark days ahead of us.

Anonymous said...

Iran would love to commit a genocide against Israel if they had the opportunity. Of course, they say that they want to "peacefully dismantle" the country. But anyone who knows Jewish history knows that Israelis would fight to the last man, woman and child before this happens. So yes, it would be have to be a genocide.

While I sympathize with the Iranian Jews for having to live without dignity or any real political representation, I don't think that they are the target of Ahmadinejad's planned ethnic cleansing. I think he only wants to exterminate the Jewish people in their homeland.

I also wouldn’t call Ahmadinejad or the Iranian leadership stupid. They know how to stir up violence and bloodshed in Israel, Lebanon, America, Iraq, Gaza, Argentina and anywhere else in order to manipulate the political situation for their own benefit.

Ben Kahen said...

Ahamadinejad has big plans for the region. Israel is very much involved in the defense of Iranian jews in Iran.

Iran is using these Jews more like hostages in case it comes down to the conflict and many times they have implied.

Everytime conflict arises between Israel and Iran, Iran jews immediately feel the tension inside.

At teh same time, the scary part is, back in the war between Iran and Iraq, Iran at one night arrested more than 2 to 3 thousand jews when they were attending this park at the end of th Shabbat. They were released the next day. The consequences of this was Israel giving Arms to Iran to fight the Iraqis. Who says they wouldn't do that again?

Ahmadinejad has a problem with Jews in general. He will pick on any subject that is related to the jews. That is not the problem of Ahmadinejad either. You could see this attitute all around Middle East. As an example, when the cartoons of muhamed came out, the region automatically picked on jews and started insulting Jews and denying Holocause. Another word, they chose justification just to bring out their anti-semitic faces. It had nothing to do with the Jews, it was the problem between European and Islam.

This is the problem of Middle East.

Curious Joe said...


I am a staunch atheist. Both my parents were atheist. So I do not believe in any God, let alone any religion. However, I’ve read (and I forced my children to read) the Bible , the Torah, the Qoran and the Buddhist manifesto. I made sure that my kids understood what they were reading -- by putting them through tests. The reason I did all of that was to make sure they could grow up and make their own choice, rather than a set of Belief Systems dictated by their parents. We’ll see what’ll happen to them !! All I hope is that, at the end of the day, they won’t end up becoming a Tom Cruise Scientologist, some Korean Moon followers, or worst, followers of some suicide cult like Jim Jones or “Heavens Gate” in Rancho Santa Fe, California.

Given the above background/perspective, I’d like to address Ben’s following concluding remarks in his last post:

As an example, when the cartoons of muhamed came out, the region automatically picked on jews and started insulting Jews and denying Holocause. Another word, they chose justification just to bring out their anti-semitic faces. It had nothing to do with the Jews, it was the problem between European and Islam. This is the problem of Middle East.

I am sorry Ben, as a non believer in “God/Allah” or any religion, I’d like to point to the fact that your perceived problem of “Europeans and Islam” or the “Problem of Middle East” are little pecks/tabloid in the grander of scheme of things.

Let’s address ourselves to larger issues on this planet than the frustrations among Jews, Muslims and the Europeans. I remember my 16 year daughter who still loves reading science fiction. One day (after going thru rigorous readings of Torah, Bible, Qoran and Buddhism) she said: May be if some aliens from other planets arrive on Earth, we may find that all of this religious stuff we are reading -- was merely a bunch of BS.

You see Ben. US has a huge deficit and trillion dollars of loans to pay. It is increasing everyday by billions of dollars. Who do you think is financing these huge loans and deficits by buying US Treasury Bonds? Believe me, the day that the lenders call up their loan due to the lack of interest payments , there will be such a big bang on this planet that the entire problem of the Jews versus Muslims versus Europeans will be a mere speck in a much bigger ocean.

I hope that day will be way after you and I have left this planet and the universe -- going to where we were, 12 months before we were born.

Anonymous said...

Iran is a threat to Isreal and to the Middle East area because iranian politicians have nothing to worry about except feeding weapons to Hezbollah(in Lebanon) and providing back up to Syria. Lebanon is the battleground where Iran is trying to defeat the U.S and France at it (the recent War between Isreal and Hezbollah (not Lebanon or the Lebanese government, since everyone in Lebanon wants peace with Isreal except the Shia't and a tiny group of Christians named after their leader "general aoun" or "aouniye"

Good article.

Anonymous said...

I don't like what Iran is doing. Ahmadinejad is one crazy bastard.