Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Obama’s Wife: Best Proof to Show the Stupidity of Democratic Party

This is a perfect example why I hate election years. Michelle Obama made a comment about not being proud of America until recently. Click here for the story. I am not a big Obama fan, and this is not helping either. What I hate the most is that she goes ahead and gives some BS excuse regarding why she said such thing. At least have enough courage to stand up for what you said and not change it around or give some BS reasoning for it. Like bunch of sheep, everyone is talking about change! And to my surprise, they plug in this word to justify this stupid comment. What is this change they are calling for? Is this change, the change to hate your own culture and country?! There is a difference between criticism and hating your own country. Under no circumstances, hating your country should not be justified by calling it “criticism”. Criticism should be constructive, not destructive; it should not provide the enemies of this country the justification to attack this country. This idiot’s husband is running to represent the United States of America, and she is not even proud to be an American. Doesn’t it sound stupid? Is this person really going to work for the best interest of this country? I can’t believe this person has a shot to actually become the first lady. What happened to Democratic Party? What happened to 90s? What happened to worker’s party? What happened to the party who stood up for the working class of America and not special interest groups such as Anti-War groups, Gay or Lesbian Groups, anti-Religion groups, and groups who despise this country? What happened to the group who stood up for core values such as better working condition and looking after the poor sector of the society? Seriously, is this the new Democratic Party that we’re going to have for election 08? All these questions just piss me off even more and make me hate Liberals for ruining this party.

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Anonymous said...

She was just trying to support her husband’s campaign and, in doing so, ended up undermining this country. Anyways, I wouldn’t worry about Obama if I were you, he’s just a puppet under the hands of some filthy rich Americans and if he tries to implement his own independent ideas (like McCain or Hillary might) they’ve got so much on him he could easily be taken out of power. But he probably won’t make it that far anyway.