Sunday, February 23, 2014

From Ukraine to Iran

Lately, I cannot stand the site of Russian Politicians. They are absolutely corrupt to their bones, they are motivated by nothing except monetary values, and they are the biggest supporter of global terrorism including Iran. Having said that, I cannot begin to tell you how much respect I have for Ukrainians. After Ukrainian so-called president, who by the way was on Putin’s payroll, refused to integrate Ukraine into EU, the people started a revolution. This revolution started around November of 2013 and it got heated up as time went forward. Of course the Ukrainian President who wanted Ukraine to remain Russia’s bitch in the region, tried to deflect the issue. They thought that this mass movement would go away just like Anti-Putin demonstration dispersed. Finally, after months of protesting, Ukrainian protesters were able to reach some of their goal and the previous President had to escape. This is a huge victory for Ukrainian and all democracy loving people around the globe.
However, the fall out of Ukrainian revolution could affect a lot of people. First and foremost, unlike Iranian Green Revolution, these Ukrainian Revolutionaries did not run home as soon as the protests started heating up. There are great lessons that Iranian Green Movement should learn from these Ukrainians. The most hilarious news coverage is brought to you by Iranian National Media which portrays this revolution as “American Conspiracy” to take over Ukraine. How desperate and pathetic are tyrannical rulers? Any democratic movement, anywhere on our mortal soil threaten these idiots including the rulers of Iran. I wish Ukraine the best of luck in their huge achievement and I hope them prosperous democratic future free of Russians.

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