Monday, December 30, 2013

It is Hard to Feel Sympathy for Events in Russia

There have been three (3) terrorist attacks in four days in Russia. All three have been committed by Islamic Extremist belonging to different sect of this religion. To be honest, I am losing track of all these sects of Islamic where each one is calling the other ones infidels and terrorists. From Iran to Palestinian Territories, to Egypt, to Syria, to Lebanon, to Afghanistan, to Iraq, to ... (this could go on for a while). However, for Russia, I have zero sympathy. The loss of innocent civilians is always a sad tragedy in a political or military conflict. However, in this case, the responsibility rests with the Russian government. For the majority of last century and our contemporary history, Russia has been directly and indirectly one of the biggest supporter of the Islamic terrorism around the world. Every time the issue comes up, the Russian authorities always point finger at the U.S and they want to exercise their freedom to support other people. They always use the “ignorance” and “lack of tolerance” arguments in order to justify their support for all the terrorist supporting nations. Perfect example of it is their full support to the Arab nations to destroy Israel for majority of the previous century. Their most current support is for Assad Regime and the nuclear reactors in Iran. They claim that they are simply supporting their allies and nobody could stop them. Look at the all the weaponry that these terrorists use around the globe: majority of these weapons are Russian made. The Russian government has been making trillions of dollars from selling weapons to the terrorists. They have been openly supporting and arming terrorist organizations around the globe. Russian government is nothing but mob squads who are running the country and they are making themselves richer by the minutes by selling death to different parts of the world.
So given the Russian report card for the last hundred years, seeing sad days like these provides me with no sympathy for what is taking place in Russia. It is the direct result of the Russian mentality, culture, and government that is showing its face. Russia has always been beacon of hope for U.S enemies around the globe because that is exactly where they would buy their weapons. Selling Arms to African countries that are used to kill civilians is a different argument. My main point is what they have been doing with the Islamic and non-Islamic terrorism around the globe. It is about time that this country should realize the type of crime that they have committed against humanity. Maybe this awakens a sense of responsibility. However, the chances of that happening are slim close to none. Russia will continue support for the terrorist nations around the world and they would be doing it with their heads held high.

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