Thursday, February 08, 2007

What is wrong with the Middle East?

Today, one of the most unstable regions of our mortal soil is the Middle East. There is not a single day that you do not hear something about this region in the news. This region, not only affects the daily lives of its residents, it has a global affect. It has affected many college campuses and it has been the subject of countless debates. I ask myself why? Why is this region so unstable? Why is this region so out of touch with reality?

The history proves that region has never been peaceful. This region is birth place of three powerful religions (with exception of Judaism which is not very powerful). A lot people say that the Middle East is the signature of co-existent. I say it is the clash of civilizations. This clash of civilization is not the same the one Samuel Huntington came described. I think this clash is rooted in a deeper level that goes all the way down to individual units in the society. I believe that this clash is the result of cultural teachings that is programmed in every single unit in those societies. I think since the problem of the Middle East lies within individuals, the cure rests in education. You have the educated the masses about democracy, practicing democracy in a responsible fashion, separation of religion and government, accountability in the government actions, human values, human rights, the right of the others to exist, tolerance, and many other Western values that is lacking in the Middle Eastern countries. If the education is completed, I think it would make it a lot harder to mobilize these masses. That means the support for militant ideologies will begin to diminish!

I am not introducing a new doctrine here; for years there has been countless demand within Arab societies for a better set of education, yet the ruling government has strictly opposed this plan due to the fact that it would promote democracy. Spread of democracy would mean the end of religious influence in the society, and the end of tyranny. Therefore, we have two powerful forces resisting such demand for a better education system. And so far, they have done a fantastic job in keeping Westernized education out of their societies.

This is one way to describe the situation. However, I do believe that this could be the remedy to the Middle East. The answer is still unclear to me! Anyone else has any better reason why this region cannot stabilize?


Anonymous said...

Modern day instability in the ME has its roots in 1948 w the birth of a racist state called Israel, after that, we've had countless wars, many of which were orchestrated by Israel and the creation of the world's largest refugee population.

1956, 1967, 1978, 1982, 2002, and 2006 to name a few.

Democracy means the end of religion? Really? What about the US? Is the US not a democracy? Yet, it is very very religious.

For as long as Israel continues the occupation, with or without democracy in the region, and with or without "westernized education," people will always want their freedom and will resist Zionism.

You cannot have the occupation and then blame the victims "Benyamin."


Now tell your Zionist squad to come and defend your racist ideology on this insignificant blog.

Ill check back w this irrelavant blog in a week to shit on it some more.

Ben Kahen said...

I am amazed by the tone you use and with a magnitude of hatred! I like it, I have strik a nerve? Haven’t I?

Mr. Pouya, I can spot your argument from miles away; whether or not my blog is insignificant is not your business.

People like love to blame the Zionists for every single one of their problems. Iran is exporting its girls to gulf region; your so called sisters are being whored out to Gulf sheikhs! Yet, it is Zionists fault. Iraq is being destroyed peace by peace, it is Zionists fault. Arabs are about 100 years behind civilized world, it is Zionists faults. Everything is the occupier's fault; yes they are!

Mr. Pouya, don't try to rewrite history, every single war in that region were caused by Arab's act itself.

What happened to 1948 hour? Why did you leave that? Did you forget? Ooh wait, let me clarify every single those wars for you in case your education ins Berkeley has wore off!
1948: Israel was only hours old and there was no way it could defend itself, yet Arabs attack. 1956: Israel said many times how important that water way is for Israel and Egypt closed it.

1967; my favorite of all time: we shit on people like you, it was the Arab leaders such as Nasser and Syria who orchestrated the anti-Israel mentality. 1972: it was the Arabs who conducted the surprised attack on Israel. 1980: it was the Palestinian terrorists who conducted terrorist activity from Lebanon.

YOU SEE YOU MORON: How many times do we have to embarrass you? How many times are guys going to declare divine victories? YET, not even single g-d damn democracy; you guys are beheading people on TV, and yet it is Zionists fault. You guys are killing YOUR OWN KIND, AND YOU ARE CELEBERATING AND SAYING YES, U.S. IS LOSING THE WAR IN IRAQ! It is YOUR OWN G-D DAMN people and yet you guys are slaughtering each other like bunch of sheep in a slaughter house and you are telling me it is Zionists fault!

You see: before shitting on my blog, don’t' make up facts, don't hide the facts either.

On the last note: you are always welcome to shit on my blog because you show your type of stupidity that exist in Arab world and that has always kept your countries backward!

OH by the way: On a personal level Pouya, there is a reason a lot of people are calling you anti-Semite! Think very hard about it! And NO, I am not the only person who says it!

Anonymous said...

Fadel. i dont like using the word zionist so i will go with isreailian well let me tell u ben something u are right with some of ur point arab leaders are assholes but u know we can see many asking for peace like saudi and egypt and jordan .. but can u deny the role u guys played in many massaceres even in the civil war in lebanon ..u are too be blamed for many things tooo and u guys actually performed terrorists act let me remind u of one that the arab world will never forget mohammed al doura .. if u guys werent affected by that then u are not humans arabs or isrealian and u guys are thinking of fightig lebanon and hizbollah which i compelelty oppose well hzbollah is the tip of the root and not the stem"iran" destroying hizbollah is impossible because iran will keep on supplying them ...think u guys the only way is by establsihing peace and returning the shibaa farms then hizbollah has no excuse for staying and then any try for remaining in post will be fought by the lebanese ppl

Ben Kahen said...

Mr. Fadel:

let me tell you this that I didn't used to believe in it, but as time goes by everyday, I realize no matter how much we try, there will be another excuse for Hizbollah.

I am not denying the fact that mitakes has been made, but pleaes, show me a country, show me a nation who hasn't made any mitakes, no body is perfect, plus given the nature of conflict, events like that would take place. However, I refuse to accept the argument that this conflict is the reason why Arab nations are so backward in their school of thinking toward the world. I refuse to accept that it is the Israelis fault that Jordan massacared 10,000 Palestinians in black september and Arab world has shut the hell up for decades.

I do accept the argument that it is a tough conflict, however, grown men are not scared of the conflict, the rise above it to set the differences apart. Not the other way, try to beat adopt anti-semtic rhetoric and tactic to descredit a nation, a group of people, and a religion. Only cowards hide behind an excuse to justify everything that goes wrong in their countries and I have always said, Arab leaders are nothing but bunch of cowards! Including Nasrallah, Yassin, and Arrafat!

Siamak said...

Here's Pouya's circular reasoning: "You're racist because you're a Zionist and you're a Zionist because you're racist."

Great, Pouya, way to go with a brilliant argument. The only person you shitted on is yourself!

The only racist thing here is your hatred of Jewish independence, accomplishments, and sense of community.

Don't come on Arash's blog to give your twisted view of history. Go read about Haj Amin al-Husseini and his Nazi friends before you blame Zionism for everything.

Anonymous said...


Ben Kahen said...

thanx for the thoughtful comment!

Anna said...

I have to say that the Anonymous fellow, who clearly needs a lesson in history (Ben already did a great job of covering that lesson, so I won’t need to repeat), is presenting a typical ignorant and harmful view point. Harmful to the democratic world, yes, but more harmful to the Arab world, that he is so adamant about protecting. Those that brainwash themselves to believe that all the problems in the Middle East, including, totalitarianism masked with religious fanaticism, is the fault of a nation of a couple million, are essentially lying to themselves. Instead of looking within their own countries to see the economical and social issues and better themselves, they are busy blaming everything on Jews. Hmmmm, sounds all too familiar to Nazi Germany. That is why it is so important to learn from history and never let it repeat again. I suggest you pick a book that doesn’t have a title that includes “Protocols of Zion”, my not too educated friend. You might learn the greatest thing of all, and that’s the error in your own thought. Good luck with that.

