Thursday, April 04, 2013

Maddness of North Korea

See what happens when you allow crazy countries get Nukes? They will take the whole world hostage to grasp attention for themselves. I believe North Korea and the stupidity that is going on in the Far East could teach U.S and the Europe the danger of allowing crazy nations acquire nuclear capability. For a long time, Bush’s administration ignored the issue of North Korea while they were building nuclear bombs. To make matters worse, North Korea is cooperating and sharing every bit of knowledge and experience they acquired with the crazy religious government of Iran. That means disaster. North Korea is a Communist country and they do not even believe in after-life. Now Imagine the crazy government of Iran who openly talk about the “blessing of dying for the Allah’s Cause” and becoming “Shahid,” getting nuclear weapon. Iranian government believes in the 12th Imam who should be resurrected through a deadly war with Israel (as they have claimed) in an apocalyptic fashion. This is perfect proof why Iran should not be allowed to acquire nuclear knowledge under any circumstances. The future of humanity is depended on it.

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