Monday, June 30, 2014

And You Will Try To Justify This Too

And you will spin your wheels and turn it back, turn it black somehow, some way. You will try to justify this too.

But their blood cries out from the ground and contradicts you and speaks of three lives spilled on the ground after 16 or 19 years of hopes and parenting and dreams and futures swallowed up by the evil that is the evil we live with day in and day out, threatening to cover us over in black every day.

Every day.

And you will try to justify this too.

Because you are evil. You are black-hearted. You are jealous.

You were bred to hate and you breed to hate. Some of you abet and some of you just go out there and seize some boys and break their heads and tender bones, spilling their blood endlessly, effortlessly, and calling it “holy” because you distort.

You uglify God.

You twist and everything turns ugly at your touch. And you infect.

Morally. Physically with your sickness.

You are sick at the core, in the beginning and the end of you, you are black and evil and damned for all eternity, but you pretend to believe the others when they tell you you are holy. Because this permits you free reign on your most evil, most black inclinations.

You are like a hydra. Cut off one head, another grows. There is no end to you.

God. The God of the Jews. He regrets your creation.

You are the one thing He regrets.

We will live in spite of you.

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