Sunday, April 10, 2011

You Can Run, but You Can’t Hide ….

Throughout its short history, Israel has always pulled stunts like this. Gilad’s Schalit abductor has been sent to meet his 72 Virgins. Here is the article covering the story.

IDF: Shalit abductor killed
Senior Hamas man involved in IDF soldier's abduction killed in Gaza strike, army says

Senior Hamas member Taysir Saliman Abu-Saname, killed by the IDF in a southern Gaza Strip strike early Satruday, was involved among other things in Gilad Shalit's abduction, IDF officials said. The sources said the Shalit family was informed of the news. Abu-Saname held several senior posts in Hamas' military wing, Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades. He was also involved in the firing of rockets on the southern Israel city of Eilat, military officials said.

Hamas denies claims. However, Abu Ubaida, a spokesman for Hamas' armed wing, said Saname killing "will not affect our work" and dismissed Israel's claims. He said Israel "does not have the information about Shalit's capture to be able to say who among our leaders had a role in its execution." Ubaida also accused Israel of "looking for an achievement as a cover for their crimes." Army: 11 terror cells struck. Overall, IDF aircraft and armored forces struck some 11 terror cells in the northern and southern Gaza Strip, including terrorists firing rockets and mortar shells at Israel, the army said Saturday evening. The Air Force bombed another 15 terror targets in the Strip, including outposts, smuggling tunnels, and sites used to store and produce weapons. The army said that the targets were hit accurately.

Meanwhile, terror groups fired more than 120 rockets, mortar shells and missiles at Israel in the past two days, including more than 50 on Saturday. (Click Here for the Link to Source).

After reading this, what comes to mind is this: you could run, but you could never hide from IDF if you have Jewish blood on your hand. Israel has always fulfilled its promise to soldiers and their family that they’d do everything in their power to bring back soldiers or their body and bring their capturers and murderers to justice. Let’s hope for a day where Schalit is returned to his family. I am praying for daring rescue operation where it truly embarrasses Hamas. However, even if it is done through an exchange, I’d still be happy. He is an IDF soldiers who is still alive and MUST BE RETURNED TO HIS FAMILY ALIVE.

Overall: My sincere congrats to IDF for this achievement.

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