Wednesday, July 26, 2006

High Price for Arrogance

I know this is the third post on current conflict in Lebanon, but I cannot resist it. There is so much to say and I probably would need to write a book on it. Today, I am going to talk about arrogance. Arrogance is an attitude that can be obtained from too much ego or too much confidence. Even though confidence is an outmost necessary tool in Military, too much of it could turn into arrogance. How bad is arrogance in military? Well, lets look at what happened in Israel today.

Israeli Generals and commander are only using 15% of Israeli Ground Forces. They thought they could handle Hezbollah that has been supported, funded, and armed with stock piles of ammunition, and trained for years to deal with Israel with only 15% of its ground operation? What ARE THEY THINKING? Today we lost 9 soldiers. 9 SOLDIERS! 9 MOTHERS ARE NOT GOING TO SEE THEIR SONS! Even though Israeli soldiers killed more than 40 Hezbollah guerrillas, but it is not comparable. Why? The answer is very simple! Arrogance of Israeli Commanders and Generals in using their ground troops. They simply need more men to secure that village which is Hezbollah's capital.

These are very dark days and no one knows how the future is going to play out. Hezbollah is very strong and Israeli commanders needs to know that. There is no room for mistakes, arrogance, or conservation. My advice to commanders, use a lot more than 15% and treat this war as if this was the war for independence! Other than that, expect a lot more mothers to grieve their sons never returning home.

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Pouya said...

You speak about the death of Hizbollah fighers as if they don't have mothers that will be mourning them. I guess them dying is okay, bc they're "terrorists" right?


By the way, in case you havent figured it out, Israeli Offensive Force is using only 15% of its ground forces bc they don't want to put more troops on the group for Hizbollah to target. It's call FEAR!

"Hizbullah is ratcheting up its kill ratio with the Israeli military toward 1:1, something no other Arab fighting force has even approached."

You should change the title of your blog to: "Arash: One Dimensionalism"

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