Sunday, April 01, 2007

The Showdown with Iran!

I am in full final mode now. That means I am going to waste a lot of time reading news. As I am reading news, I cannot turn a blind eye to this Iranian hostage situation. It is as if we are reviewing 1979 again. Back then, the diplomats were spies, and now they are aggressor to Iranian integrity. YEAH RIGHT!! DOES ANYBODY SERIOUSLY BUY THAT CRAP?!!

British Armed Forces and their generals are showing hard and crucial evidence indicating that their boys (and girl) did not enter Iranian waters. They used these GPS satellite imaging showing the last communication and all the technology that indicated their locations to prove their point. They had this very well organized conference and they presented their case. The funny part is Iran tried to copy that. They brought this moron General with a paper map trying to prove the case. They have this paper map with drawing on them claiming that the soldiers were arrested there. Compare the two for a second: GPS satellite and last communication spot located on the map, or a paper drawing from this fool claiming they have hard evidence and yet they fail to show single evidence. On the other hand, this dumb shit Ahmadinejad gave a speech today regarding a war with Iran. He says Iran is a nation Martyrdom and Emam Mahdi (the 12th Emam that I talked about on my previous post) will protect Iran. You dumb fuck, where the fuck is this stupid Emam when Iranian daughters and virgins are being sold off overseas to Arab Sheikhs? Where the fuck is this Emam when Iranians are now starving due to high inflation rate in Iran in the past few weeks? What the fuck or why the fuck does this Emam need Nuclear Bomb or as you are claiming Nuclear Energy for? Can't this Emam who supposedly is going to shoot down B-52s, bring free energy so we really don’t have to deal with the great Satan?

IS IT ME OR IRAN HAS COMPLETELY LOST IT? SERIOUSLY? What happened to sanity? What is this government doing?

Another claim that an Iranian General made: the Zionists occupiers are planning a suicide attacks in all Arab nations trying to destroy these countries and take over them. And then he says, "it is my advice to you my Arab brothers!" First of all: Israel does not believe in suicide missions you dumb shit! It was your country who actually accepted it as a military tactic which never works. Plus you moron, when was the last time Arabs considered Persians their brothers?! When was the last time you guys were brothers?

Another funny issue is that all the Political blogs that are leftist and very pro-Palestinians and are persians have shut the fuck up on these issues. Not a word is coming out of them. I wonder why!! I thought they were the seekers of the truth and I thought the "left" had their support in seeking that truth, come on guys, I am waiting for an article from you guys trying to glorify Iran again?

On the last note: Iranian government is different than Iranian people. Unfortunately this government is destroying Iranian image around the world. Iranian populations within Iran are tired of this government and their tactics. Every voice that is coming out that country is screaming and tired of this government. It is very crucial to differentiate between the two. The picture on the right is the best example of what a true Iranian is all about. This is a student holding up a t-shirt of his friend who is a student activist for democracy in Iran and he was beaten very badly by the revolutionairy guards (Pasdarana) and para-military terrorist group of Basij. This guy was jailed for this picture. However, there are some of these morons who live in the U.S who only go to Iran on vacation and eat Kabob while they are there and claim to be the true Iranians, and they should be ignored. If they are Iranian enough as they claim to be and they love this government so much, go back to Iran and live under that rule and then claim this government is justified in their acts. BITCH!


anichka said...

Ben you are clearly very passionate about the issues and it makes me happy to see someone who not only cares, but is actually aware and educated on them. I think you made a good point in that the Iranian people are not allowed to speak in their own country and their welfare is deteriorating at the hands of their government. This is a sad fact, and one that a lot of the world chooses to ignore or labels a worthwhile sacrifice in order to continue propagating hate and ignorance.

Anonymous said...

Iranians are Aryans (that's what the country means.) Yet why a Zionist nation would become a fanatic Israel-hating country is beyond me.

Ben Kahen said...

Yes Iranians are Arians, but this whole Aryan crap has no scientific back ground in terms of Aryans must hate Jews. Hitler was the guy who made this Aryan race a supreme race just to unify the people.

