Monday, January 19, 2015

IDF Scores Big!

Today was a great day for IDF. They managed to send a strong message to all the actors in the region that you cannot and will not jeopardize Israel’s security just because you are involved in another regional conflict. Israel is sending the message to
Hezbollah that you are still our number one enemy and we will neutralize all of your backers and fighters wherever we can find them. Here is the story:
“Accordign to the Al-Akhbar report, the two targets, as well as other Hezbollah members and Iranian soldiers, were travelling in two vehicles on the northern section of the Quneitra district, some seven kilometers from the border with Israel. Al-Akhbar reported that after the two SUVs, a Jeep Cherokee and a Kia Sorento, had moved 400 meters away from a UNDOF base-but before they arrived at a headquarters for the Syrian regime’s paramilitary m ilitia-an Israeli chopper fired two missiles, hitting its target. On Monday afternoon, Jihad Mughniyeh-whose father was eliminated by a car bomb in Damascus in 2008-was laid to rest; the rest of the victims will be buried on Tuesday. The pro-Hezbollah paper noted that Israel had already attacked the area using similar means-they claimed an Israeli helicopter fired at the vehicles on June 17.”
Those are couple of issues involved here. They killed “Jihad” Mughnieh. He is the son of the Imad Mughnieh. First and foremost, that Imad guy was such a terrorist that he named his son “Jihad”. It is pretty funny to see that Terrorism takes such a control of one’s to an extend that they would even dedicate their children to the cause. Israel, however, is not holding back any punches. It is basically trying to show that we will hunt you down regardless of your family orientation.
Among the dead was also a high ranking Iranian General. Israel wants to show Iran that they will not allow their paramilitary generals and terrorist masterminds to run free in the region. Iran has no business to be in Syria and/or Lebanon. Iran is the source of all terrorism and evilness around the globe and Israel is the only country in the region who is doing something about it. Unfortunately, I do not believe Obama will be too happy about this update because it simply does not fit his agenda when it comes to combating true terrorism in the region. Obama is trying desperate to portray a peaceful picture of Iran and today’s update is not helping him at all. I would not be too surprised if they condemn this attack. Overall, it was a great day for Israel and IDF and their war against terrorism.

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