Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Military Channel’s Documentary about Israeli Commandos

I have always enjoyed watching Military Channel. However, I never ever thought these guys would go this far and might I add that I am pleasantly surprised. Well, here is a documentary about Israeli Commandos. While you are watching these clips, just try to pay attention what is the ultimate message that these commandos are sending or what is the motive behind every soldier. As oppose to Terrorist apologists and fighter of religion of peace or Arab countries, they are not saying: we’re here to kill, destroy, or ruin. Rather, they are motivated by protecting their citizens. That’s the ultimate difference between the two sides: one is there to kill and destroy because they are motivated by hatred and lack of tolerance for another religion’s right to establish their existence as a nation and the other is there to protect its citizens and their safety and security. Enjoy the documentary ;)

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