Pouya said...

Siamak said that I believe: "You're racist because you're a Zionist and you're a Zionist because you're racist."

Logic Lesson #1 (please take notes)
You can be a racist and not a Zionist, i.e. you can be a Neo-Nazi and not a Zionist (obviously), but if you're a Zionist, you subscribe to a racist ideology, therefore, by default, you're a racist.

Hajj Amin al-Hussain? Logic Lesson # 2 (are you taking notes?)

Arab dictators do not represent the people. Saddam was a racist (especially against Jews, Israelis, and Persians), but that doesn't mean ALL Iraqis were racist as Saddam was never representative.

However, Ben Gurion was representative, as "Israel" is supposedly a democracy: "We must use terror, assassination, intimidation, land confiscation, and the cutting of all social services to rid the Galilee of its Arab population."
— David Ben-Gurion, the founder of Israel, May 1948.

These words are Israel's founding principles. They are not the words of a dictator who doesn't represent the will of a nation, but the words of Israel's founding father.

Now I'm a racist? I don't think so.

You see, I don't oppose Jewish independence, unless, it means that a land can be cleansed of its native population for Jewish indepedence.

Furthermore, according to the Zionist argument, Hitler killed Jews, Arab dictators hate Israel, thus, Israel has a right to continue to occupy Palestine and cleanse it of its native populations.

If opposing such notions renders me a racist, I must admit, I reek of it.

I've been down this road w you before Siamak. You don't seem to get it. I'll give you some time to read this post a few times so it sinks in, then I'll respond to your next Zionist-terror apologist writings.

I came on for a night cap. Always a pleasure guys.

Seth said...

I saw the link for this blog on a support IDF group on facebook and I figured I would check it out.

First of all I find Pouya hilarious! It is typical that this man, much like the rest of his brethren, can only complain about the tiny state of Israel because it removed natives from their land. Maybe it was right, maybe it was wrong, but its done. I would like to say that it was longer than 50 years ago since this occured, and it is better to deal with problems and solve them, than complain about them with no solution. Lets just take a hypothetical situation here... Had the roles been switched, that is, Arabs occupy Israel and kick the Jews out, then the Jewish community of the world would embrace our Israeli brothers. We would come together as an international brotherhood and find homes for our displaced. The problem with the Arab community is that there is no community. Arabs ruthlessly fight one another, and on a consistent basis. Your "freedom fighters" stand in a crowd of women and children for protection when they choose to engage Israeli soldiers. Your suicide bombers do not attack military facilities, they attack places that are occupied by young kids, or families. If these are your "freedom fighters", I would not want them to represent my community since they are nothing more than a band of cowards.

Moreover, I do not agree that democracy will establich peace in the Middle East, take a look at Iraq as an example. What will establish peace is a proactive approach by the international community as well as the Arab community in order to pinpoint the problems and work them out.

On another note, what does IDF stand for? Israeli Defense Force. It is the only thing that stands in between our nation and those who seek to destroy it. The wars that you have both spoken about have been started by Arab nations. It was a miracle that Israel withstood the war of independence, maybe that is a sign from G-d that Israel should have the right to exist? Either way, if the Palestinians could learn to live with the Israelis it would benefit their way of life. As we all know, Palestine is one of the poorest nations in the world. This is partially due to the new Hamas government that has taken over recently. As a result, millions of dollars of aid has been cut off by countries who refuse to deal with terrorist organizations. But let us look back to before the second intifada. Israel supplied jobs for the heavily unemployed Palestinians. Furthermore, they gave them opportunities for education and better medical facilities. I have no doubt that if peace were re-established, these would become available again to the Palestinian people.

Lastly, why is it that the Arab world fears democracy? Is it because if the Arab world knew any better they would leave and head west? Lets take for example the right to freedom of speech. In the Arab world, if you were to talk unfavorably about a leader it could get you killed. Here in America it is accepted to a certain degree -as long as you are not making statements that you are going to kill a leader-. It also gives the right for both of you to debate this topic without getting in trouble. Finally, the right to freedom of speech allows Pouya to continue to speak his mind. The more he speaks, the more we realize he does not know what he is talking about, that is the beauty of democracy.

Ben Kahen said...


First of all: the guy who visited Hitler was not just anybody, he was the leader of the Palestinian, people listend to him, he enjoyed a support from the community! He was not a military leader for you to claim that people were scared of him. He was the popular leader of Palestinians, so don't try to compare that moron to David Ben Gurion! David Be Gurion called for democractic nation of Israel and at the same time pleaded to Arabs not to attack! Did you forget that? He pleaded to lets live side by side, but they attacked!

Anyways, regarding Israel being racist: the rights of Arabs are much better preserved in Israel than ANY OTHER COUNTRY IN THE MIDDLE EAST! ARABS ARE BETTER PRESENTED IN ISRAELI GOVERNMENT THAN ANY OTHER COUNTRY IN THE MIDDLE EAST!

You somehow always fail to define the terms you use such racism! If you consider Israel racist, then Iran is the king of Racism in the region! Don't make me to talk about Persian Supremacy toward Arabs or Afghans or Pakistanis in the region!

Do I need to talk about how badly Afghans are treated in Iran? Or should I talk about Arabs treatment of Pakistanis in the region? Who is more racist?

Plus, countries you are supporting are not only racist, THEY ARE ANTI-SEMITIC! They look at Nazi Germany and borrow the same rhetoric and cartoons; funny party is they are not even creative enough to come up with their own!

Siamak said...

"If you're a Zionist, you subscribe to a racist ideology, therefore, by default, you're a racist."
There is nothing inherently racism about advocating for a Jewish state in the Jewish homeland.

"Arab dictators do not represent the people."
LOL you're right - the people are even MORE racist that the rulers. At least the rulers are somewhat open to the West and are moderate. The street is anti-American and wants to destroy Israel.

The problem with you Pouya is that you never pulled your head out of your ass. Your mind is still stuck on a "Western imperialism vs native rights" paradigm, which does not apply to Israel and the Palestinians. When you stop drawing inspiration from losers like Marx, Fidel Castro, Ahmadinejad, and the like, maybe you can see the light: THE JEWS HAVE A RIGHT TO A JEWISH STATE IN THE JEWISH HOMELAND.

Now please, go buy some toilet paper because you are covered in shit!!

Ben Kahen said...


You forgot another idol among those morons who dedicated nothing to world but war and destruction and that is Hugo dumb ass Chavez!

He is another moron who is going to pull South America into another chapter of economic failure with his stupidity!

I don't know where Pouya stands on Hugo, but I am guessing, Hugo is his new found lover in world politics!

The thing is, what did Marx or Marxists do for humanity? What did they achieve? What was the result of it? NOTHING BUT DEATH! Any place Marxist took over, nothing but death resulted. Any sort of development that initialy took place was the result of capitalist tactics(ex China). Even though, I could bash Communism left and right, I am not going to get into that because I gota read about 100 pages for my class 2morrow!

Man I should write about this moron Chavez next time!