Anonymous said...

when iranians get caught nobody gives a shit. they send them to guantanamo bay, strip them naked, shock their genitals, put bags over their heads and let dogs loose on them. if anything the treatment of the british sailors is better than they would get in iraq. i couldn't care less about this.

Ben Kahen said...

There is not a single Iranian in guantanamo bay. At the same time, British has never participated in any activity in Gutan. Another issue is, these sailors were not conspironing, neither planning, to kill civilians for a certain religion. Therefore, your argument in ever aspect is wrong!

Anonymous said...

where are the 5 iranians the US caught? they didn't even have a trial. they have secret prisons in Europe too if u didn't know. they're all in on it and co-operating. nobody even bothered showing "concern" about that issue.

Ben Kahen said...

Dude, Iran has been mingling with Iraq's business for a long time. They were caught INSIDE Iraq. They were caught with evidence of their support for the terrorist activity in the region. That is an irrelevant subject at this point. Why can't Iran just mind its own business?!! Why would it be so hard for them not to cause trouble in the Region?

Siamak said...

Waaaaiiiitt a minute anonymous - no one has ever heard of an Iranian at Guantanamo, and there are hundreds of reports of prisoners there. They are all Arab, Pakistani, Afghani, or Southeast Asian.

The pasdaran need to let the sailors go. I need to fill up my gas tank! Fucking assholes!!

Anonymous said...

why are you so gullible? they were caught with evidence that they were terrorists?!?! they were in a building that was in the process of being registered as an iranian consulate. if they were "terrorists," why don't they put them on trial for the world to see? seriously, i'm surprised how easily you buy "evidence" that they provide. "terrorists" are people too, they deserve a trial.

and seriously, have you gone through the names of everyone at guantanamo or all the prisoners they hold? this whole thing about the brit sailors is blown out of proportion. whatever, i'm glad iran's making money off of it as gas prices go up :)

Ben Kahen said...

Look, are you trying to argue that Iran has nothing to do with the violence in Iraq?

Anonymous said...

no, i'm trying to say that those 5 people arrested had nothing to do with the shit in iraq. thanks for trying to twist my words.

this is a nice site you set up to provoke people. picture of palestinian kid with bombs around him, and hitler on top. very nice

Ben Kahen said...

Look, these pictures are the reality of the Middle East. Look at Iran: look how it has gone down within 2 years, look how low it has gone down. Look at the inflation rate close to New Year and after it.

The guy who goes and gives a speech of Iranians are not afraid of dying and they are the nation of martydom, and Emam Mahdi will protect us, HE IS THE PRESIDENT OF THIS COUNTRY, what do you expect?

Those five people and a lot more Iranians in Iraq are the reason for violence simply because Iran does not want a stable democracy in its borders

Anonymous said...

fuck "democracy." a guy like bush comes and they try to stop him from going to war and he fucking vetos the bill. what the fuck is the difference between the two governments?
also people in mid east can't have free speech. give it to them and as soon as someone says shit about islam, riots will start and bombs will go off everywhere. their society is not fucking ready for it yet specially when they're all unemployed. even the US realizes this and is now taking cameras away from journalists in afghanistan.
so please stop with this democracy crap. they got more important problems than wearing a god damn veil.
you're site is just a one sided page dedicated to creating hate in israelis. i could very easily make a site with little kids writing messages on israeli shells and create hate for israel. you're just an iran hater. believe it or not there are people that support iran's regime. if there weren't, they wouldn't still be there.
and please, we saw how the sane europeans volunteered to get killed in the world wars. don't blame iranians for wanting to do the same.
im outta here

Ben Kahen said...

I am sure you could, and make it, but at the end of the day, when I show you the whole picture such as when the Tank is parked, people will see the truth at the end of it.

Iran is very much ready for Democracy. Look at their student movements, look at their women movement. Iran is not just any Arab country in the region.

MOHALI87 said...

