Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Moshe Yehuda


Anonymous said...

Dear Ben,

I am a Iranian, Persian, and Muslim.

I have a problem with Iranian Jews who call themselves Persians.

You and your kin are not Persians. You are Semites. Persian are an Indo-European peoples.

I am offended when non-Persian call themselves Persians just because they are Iranians.

My family is based in OC. Your assessment of OC Iranians is groundless. There is a lot of cache to being an Iranian/Persian in OC, especially in South OC and Anaheim Hills areas.

Most of my friends are white too. Why? I don't feel close to Jews. I grow up in the Valley, and the Iranian Jews there were very discriminating to Muslim Iranians. Moreover, 818 and 310 Iranians Jews have abandoned their allegiance to Iran -- some say Iranian Jews have never had allegiance to Iran. For example, we (Persians) freed your people from slavery and you repaid us by creating the SAVAK.

Iranian Jews in USA bad-mouth the Islamic clergy. I don't bad-mouth Jewish rabbis, why do your co-religionists bad-mouth my religion and homeland?

Ben Kahen said...

Well apparently you have been born and raised here. Why am i telling you this. Very simple: In Iran, and even people who are here, including Muslim, Jews, Armenians, and any other religions make fun of the rulling party who are mostly the religious authority. I don't have a problem with Islam, but I do have a problem with public hanging, stoning women for having sex, lashing people who drink alcohol, and many other religious laws that have been inserted to Iranian civil laws. Why? SIMPLE, these Akhounds are teh one who force people into those things. Same when I have problem when a Rabi in Israel try to insert in a religious law into Israeli civil laws. I am sorry, but when you look at Iran and see the situation there, you cannot close your eyes and don't mae fun of them!

Well, come down to San Diego if you please, I would love to take to my school or a club where there are a lot of Iranians, see how they would react to know when they found out you are persian.

My points about persians being not friendly to each other was not in terms of religions. Even muslim to muslim relationships is weird when they meet each other. Therefore, your point of most of your friends being white has nothing to do w/ Persian Jews in this case and is a irelevant point. If you could rephrase it, maybe I would understand your point.

Well the thing is Persian Jews has never hurt Iran in any sense. On the other hand, our people were under constant persecution in Iran. There are many many incident, where our men were killed, our women were raped, and our children were forced to Islam. One example of it is my grand father who even donated money to build the mosque in "Bandar Anazaly". His name was master in the town. But as soon as religious authority took over in 1979, they tried to kill him and rape his daughter after all he had done for the society in that town simply because he was Jewish. This simply only one example of what happened and stories like this are very very famous. Another exmple is when they found out I was Jewish in a muslim school, my principle clearly knew it was the other guy's fault, but he blamed it on me and gave me a good beating even though beating was illegal in that school. Then when he was done w/ beating, he said, my hand is unpure after beating a jew.

So, you see, a lot of Jews in Iran were not very happy with what happened. We were guests in your country and nothing more. At the same time, Iran is very anti-Israel and that is why a lot of Iranian Jews don't support any more. On the other hand, if it asn't for Israel bombing Iraqi Nuclear Reactors in 1982, don't think the first bomb would have been tested in Tehran? When no one was selling Arms to Iran, and I mean no one, and Iraq was buying Tanks and arms from both Soviets and the United States, it was Israel that provided Iran with RPG 7 that was the only type of weapons to destory T-1 soviet made tanks and that's how the terms of the war changed and Iranians were able to role back the Iraqis.

So, you see, we have done a lot for Iran. A lot more than anyone else, instead, Iran is supporting and funding terrorists to blow up our women and children.

At the same time, we have nothing against Muslims in Iran. I have a lot of friends in Iran who are muslims.

About 310 and 818 people, come on, that is like childish immature people who are not even 18 yet in treating others. Your comparison is invalid.

Marianne said...

Those children are so sweet.God bless them

Ben Kahen said...

Thank you!

They are my kniece and nephews! They are truely the joy to my and my familiy's life!