Anonymous said...

iv been reading all your comments, and to be honest i am quite disgusted. How can ne1 try to justify and agree with what either side are doing, how can ne1 be rite when violence and murder is involved. You use terms like 'us' and 'them' and its ideals like that that develope into problems in the first place and that dont allow problems like this to be solved. Do you really think by arguing over which side is right or wrong its going to solve anything? the whole time you guys are having this petty, never-ending argument the death toll continues to rise. Lets not think of two sides, think of everyone as an individual and what they are living in and going through. So please if you are that bothered as to debate and argue,rather than waste time doing that, you cud actually do sumthin that cud help. I kno this comment may come across naive, but i do genuinly believe that you are achieving nothing by doing this except perhaps creating more hatred, rather than rallying together as 'jews' or 'arabs' why not rally together as mankind.

Ben Kahen said...

Mr. Anonymous:

I read your comment and I don't how to respond to it. You have a very good point, but how is it possible to try to rally with someone who don't even believe in the right of the other as a country to exist. How's that possible? If you read my note, I was talking about how to allow Arab countries to prosper, but when you read the opposite side, they always talk about how to destroy Israel and kick out the U.S. imperialism and all the horse crap that Marx and other Pan Arab nations were trying to sell and stil believing in them.

Look at Iraq for example, the country was on the path to democracy and prospertiy excluding the pretex of the war; some of the same people and one of them, the first guy who responded, are dancing up and down when they see Iraqis are being blown up along with U.S. soldiers. They are celeberating calling it a U.S. defeat.

Now my question toward you is this: do you really think we can really talk to these guys rally behind the word "man kind"?

Israel is a different story, Israel reached out its hand for peace in 90s and the only thing it recieved in return was more sophisticated terrorism! We pulled out of Lebanon in 2000, and what we got in return was more powerfull terrorist group,

you see my point to you, unless you fight terrorism, there is no other way to deal with them. Negotiating with terorirst is nothing but hot hair, didn't we try that w/ Arafat? NOTHING! Statemen and kings are different than terrorist groups. We negotiated with Egypt and now we have safe borders. We negotiated with Jordan and we have a good peace with them. However, negotiating with terrorist will only empower the the terrorists and allow them to stock up more arms against you. Terrorists are powered by ideologies and religious beliefs, there is in no way they could just turn around and change it. Statement can do it, they can abondon one ideology and adopt a new one, terrorists groups can't and that is why it make it very difficut to side w/ terrorist groups and call ourselves "mankind"!

You see, in the war against terrorism, in the era where people fly civian carriers into civilian buildings and being called freedome fighters, there is really no room to find a common ground. Debates or not, at the end of the day, g-d knows who will prevail. However, I know one thing, if the other side prevail, get ready to force your women into kitchen and start going to Medreses instead of Universities.

Another issue, a lot of thosse pople who support the other side, goes to Universities here, and yet they are very happy when an American GI is shot, wounded, or Kill!

Now try to find your ammong these two groups!

Anonymous said...

(1) Kalki Gaur’s Eighteen Theses of Global Clash of Civilizations
The author in the Global Clash of Races develops these eighteen principal arguments, organized around four major types of Clashes, namely, Clash of Power or Diplomacy, Clash of Oil or Petro-Colonialism, Clash of Politics or Ideology and Clash of Civilization or Religion.

In India there is no Clash of Civilizations:
George Bush called India the Exemplar post-Nation State system, as European Union is not the ideal post-Nation state System. In India where there's no clash of civilizations. In India where there's no clash of civilizations as Indians of all faiths and ethnicity doing equally well. Indian Diaspora should participate in this "adventure of creativity and enterprise" in their native country where there is no room for clash of civilizations. More than a billion people are seeking their salvation within the framework of an open society and an open economy." "There is no room for the clash of civilizations in India and the Indian community is a vibrant example of that, with Indians of all faiths doing equally well. The transformation underway in India is one of the most far-reaching revolutions of 21st century as well as of the 3rd Millennium. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh called upon Indian Diaspora in London on October 10, 2006 to Invest in India where there's no clash of civilizations. In India where there's no clash of civilizations. "One of the most far-reaching revolutions of the century" was underway in India in terms of economic reforms. Manmohan Singh invited the Indian Diaspora to participate in this "adventure of creativity and enterprise" in their native country where there is no room for clash of civilizations. Singh told the Indian community that India was among the "most attractive destinations globally for doing business." "The transformation underway in India, in my opinion, one of the most far-reaching revolutions of this century. I invite you all to participate in this adventure of creativity and enterprise any way you can." Indian community in Britain, he described as being among the most well established communities of the worldwide Indian Diaspora. "More than a billion people are seeking their salvation within the framework of an open society and an open economy." "There is no room for the clash of civilizations in India and the Indian community is a vibrant example of that, with Indians of all faiths doing equally well." Indian economy has recorded high rates of growth on a sustained basis since the process of economic reforms began. "India is proud of its remarkable achievement in sustaining 8 per cent growth of its economy.

One. Europe is Old, Asia is the future and India is the future of Asia. The top four economies of the world in 2050 shall be: China, United States, India and Japan; and size of Indian economy shall be four times the size of Japanese economy. Neither any Catholic nor any Islamic nation would ever join the ranks of top 4 military or economic power of the world. The Projected US$GDP for 2041AD are: (1) China ($28.3 trillion), (2) USA ($27.9 trillion), (3) India ($13.5 trillion), (4) Japan ($6 trillion), (5) Russia ($4.6 trillion), (6) Brazil (3.9 trillion), (7) UK ($3.3 trillion) and (8) Germany ($3.2 trillion). The Projected US$GDP for 2050AD are: (1) China ($44.53 trillion), (2) USA ($35 trillion), (3) India $27.8 trillion), (4) Japan ($6.67 trillion), (5) Brazil ($6 trillion) and (6) Russia ($5.87 trillion). (Dominic Wilson & Roopa Purushothaman, “Dreaming with BRICs: The Path to 2050”, Goldman Sachs Global Economic Paper No: 99, 1st Oct 2003). The fast growing USA-India strategic ties are crucial for the stability of the world order. In 18th century, in 1750 AD Indian Subcontinent accounted for 24.5%, Buddhist China for 32.8%, Protestant & Catholic Western Europe for 18.2%, Orthodox Russian Empire for 5.0% and Buddhist Japan for 3.8% of the world’s total manufacturing output. In 1750 AD India, China & Japan manufactured 61% of world’s total goods. Throughout history, at least for the last 3,000 years until 1750 AD, India and China led the world in terms of manufactured goods and commodities. It is very likely that by 2100 AD India, China and Japan would account for over 50% of the world’s total GNP and 50% of the World’s total international trade. It is no wonder that the diplomacy, politics and economy of the world in the 21st Century shall be dominated by China, United States, India and Russia. China and India blessed by world’s largest economies (2nd & 4th) and world’s largest populations (1st & 2nd).

Two. The 21st Century Concert of Asia based on the de Richelieu’s doctrine of Raison d’etat seeks a sustainable triangular continental balance of power in Asia among China, Japan and India, with maritime United States playing a role of a balancer. The United States-India strategic ties are crucial for the stable balance of power in Asia. Only India can contain China. Only India is an Exemplar post-nation state in Asia. It is geopolitical imperative for America that Senate and Congress ratify civilian nuclear deal with India.

Three. The Decline of Western Europe is permanent and Spanish leadership of Brown Andean and Central America nearing its end. The demographic decline of white Catholic populations has sealed the fate of Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany and France. The decline of white European population coupled with the vast increase in non-white Hispanic Catholic populations of Central America and Andean America resulted in the return of ancient civilizations of Incas, Mayas and Aztecs.

