Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Remembering a True Hero!

I was looking for a subject to write about. Frankly there were a lot of things that I found interesting to write about. I could have written about Yemen and how those morons started this whole demonstration because somehow they heard Quran was disrespected (somebody should tell them to stop disrespecting other people's holy books and then expect others to respect yours); I was going to write about this whole situation about Iran and Britain, I was very much tempted write about this so called Palestinian Tsunami (this is good example of how exaggeration has been programmed in Palestinian genes, six people died in Gaza as result of this sewage break and they call it Tsunami as oppose to hundreds of thousands of people died in the real tsunami! or how they call their situations genocide and ethnic cleansing as oppose to Holocaust that millions of Jews were slaughtered!). Then I read this article about Maj. Ro'i Klein.

Maj. Ro'i Klein was a commander of a Golani Unit in the village of Beit Jabile during the summer conflict with Hizbollah. His battalion was involved in heavy gun battles with Hizbollah terrorists. Apparently he radioed for back-ups and two of his soldiers move toward him, and then Ro’i saw this grenade was thrown in the path of the soldiers moving toward him. The soldiers did not see the grenade. Maj. Ro'i Klein attempted to scream and notify the soldiers about the grenade but they could not hear him. Then Maj. Ro'i Klein threw himself on the Grenade and he died. Now he is up for the highest Medal of Honor in Israel that has not been issue since Yum Kippur War.

My initial reaction was that we should not honor this soldier because of my view regarding my opposition to suicide bombing. This resembled something that I always argue about that there is no honor in suicide bombing. However, as I thought more about it, I realized that his act was an act of heroism as oppose to suicide bombers' act that are acts of murder.

Maj. Ro'i Klein threw himself on a grenade to save the life of his fellow soldiers. He did not do it as a coward act or his frustration by a system. He was not trying to escape any system and he did not do it to kill women and children with himself. He did not kill himself to send a political message either. He did not kill himself because he was sexually frustrated and he wanted to go meet 70 virgins in heaven. He had a wife and two beautiful children. He did not kill himself simply because he was brain washed to do so or he did not kill himself to kill an enemy. He did not kill himself under a political ideology or glorify a religion. His only goal was to save life, lives of his two soldiers that he personally saw himself responsible for. This is exactly the opposite of Arab or Muslim type of practice and mentality where the leaders stand back and ask the soldiers to kill themselves for their protection or their so called "just" cause. This is not the same case like in Iran who the child soldier would run on land mine like bunch of donkeys just for trucks and or tanks could cross those land mines. In Israel, the commander always goes in first and he looks after his soldiers as his own children. It was not like Hizbollah where the terrorists were found face down in the mud, but their guns and ammunitions were missing!!

Maj. Ro'i Klein's act and deserve all the salutes and respect a person or an army could offer. He was buried on the day that was supposed to be 31st birthday. He is the same type of guy who is called Jewish terrorists because he lived in a settlement. He is survived by his wife and two kids. Maj. Ro'i Klein: from bottom of my heart I salute you and you are my hero! May your soul rest in peace!


X said...

Good to hear that you respect him now. I don't understand why you would ever compare him to a suicide bomber in the first place. He did not throw the bomb he was protecting others and he sacrificed his own life. That is noble.

Ben Kahen said...

Mr. x,

I am just against anything that involves taking your own life for a purpose. I came to that conclusion later when I thhought about it. I believe IDF stands for you fight for Israel to live, an exact opposite of palestinian cause that you kill yourself for your cause.

x said...

Miss X, and it's not black and white. Taking your life so your child can live, or your fellow soldiers has no right or wrong answer. It's a personal choice. Of course, I agree with you about using it for terrorist acts against others.

Ben Kahen said...

Miss X:

Personal choice or not, Army HAS THE RIGHT TO CHOOSE WHO TO HONOR OR NOT TOO! It will be up IDF to choose whether give that medal or not. I personaly hope he gets it, but if he was like this extremists guy who goes into Arab town and kill like 50 Arabs, he should not be honored or even mentioned. It goes agaainst everything we stand for in our religion or culture. We come from culture of being alive, livelihood, and future.

Anonymous said...

it is important that Israel does not degenerate into a martyrdom-based society, because it goes against the principles of Judaism, it devalues life, and it lowers ourselves to the level of the Arabs

Anonymous said...

fadel ... like the last post sooo un-racists