Monday, October 06, 2014

From Flotilla to ISIS

Who remembers this guy?
Well those of you who keep up with the news especially with what happened with the terrorist flotilla called Marmara, should remember the fool in the pictures. Marmara was a ship that was raided by Israeli commandos because they were trying to break the blockade of Gaza Strip. It resulted in the international community outcry for these terrorists because they claimed that it was nothing but a peaceful flotilla trying to stand in solidarity with people of Gaza. Well, it was not so peaceful after all. As it turns out, this guy whose picture I have on the right, ended up joining ISIS. He was actually killed by U.S. airstrike on one of ISIS targets.
So, as the world is going to ignore this development, events like this tend to solidify Israel standing that there is no difference between ISIS and pro-Palestinian camp and terrorist groups. They are the same exact movement. ISIS tends to be more violent, but ideology and practices is pretty much the same. I wonder if Turkey and Erdogan are going to say or do anything about this guy. I am glad to see another terrorist bite the dust, but it is sad that this news is being ignored by major media outlets.

I believe this cartoon that I have shared before on this site, explains the entire picture of this charade like peace activists for Gaza.

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