Four. President Bush rewrote International Law on the concept of Occupying Powers, Right of Preemptive Attacks by his invasions of Iraq in 2003. International Law is whatever Great Powers agree by means of Treaty. International Law is whatever President Bush determines should be part of International Law, and if other great powers or the United Nations implicitly or explicitly accept it. The International Law neither revealed by a Prophet nor descends from the heaven. The International Law is whatever great powers agree International Law should be. Just as imposition of Shariah laws overnight puts Muslim women into bondage and servitude, similarly the enactment of Colonial International Law by means of an International Treaty by great powers shall establish a legitimate colonial international system that would allow great powers periodic rights of preemptive attacks on oil-producing countries to establish secular Petro-Colonial Empires in the 21st Century.

Five. Islamic nations should be put on notice that they can seek WMDs only at their peril. No Islamic nation can be trusted with nuclear weapons neither Iran nor Saudi Arabia nor Libya nor Malaysia nor Pakistan could be responsible nuclear weapon power. The Islamic Nukes is a sure recipe for Apocalypse and Christian-Islamic Armageddon Wars.

Six. The international system of 2010 would be similar to the international system of 1950 and only difference would be that white United States and Brown India and Yellow China would play greater role in 21st Century new colonial world order. China, India, Russia, Germany, France and Britain would accept new age of Petro-Colonialism provided United States consents that China, India, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Russia, Germany, France, Britain and Italy could also have a couple of oil-colonies of their own to enhance their respective national energy security. All great powers are naked in the bathroom of Oil. The loss of independence of thinly populated militarily weak oil-producing nations is acceptable collateral damage in the eyes of oil dependent Industrialized economies of the world. World powers should enter into a Treaty similar to the 1885 Partition of Africa to partition oil-producing OPEC nations into spheres of influences of world powers based on their demand for imported gas and oil. The Partition of the oil and gas reserves of the world is a moral imperative in the 21st Century. Petro-Colonialism is moral right and moral good. The use of force by colonial occupiers over colonial populations shall have the authority of law and International Law, as International law is whatever great powers agree to and put it into a form of a Treaty or accepts it by customary practice.

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Eight. BigOil conspiracy of 1935 and 1947 partitioned India to keep oil rich Burma, Iran and Iraq out of the reach of India. BigOil conspiracy of 1971 caused the independence of oil-rich UAE, Bahrain, Qatar and created OPEC oil cartel. Big Oil conspiracy of 1991 caused the demise of the Soviet Union to loot Caspian and Siberia’s oil riches and created independent oil-rich Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Kazakhstan. BigOil conspiracy of 2001 created a new age of Petro-Colonialism with 2001 invasion of Afghanistan and 2003 invasion of Iraq and likely 2006 invasion of Iran. BigOil conspiracy of 2006 may witness the switch in the loyalties of the BigOil, as in the age of international capital; many BigOil might find loyalty to OPEC more profitable than their erstwhile loyalty to the United States.

Nine. American Petro-Colonialism in the Middle East alone can prevent looming Christian-Islamic Wars and Apocalyptic Armageddon that both Prophetic Catholic Christians and fundamentalist Islam fervently believes in. Arabian Gulf should become an American Lake, as it had been an Indian Lake during 18th, 19th and first half of the 20th Century. It is moral imperative that the White House should take lead and establish militarily with India’s military support the Petro-Pax Americana throughout the Middle East and Iran. Petro-Pax Americana is a moral imperative, moral good and moral right. The Manifest destiny of the United States in the 19th Century was to expand the Frontiers from the Atlantic coast to the Pacific coast. The Manifest destiny of the United States in the 21st Century is to control the oil and gas resources of the Middle East.

Ten. The issues that determine the outcome of the American presidential elections 2008 represents the microcosm of the world politics and the Republican victory is crucial for the implementation of the agenda of the second Bush administration, which is un-first administration. Only when black woman Condoleezza Rice is the Vice Presidential nominee in the Republican ticket that any Republican front runner could have a fair chance to defeat the Democratic frontrunner Senator Hillary Clinton in the presidential election 2008. The Republican ticket should focus on following issues: Primacy of USA-India strategic ties, Crusades of Democracy, Permanent American military presence in the Military East and the breakup of the OPEC oil Cartel. United States government should also get its fair share of the profits as well as a fair share of the ownership stake in the oil-leases signed by American BigOil. Republican Neo-Conservatism should support the rights of immigrants, minorities and women. Democratic 1964 Bill of Rights changed the political landscape in the United States. Immigration Reforms legislation shall also have indelible impact on elections for generations to come. The Republican Party must support the rights of immigrants.

Eleven. The 1989 demise of Eastern Communism signaled the triumph of Protestantism, Capitalism and Democracy. United States as well as India is the new agency of History in the 21st Century. Democracy and Neo-Conservatism is the reigning ideology of the 3rd Millennium. The 1989 demise of Communism and 1991 demise of the Soviet Union is a turning point in history, and herald the victory of Republican Neo-Conservatism and Protestant Reformed Christianity as new Agency of History. The United States and India as leading world powers should export Democratic Utopia and religious tolerance worldwide and wage political wars on extremism fundamentalism and intolerance worldwide. The United States and India should fruitfully leverage the might of the sole Protestant super power of the world to create a pro-diversity pro-freedom tolerant and inclusive 3rd Millennium.

Twelve. Neo-Conservatism is dominant ideology of the 21st Century. The philosophy of Neo-Conservatism gives to America the hallowed space as the agency of History, and Neo-Conservative Republican Party represents the elitist antecedents of the Theory of the party as a key part it shall play as an agency of History, to mould the world in the image of American-type inclusive democracies. India being a global power must militarily support President Bush’s Crusades of Democracy and the export of Democratic Utopia worldwide.

Thirteen. Should US Senate and the Congress accept the leadership of President Bush and grant citizenships to all those illegal aliens that are in the United States more than 5 years? The unsaid but the most important emotive reason that some Americans oppose the legalization of the 12 million illegal aliens presently in the United States is the wide spread fear that the non-white Catholic Hispanic illegal aliens if allowed to vote, may vote in future elections of the United States as per the directives of the foreign Potentate Pope and thus undermine the WASP domination of the United States.

Fourteen. India is under triple attacks of Communist Maoist terrorism, Wahhabi Islamic terrorism, Catholic terrorism and Organized crime. The Mecca-Vatican-Beijing Nexus has launched a three-pronged terrorist attacks on India and Nepal. Maoist terrorism, Islamic terrorism and Catholic terrorism emerged as principal threats to Indian way of life. It is no accident that only Muslims, Catholics and the Communists opposed President George Bush’s March 2006 visit to India. It is no accident that pro-China, pro-Islam and pro-Papacy lobbyists opposed Bush’s civilian nuclear deal’s ratification at the Capitol Hill. India should send troops to defend American interests in Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran. India and United States should undertake joint operations in Nepal and encourage pro-freedom movements in China and Tibet.

