Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A Good Day for Congo after 5 Million are Dead

As I was bored in my Trust and Estate class and trying to ignore my extremely annoying and loud professor, I checked the News and I was shocked. Five million people were killed as the result of Congo conflict. That is no news, however what shocks me is the lack of world attention. Five million innocent people are dead; it is only one million less than Holocaust. Yet, it has been mostly ignored by the Media. It has also been ignored by our beloved U.N. and Human Rights Watch. They have made several reports regarding this conflict, yet you do not see any serious action against it. However, if Israel tries to defend its cities from Missiles flying from terrorist land of Gaza strip, U.N. and so called “Human Rights” groups spring into action and write report after report condemning her for only defending herself. What is even more messed up is you do not see any major movements in Universities to bring attention to this conflict, you do not see special days dedicated to this conflict, you do not see mock walls or coffins with flags on them, you do not see mock dead children, you do not see people dressing up as soldiers mocking a massacre by pouring catch up on each other, and you do not see guest speakers covering this subject. Oh well, thanks to Muslim Anti-Semitism and millions of dollars spent for Propaganda against Israel in universities, conflicts like Congo’s conflict will be ignored and played down just to portray Israel as the most evil country. How come we don’t see groups named “International Solidarity Movement with people of Congo” or “Student for Justice in Congo”? We simply will not see them because the killers are simply not Jews. The rest is up to the reader to make the proper conclusion.
It is truly sad. However, today is a good day for this region. After many years of conflict, this deadly event finally came to its end. Let’s just hope this peace agreement hold and Congo starts moving toward a better future. Click here for the link to the story.


Anonymous said...

if you get the chance, during Belgium's occupation of the Congo, the population when from 30 million to 6 million. I agree with you on the lack of international attention. It's disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Of course it is disgraceful that the proper attention is not given to conflicts such as this, however, i do not think that it is as easy as 'everyone want to vilify jewish people'.
I think, if anything there is far more support for the jews in israel from the west than there is for the Palestinians. I think we should not forget who actually 'made' the state of Israel, it was Britain given a mandate over that region and the first World War.
More importantly, i believe that there is a lack of media coverage on issues suc as this because poeple want to hear about 'terrorists' that they believe will affect thier day to day lives. Not only this, but let us not forget that it is the west that has created the conditions for conflicts such as these to arise through both the colonisation of Africa, and also the rapid decolonisation of the area.
There were not the proper skills and institutions left to the African poeples, the West just escaped as soon as it bacame unpopular for them to be in those areas any longer. This, to me, is far more of a reason for the western media not to report on conflicts such as these to the degree that they should be, because they do not want to face the fact that it was their 'infallable' governments that caused these terrible probelms.

(sorry for my poor grammar and spelling by the way, woring with a computer that doesn't work!!)