Fifteen. Throughout history a cosmic war waged between the worshippers of Goddess and the worshippers of God as well as a war between two concepts of God, god as an Androgynous Male/Female versus God as a Man only. The cosmic war that between patriarchal iconoclast monotheist believers that God can be reached only through priest, Church and revealed scripture and the eclectic polytheist matriarchal believers that god divinity can directly be realized by the laity by spiritualism, mysticism and Goddess. Papacy declares that Buddhism is not a religion because it has philosophical concept of God. Buddhism Jainism and Taoism argues that Catholicism and Islam may not be a religion of god as they are wrongly based on the power of a Sword, as omnipotent god does not need swords to convince the mankind of god’s glory and there are infinite paths to divinity just as there is an infinite world. Clash of Civilizations is a clash of eclectic tolerance and purist intolerance. The United States as well as India is democratic liberal tolerant diverse eclectic inclusive democratic civilization. The Clash of civilization is the clash of a compassionate god and a jealous god. The clash of civilization unless checked by counter measures could ignite World War Three. Apocalyptic religions may resort to nuclear weapons to force the descent of a new global Dark Age on the Earth, just as what happened after the barbarian attacks on Roman Civilization after 415AD. The civilized world must not hesitate to use overwhelming force or preemptive attacks on barbarians to defend the future of 21st Century World Civilization. The future of the world civilization is at stake if the eclectic civilizations allowed intolerant iconoclast religions of sword access to the nuclear weapons. The use of overwhelming force by eclectic civilizations against intolerant barbarians is moral good, moral right albeit moral imperative and it is an idea whose time has come.

In the 21st Century the Sword of eclectic tolerant inclusive Religion and liberal Ideology is mightier than the rival Sword of purist exclusive intolerant iconoclast patriarchal Religion and murderous extremist fundamentalist Ideology. The Protestant White House should use its unique position in history as the sole super power of the world to impose Reformation on Papacy and Roman Catholic Church. The rise of Protestant United States, Hindu India and China heralds a turning point in the history as the Sword of moderate liberal tolerant inclusive Religions is now mightier than the Sword of extremist fundamentalist intolerant exclusive iconoclast patriarchal monotheist Religions.

Sixteen. The 21st Century Petro-Colonialism is the new iconoclast patriarchal religion of Jews, in the tradition of Judaism, Judeo-Christianity, Judeo-Islam and Judeo-Communism. Petro-Imperialistic Jewish factor in 21st Century shall end the erstwhile dominance of the Religions of Sword in the Middle East.

Seventeen. Papacy was responsible for the demise of Greek civilization, Egyptian civilization, Roman Empire and Roman Civilization. Papacy was responsible for the burning and destruction of the entire written records of ancient knowledge of ancient civilizations of Egypt, Greece, Rome, Incas, Mayas and Aztecs. Papacy looted burnt and destroyed the ancient temples and deities of ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, Asia Minor, Incas, Mayas and Aztecs. So thorough was the Papal destruction of books and records of the ancient worlds that not even one original copy survived of any Greek philosophers, not even one copy of the Gospel of Judas and Gnostic gospels and no manuscripts records survived of ancient Incas, Mayas and Aztecs. Museum of Antiquities burnt by zealots at the start of the 2003 Iraq War.

The WASPs, Neoconservatives and the Bob Jones University fear that the foreign Potentate Pope may implant his agent as a President in the White House, who may misuse the discretionary Presidential powers to partition the United States along Catholic-Protestant divide to carve out a Papal fiefdom in form of Catholic United States of America. United States is as vulnerable to disintegration without any foreign stimulus as the Soviet Union was. It would not harm if Protestants, NeoCons and WASPs remain ever vigilant in this age of deception brinkmanship newspeak and doublethink and the Benedict Arnold Syndrome. Like beauty, treason is in the eye of the beholder. If America ends up no longer able to defend itself against its enemies, the autopsy will have to read: Death by Offended Self-Esteem. The razor thin majority and the American primary nomination process makes American presidential election vulnerable to Papal manipulation. Unless Protestant hegemon enforces the democratic election of Papal Cardinals by direct elections of the Catholic laity, the American presidential elections shall remain vulnerable to Papal manipulations because of the growing power of the Pulpit to influence voting behavior of the congregation.

Eighteen. The purpose of the author is to give a radically new interpretation to the readily available materials and he has extensively used the writings of thinkers and writers even when no credits are given to any of those numerous writers, otherwise the book would have become unwieldy. Inclusive tolerant Philosopher borrow knowledge from all sources, even without admitting it and its purpose is to become a beacon or guide to the political, economic, military and religious leaders of the world civilizations and express their original writings as what the ancient masters really meant.

(1) India, China and Asia is the Future
Thesis One: The 21st Century is an Asian Century and India and China are the leaders of Asia. In geopolitical terms, all of Europe is Old. In the mind’s eye of the Neo-conservatives, Europe means, “The future used to happen in Europe. In 21st Century the future happens in Asia.”

Two. The trend lines in terms of economic and military power all say “Asia,” Hindu and Buddhist Asia, and the future is happening in Asia, for better or worse. The geopolitical stakes in Asia are much higher than the stakes in Europe. The top world civilizations and top world powers of the 21st Century are: Protestant United States, Buddhist China, Hindu India, Buddhist Japan, Western Christian European Union and Orthodox Russia.

Three. No Islamic nation could possibly join the ranks of world powers in the 21st Century, neither Pakistan nor Iran nor Saudi Arabia nor Indonesia, in spite of all oil-incomes the GNPs of all Islamic nations consign them to the status of a medium powers at the best. No OPEC nation and no Muslim nation can ever be a world power in the 3rd Millennium.

Four. The clash of civilizations in the 21st Century requires Troika of USA, China and India to lead the world, as by 2050 the GNP of top 4 economies in the world shall be: China, USA, India and Japan, and the GNP of India shall be four times the GNP of Japan.

(2) Sustainable Balance of Concert of Asia
Thesis Two: The de Richelieu Raison D’etat Concert of Asia seeks a sustainable triangular continental Asian Balance of Power, among China, India and Japan with United States as the maritime Balancer shall maintain peace in Asia and realize the dream of Century of Asia. The post-Napoleonic Concert of Europe (1815-1914) maintained peace in Europe between several European powers with Britain as a Balancer.

One. The strategic goal of Bush-Rice foreign policy is to create a sustainable balance of power in Asia, so Asian countries can continue to liberalize, progress and develop in the 21st Century of Asia. If the focus of USA-India strategic ties in Asia is containment of rising China vis-à-vis the United States and India, the historic model is Europe circa 1914, with China in the role of Germany.

Two. If the geopolitical balance of power focus in Asia is widened out to include Hindu India and Buddhist Japan along with Buddhist China, then the more congenial triangular Asian balance of power or Concert of Asia might be Europe circa 1815, with a stable balance of power between several Asian world powers, throughout next 100-years of the 21st Century and the Protestant United States as balancer as Britain was during Concert of Europe (from 1815 to 1914), with very little cost to Christian United States.
Three. The Triangular Balance of power in Asia requires United States should undertake preemptive attacks to demilitarize nuke-seeking Iran.

(3) Decline of Western Europe & White Race
Thesis Three: The Decline of Europe is permanent. The demographic decline of white Catholic populations has sealed the fate of Italy, Germany and France. The unbridled expansion of the European Union to include East Europeans, lured by the carrot of agricultural subsidies made European Union economically inefficient. White citizens in France and Germany remain unemployed the Poles are taking away their jobs. European Union will demise because of overextension.

One. It is understatement to say that Germany and France is Old Europe, while former Soviet colonies the East Europeans or Poland represent New Europe, as the whole Europe is Old, with ageing population, declining birth rate, growing unemployment rate, growing pension burden and slower economic growth. After the decline of Germany and France no Catholic nation could ever aspire to join the ranks of world powers in 21st Century, unless Papacy succeeds to partition Protestant USA to carve out a Catholic United States.

Two. Before 715 AD the white Slaves from Gauls and Franklands were sold in the slave markets of Damascus, Alexandria and Byzantium. Roman Civilization was a non-white Brown Mediterranean Civilization. Ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians were Hindus. The civilized Romans, Greeks and Egyptians called tribes of Western Europe barbarians.

Three. In Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador Brown Inca Indians and mixed Mestizos represent more than 90 percent of population. Brown Mexicans and Brown Hispanics represent more than 85% of population in Mexico and Central America. Spaniards and white Christians of European origin are outnumbered in Hispanic Latino America. The decline of white European population coupled with the vast increase in non-white Hispanic Catholic populations of Central America and Andean America resulted in the return of ancient civilizations of Incas, Mayas and Aztecs. The Brown Hispanic and Latinos are determined to expel unmixed whites and Spaniards from former lands of Inca, Maya and Aztec civilizations in the New World, just as Indians expelled English and established Hindu India. Brown Latinos and Brown Hispanics reject the white only tope leadership of Papacy and Roman Catholic Church. If Roman Catholic Church and Papacy is to survive then Papacy must only have Brown Popes and more than 80 percent of Papal Cardinals must be brown or black only.

Four. Brown race has replaced white race as the dominant race of the planet Earth. There are four races in the world, White race, Yellow race, Brown race and Black race. Black race and Brown race are merging to form a single Brown-Black race. India is the historical leader of the Brown-Black race. The brown races reside in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Burma, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Mexico, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Central America, Pacific Islands, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Bahrain, Muscat-Oman, Yemen, Iraq, Baluchistan and Kurdistan. Brown races outnumber yellow race. Native Canadians, Native Americans, Australian Aborigines and Native Siberians are also brown peoples. Brown peoples ruled over all ancient civilizations, including the ancient civilizations of Egypt, Greece, Rome, Inca, Maya and Aztecs.

Five. The population explosion of Brown Native Indians, brown Mestizos and non-white Hispanics or Latinos resulted in the return of ancient gods and goddesses of Incas, Mayas and Aztecs, just after 500 years of Christian domination. The predominant religion of the Brown-Black race is matriarchal religion and it considers God as a woman and believes in the mysticism, spiritualism and Goddesses. Christianity will have to adopt Gnostic Gospels and accept the leadership of Gnostic Apostle Mary Magdalene over Jewish Apostle peter to remain relevant or survive in the brown Hispanic and Latino world.

Six. The oil and gas reserves of Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru, Mexico provides economic support to the dreams and aspirations of Inca, Maya and Aztec civilizations, religions and cultures. The rising fertility rates of Inca Maya and Aztec Indians and mixed Mestizos and the declining fertility rates of Spaniards, Italians and Portuguese has sealed the fate of white race in the Hispanic Latino and Andean world. Barbarian Spaniards invaded the great civilizations of Incas, Aztecs and Mayas and ruled over it for few centuries, ultimately the ancient civilizations reorganized and regrouped and blessed by goddess of fertility reclaimed the lands of ancient civilizations from the descendants of barbarians in the 21st Century.

(4) Great Powers Write International Law
Thesis Four: The White House if it so decides, can legitimize Great Powers right to invade Oil-producing country to establish Colonial Empire, and if accepted by other world powers, automatically amends the International Law to make Colonial Empires as principal actors of the International System in the 21st Century, as it had been during 18th and 19th Century.
One. International Law is whatever Great Powers agree by means of Treaty. International Law is whatever President Bush determines should be part of International Law, and if other great powers or the United Nations implicitly or explicitly accept it. The International Law is not revealed by a Prophet or descends from heaven. The International Law is what great powers of the world agree what International Law is, by agreement. Normally the dominant power has disproportionate power to determine the International Law for the world as normally great powers accept the lead of the dominant power. Just as any legislation of the Congress and Senate acquires the force of Law when signed by the President, similarly whatever Great Powers decide becomes International Law. The United Nations legitimized American invasion of Iraq and recognized America as the Occupying Power, and this act of the United Nations heralded a new age of Colonial Empires in the 21st Century.
Two. The Great Powers have the right and power, under International Law, to declare by an International Treaty that tyrannies or terrorist nations may lose their right of independence and sovereignty, and terrorist societies may lose their Human Rights and Freedom.
Three. Civilizations and world powers cannot permit barbarians and terrorists misuse the international law to disturb peace in the world. The Unilateralist policies of President Bush and American invasions of Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Sudan and North Korea are legally valid under International Law.
Four. Just as the political imposition of Shariah Law imposes bondage and servitude on women under its jurisdiction, similarly Colonial International Law if it ever became part of body of customary International Law either by Treaty or by customary practice, would legitimize the right of great powers to undertake preemptive attacks to establish oil-colonies in the 21st Century, and international law would protect the borders and frontiers of colonial empires.

(5) Threat of Islamic Nuclear Apocalypse
Thesis Five: Islamic nations should be put on notice that they can seek WMDs only at their peril. No Islamic nation can be trusted with nuclear weapons neither Iran nor Saudi Arabia nor Libya nor Malaysia nor Pakistan could be responsible nuclear weapon power. The Islamic Nukes is a sure recipe for Apocalypse and Christian-Islamic Armageddon Wars. North Korea has supplied nuclear capable missiles and missile technology to Pakistan, Iran and Saudi Arabia. Pakistan has supplied uranium enrichment technology and centrifuges to Iran, Libya, Saudi Arabia and Malaysia. Iran has very large uranium deposits. Iran has learnt the uranium enrichment cycle. Islamic nuclear threat is real and requires preemptive attacks on Iran and attacks on any other Islamic country that dares to acquire Nukes and WMDs.

One. President Bush must undertake preemptive attacks on Iran and enforce a regime change in Iran and permanently deny nuclear technology to Iran, even if it required colonial occupation of Iran for decades to come. President Bush must also undertake counter-proliferation measures against Saudi Arabia, Malaysia and Libya to guarantee that no oil-producing nation would ever get hold of nuclear weapons now or ever in future. Colonization of all nuke-seeking Islamic nations is a lesser evil than the imposition of Shariah Laws that brutalizes women in the Islamic world. India historically exercised gunboat diplomacy in Iran, and it is high time that United States undertook preventive measures to keep nukes out of the hands of mad Mullahs. Iranian nuclear weapons could possibly destroy West European Civilization and usher in a New Dark Age in Europe. It is better to destroy and annihilate Iran, than to allow Iran to destroy the world Civilization. It is high time for President Bush and Secretary Condoleezza Rice to take off their gloves. India supports American invasions of Iran and other nuclear nuke-seeking Islamic nations.

Two. China has obtained classified information on the following Seven U.S. thermonuclear warheads, as well as a number of associated reentry vehicles, the hardened shell that protects the thermonuclear warhead during reentry, on following US nuclear warheads: (i) W-88 Trident D-5 SLBM, (ii) W-87 Peacekeeper ICBM, (iii) W-78 Minuteman III (Mark 12A) ICBM, (iv) W-76 Trident C-4 SLBM, (v) W-62 Minuteman III ICBM. And other warheads including (vi) W-56 Minuteman II ICBM, and (vii) W-70 Lance SRBM. Congressional Cox Report (Jan 3, 1999) stated that China (PRC) has stolen design information on the United States’ most advanced thermonuclear weapons during Clinton, Reagan and Carter Administrations. These thefts enabled China to design, develop, and successfully test modern strategic nuclear weapons sooner than would otherwise have been possible. The stolen U.S. nuclear secrets give the China design information on thermonuclear weapons on a par with our own. China has stolen classified design information for enhanced radiation weapon, commonly known as the "neutron bomb" that the United States has not as yet deployed.

Three. China and Pakistan established global clandestine network of nuclear bazaar during Clinton, Reagan and Carter Administrations throughout 80s and 90s, perhaps with the tacit consent of the top political leadership. President Clinton was apparently happy that Pakistan could explode nuclear weapons within few days of Indian nuclear explosions in 1988. President Clinton didn’t condemn President Pervez Musharraf’s open threats of preemptive nuclear strikes against India. President Clinton and Secretary of Energy perhaps allowed or overlooked clandestine nuclear technology transfers to China and Pakistan. President Clinton started bombing Yugoslavia within days of the publication of the Congressional Cox Report (1/3/1999). The victory of Senator Clinton, democratic frontrunner in 2008 presidential election might become a boost for Islamic nuclear program.

Four. The Islamic nuclear chicken has come to roost in 2006. Now Iran threatens nuclear retaliation against Israel and Europe. Perhaps Israel also stole nuclear secrets from the American weapon labs. The supporters of China, Pakistan and Israel in the Capitol Hill, the lobbyists of the countries that stole US nuclear weapons secrets from American weapon labs are very vociferous against President Bush’s civilian nuclear deal with India. Senators and Congressmen and Journalists that oppose the civilian nuclear deal with India were conspicuously silent when the Cox Report (1/3/1999) documented the theft of nuclear weapon secrets from US labs.

(1) THREAT OF BARBARIAN ISLAMIC CALIPHATE EMPIRE: Christian America believes that Wahhabi, Arab Islamic Terrorists flushed with Oil incomes, aim to establish "an Islamic Caliphate covering a region from Spain, across North Africa, through the Middle East and South Asia, all the way to Indonesia -and it wouldn't stop there. The US Vice-President, Dick Cheney warned so on February 24, 2007 in Australia. Dick Cheney is right, as oil-funded Semite Arab Wahhabi Islamic terrorists "have ambitions of Islamic Empire" that aim to destroy Christian Civilization and the Western economies by Oil-Price Rise and nuclear attacks on Christian Western Europe, to take revenge of western disintegration of Ottoman Caliphate after First world War. United States should invite India as co-imperial power to rule the Iraqi oil colony, otherwise if Arab Islamic Jihadists tasted victory in Iraq, just as they tasted victory over white Christian Russians in Afghanistan, then Arab Islamic Jihadist would look for new missions, not only in Afghanistan but in capitals across the Middle East, Iran, Pakistan, Indonesia and Malaysia and the World civilization as we know would collapse and New Dark Age will descend on the Civilized Christian world. Dick Cheney correctly argued that Free Nations "have a duty" to stand in the way of the insurgents for the sake of their long-term security. America is determined to prevail in Iraq because we understand the consequences of failure". Dick Cheney should realize that without direct military participation by India, the white Christian nations would fail to colonize and impose peace and freedom to Iraqi people, as Arabs can only be governed or ruled by sword and guns. "If USA and NATO coalition withdrew before Iraqis could defend themselves, radical factions would battle for dominance of the country, and snowball into a barbarian invasions of civilized West Europeans, who lack the military capability to face the barbarian Muslim invasions. Like the fall of Roman Empire, the West Europeans would capitulate and Islam would rule over Christian Western Europe again in 21st Century, just as Ottomans ruled over Balkans, Serbs and Greeks for centuries. Without the direct military support of USA and India the Europe would come under the military rule of Muslims in 21st Century. Dick Cheney wise said "The (Islamic) violence would likely spread throughout the country, and be difficult to contain. Having tasted victory in Iraq, then Arab Islamic Jihadists would look for new missions. "Many would head for Afghanistan. Others would set out for capitals across the Middle East, spreading more sorrow and discord as they eliminate dissenters and work to undermine moderate governments." Nuclear-armed Arabian Islamic Jihadist might blow up and destroy liberal Christian civilization, perhaps aided by End of Time Christian believers, who might join Islamic terrorists to fulfill Christian Apocalyptic Teleology, Rupture and Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Christian fundamentalists might inadvertently join Islamic fundamentalists to destroy Western Christian Civilization to impose new Dark Age in Europe.

(2) POLITICS CAUSE OF ISLAM VERSUS CHRISTIANITY CLASH OF CIVILIZATION: More than 30 percent of the White Christian population in Europe and United States firmly believe that violent apocalyptic Clash between White Christian Western civilization and Semite Arab Sunni Islamic Civilization including Iranian Shiite Civilization is inevitable and likely to take place in the early part of 21st Century. Unless Civilized White West does not undertake preemptive military strikes on barbarian uncivilized Arab & Iranian Islam, there is a possibility that White Christianity may cease to exist or lose the war waged by barbarian Islam in the 21st Century. Clash between Islam and west is political, BBC poll finds. Osama bin Laden uses the language of religious conflict, but the BBC poll suggests most people believe politics is the cause of conflict between Islam and the West. Fears of an inevitable "clash of civilizations," Christian West versus Islam are not exaggerated rather highly likely to occur soon. Sizeable population of Christians in the West (more than 50 percent) see positive links between cultures and believe that politics, rather than religion, is the primary cause of international disputes. The politics and oil is the main cause of Islam versus Christianity clash of civilization. The BBC Globescan 2007, public opinion poll of 27 countries for the BBC World Service found the most common view (52%) is that tensions between Muslims and westerners arise from "conflicts about political power and interests" - endorsed by 52% overall. Three in 10 (29%) say such tensions arise mostly from "differences of religion and culture". Either Islamic Oil will make Islamic oil producers oil colonies of the West, or Islamic oil incomes will enable Arab & Iranian Islamic Jihadists to destroy Western civilization in the 21st Century.

(3) FOR OIL AMERICA MUST INVADE ISLAMIC TERRORISM IN IRAN & IRAQ: The national interests of Semite Arabs and Christian West requires that clash of Islam versus Christianity should continue ad infinitum. Unless Christians are able to invade and colonize Islamic oil producers, before oil-funded Arab/Iranian Islamic Jihadist gain access to Pakistani nuclear weapons, the future of the west is doomed. Only common ground that can avert the Islam versus Christianity Apocalypse and Armageddon, is that liberal world empowers Arab women to gain control over political, police and religious power in the Islamic world so that male Arabian/Iranian Jihadis are removed from positions of power, authority and wealth in the Arab world and Islamic world, with the direct help of western military forces and the crusades of democracy in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Kuwait and other Islamic nations. When asked if "violent conflict is inevitable" between Muslim and Western cultures or whether "it is possible to find common ground" an average of 56% said that common ground can be found between the two cultures - the most common response in 25 countries. On average almost three in 10 (28%) think violent conflict is inevitable. Indonesia, the world's largest Muslim country, is the only country where this view predominates. At least 48 percent of the population believes that it is impossible to find common ground between Islam and Christianity. Rise of Islam inevitably means the decline of Christianity, and vice versa. Strikingly, the poll reflects a belief that violent conflict is more common among Muslims (35%) than Christians (27%) or others (27%). But 52% of the 5,000 Muslims polled say it is possible to find common ground. Amongst the Middle Eastern countries surveyed, that included majorities in Lebanon (68%) and Egypt (54%) and pluralities in Turkey (49%) and the United Arab Emirates (47%). "Many people round the world, more than 30 percent of the population, clearly accept the idea that Islam and the West are caught in an inevitable clash of civilizations. Very sizeable people in UK believe that Islam-Christianity rapproachement is not possible. In the UK, 77% of those polled believe Islam and the West can find common ground. In Italy the figure is 78%, in France 69% but only 49% in Germany. A majority of Americans (64%) think it is possible to find common ground, though about a third (31%) believe violent conflict is inevitable.

(4) AMERICA 2008 IS THEATER OF CLASH OF CIVILIZATIONS: Religious Right Conservative Conspiracy created Saudi Wahhabism and Clash of Civilization as an instrument to descend New Global Dark Age over Civilized Christian world, in 21st Century, just as Papacy aligned with barbarians in 415 AD to destroy roman Empire and to usher in barbarian Medieval Dark Age over White Christian Western Europe. American voters in 2008 will decide whether they want barbarian medieval Dark Age in 21st Century. Dear Americans you have a free will to destroy America, with a constitutional wall that separates the State and the Church in 2008. The apocalyptic concept of a "Clash of Civilizations" originated with the Harvard thinker Samuel Huntington, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Henry J. Kissinger, Papacy, Christian Religious Right conservative conspiracy, who argued that conflict between cultures, especially between the West and Islam, was replacing the old cold war confrontation between East and West. Similar language is used by Osama Bin Laden and other Jihadists that conspiring to overthrow the unpopular House of Al Saud monarchy in Saudi Arabia. The BBC survey found that 58% attributed tensions to intolerant fundamentalist Islamic minorities led by fanatic religious leadership, rather than fundamental differences between Islamic and Christian cultures. In the Global Clash of civilizations, the Papacy and Wahhabi Islam and Shiite Iran, President Bill Clinton, President Jimmy Carter, Senator Barrack Obama, Secretary Henry Kissinger, Secretary Madeleine Albright are on the same side of religious Fundamentalism in the battle lines of Clash of Civilizations. Protestant Christianity, Orthodox Christianity, Hinduism and Buddhism, United States and India, Senator Hillary Clinton, Secretary Condi Rice, Rudy Giuiliani, Senator McCain are on the same side of the Clash of Civilizations in the 21st Century, after the India-USA civilian nuclear treaty signed by President Bush and Indian Prime Minister. Every presidential candidate for 2008 elections, whether Democrat or Republican must reject the Religious Right Conservative conspiracy, to avert the descent of a new barbarian Dark Age over the civilized Western world in the 21st Century, and speak against it, even if they lose the elections. American people will respect them more in their defeat than their victory as henchmen of the Religious right Conservative conspiracy. Religious Right conservative conspiracy is greater a Crime and greater evil than Hitler’s Nazism or Cambodian Pol Potism. Let virtuous of America join forces to inflict total defeat on Islamic Terrorism, Religious Fundamentalism in American elections 2008. Religious Fundamentalism personifies Pure Evil and Devil in 21st Century. Let United Nations (UNO) declare Religious Fundamentalism, Extremism, Intolerance and Religious terrorism a cognizable War Crime, punishable with life imprisonment by International Criminal Court at The Hague. All Evil Ideologies must be militarily defeated and politically destroyed in the 21st Century otherwise a New Dark Age might descend on the civilized world. Religious Fundamentalism must not misuse the democracy to destroy democratic society itself. Give political and electoral Death to Extremism, Intolerance, Fundamentalism and Terrorism in coming US elections 2008 and coming election in India. Support President Bush’s Crusade of Democracy to militarily destroy and conquer the homelands and breeding ground of Fundamentalism, Extremism, Intolerance and Terrorism worldwide. Support American military invasions of nuke-seeking fundamentalist Shiite Iran and Arab Sunni Taleban. Support preemptive strikes on Terrorism. Let’s raise the Army of “Good” to defeat the forces of “Bad”. Vote Wisely in 2008 Elections. Do Not Be Misled by Evil Fundamentalism, Extremism, Intolerance and Terrorism. Amen!
Kalki Gaur, March 3, 2007. URL of Blogs of Kalki Gaur:
© 2006 Copyrights All Rights Reserved Author: KALKI GAUR
Kalki Gaur Books are as follows, available for free downlaods:
Kalki Gaur, “GLOBAL CLASH OF RACES” (2006)
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© 2006 Kalki Gaur Copyrights All Rights Reserved, Email:
© 2006 Copyrights All Rights Reserved Author: KALKI GAUR
Kalki Gaur Books are as follows:
Kalki Gaur, “GLOBAL CLASH OF RACES” (2006)
Kalki Gaur, “GNOSTIC BIBLE” (2006)
Kalki Gaur, “POPULIST MANIFESTO” (2006)
The complete text of 5,000 pages of Books by Kalki Gaur available for free download at following Kalki Blogs for academic and non-commercial usage. ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;
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Anonymous said...

Committee subpoenas former Walter Reed chief

By Kelly Kennedy - Staff writer
Posted : Saturday Mar 3, 2007 9:31:09 EST

The Committee on Oversight and Government Reform has subpoenaed Maj. Gen. George Weightman, who was fired as head of Walter Reed Army Medical Center, after Army officials refused to allow him to testify before the committee Monday.

Read complete coverage of the Walter Reed controversy.

Committee Chairman Henry Waxman and subcommittee Chairman John Tierney asked Weightman to testify about an internal memo that showed privatization of services at Walter Reed could put “patient care services… at risk of mission failure.”

But Army officials refused to allow Weightman to appear before the committee after he was relieved of command.

“The Army was unable to provide a satisfactory explanation for the decision to prevent General Weightman from testifying,” committee members said in a statement today.

The committee wants to learn more about a letter written in September by Garrison Commander Peter Garibaldi to Weightman.

The memorandum “describes how the Army’s decision to privatize support services at Walter Reed Army Medical Center was causing an exodus of ‘highly skilled and experienced personnel,’” the committee’s letter states. “According to multiple sources, the decision to privatize support services at Walter Reed led to a precipitous drop in support personnel at Walter Reed.”

The letter said Walter Reed also awarded a five-year, $120-million contract to IAP Worldwide Services, which is run by Al Neffgen, a former senior Halliburton official.

Anonymous said...

"We must use terror, assassination, intimidation, land confiscation, and the cutting of all social services to rid the Galilee of its Arab population."
David Ben Gurion, Founder of Israel

"We must do everything to ensure they [the Palestinian refugees] never do return" David Ben-Gurion, in his diary, 18 July 1948, quoted in Michael Bar Zohar's Ben-Gurion: the Armed Prophet, Prentice-Hall, 1967

"If I were an Arab leader, I would never sign an agreement with Israel. It is normal; we have taken their country. It is true God promised it to us, but how could that interest them? Our God is not theirs. There has been Anti - Semitism, the Nazis, Hitler, Auschwitz, but was that their fault? They see but one thing: we have come and we have stolen their country. Why would they accept that?"
David Ben Gurion, Founder of Israel

"Jewish villages were built in the place of Arab villages. You do not even know the names of these Arab villages, and I do not blame you because geography books no longer exist. Not only do the books not exist, the Arab villages are not there either. Nahlal arose in the place of Mahlul; Kibbutz Gvat in the place of Jibta; Kibbutz Sarid in the place of Huneifis; and Kefar Yehushua in the place of Tal al-Shuman. There is not a single place built in this country that did not have a former Arab population." Moshe Dayan, address to the Technion, Haifa, reported in Haaretz, 1969