We all know UK & US (Israel) are the biggest assholes one the Earth, I hate Iranian government, fuck them too but they have a long long way to go to get to where US & UK are! No one can enter another country without permission, yet UK & US are in Iraq and Afghanistan, for the purpose of war on terror, and now they try to reach over to IRAN too, THIS IS NOT A HOSTAGE CRISIS. I don't give a damn what you want to call it, but IRAN and all other nations MUST defend their territory. Iran has never attacked any country yet US is expert at that. So fuck this Propaganda. I am sure Iranian government will soon release those sailors, but this is a message to you and the WEST, IRAN is NOT IRAQ, IRAN is NOT AFGHANISTAN. If anyone tries to step in Iran, Iranians will FUCK them all up, there I said it

Anonymous said...

fadel..mohali very educated man i am lebanese and we want no shit with u fucking iranians u guys are going down way down i want to see ur leader hanged fuk him i support war against iran i want u guys down dont get me wrong i hate isreal too but u guys way dont mind ur buissness and the fun part is wen iran is hit and hezbollah bombs isreal we are going to give them a nice civil war and take them down with u and yes iran is not iraq or afgan. u guys will take two more weeks to get defeated....u guys are not goin to find 70 virgins ur gonna find 70 gays ready to fuck ur asses wen u die salam

Anonymous said...

fadel..mohali very educated man i am lebanese and we want no shit with u fucking iranians u guys are going down way down i want to see ur leader hanged fuk him i support war against iran i want u guys down dont get me wrong i hate isreal too but u guys way dont mind ur buissness and the fun part is wen iran is hit and hezbollah bombs isreal we are going to give them a nice civil war and take them down with u and yes iran is not iraq or afgan. u guys will take two more weeks to get defeated....u guys are not goin to find 70 virgins ur gonna find 70 gays ready to fuck ur asses wen u die salam

Ben Kahen said...

The point is,
no matter how much people say, "if someone try to come to Iran, Iran will unite and fuck them up," you don't think Iraqis felt that way before U.S hits it up?

Plus, what kind of mentality is that? Why do you have worry about the worst case when you can avoid the worst case by just working hard a little bit? Violence and death is not the answer! Iran needs a civil regime change, like the modernists coming back to the game and stop its nuclear ambitious.

Anonymous said...

haha, i like how that lebanese anonymous person comes here talking out of his ass, thinking iran and israel will take each other down while lebanon wins from this. u should hope that the conflict between israel and iran is resolved rather than hope for a war between the two. as long as iran and israel fight, lebanon will take it in the ass from iran and take it in the vagina from israel. it's partly your own fault this is happening to you. and israel can't take iran on. everyone on this site is israeli so they'll probably jump out and say some crap now. but it's a reality. only thing that can happen is US air strikes but that isn't going to take iran down either.

Ben Kahen said...

Mr. Annonymous:

Iran got NOTHING in terms of military!!!! I mean nothing, in their latest military show, they claimed they have a new missle that they have build, it usually turns out that they got the missles from some other countries with 70 or 60s technology. However, in the last military exercise, they didn't even bother making thier or own movie or clip, they just jacked it from some other chinese footage and funny part was that they got cought for it. Iran is blofing and if you are simple minded enough to fall for it and then it is your problem.

On the other hand, no body wants to make Iran "fall," they are trying to change Iran's tactic regarding its nuclear ambitions and they will do it one way or another. There is no "but", "ifs", or "and" involved here.

Anonymous said...

yeah ok, keep telling yourself that. iran got "NOTHING." i think we both know what type of governments US and israel have. if iran had "NOTHING" they would have bombed it already. even if they only have military technology from 60's or 70's, that isn't "NOTHING." maybe you should learn how to think so you don't contradict yourself. we know nuclear weapons were around in 60's. so if a country has a military based on even purely 60's technology (which isn't even the case for iran), that's far more than enough. i don't think you realize that a lot of things in science don't change much over the years and much of what they did in 60's or 70's is still being done today. that stuff u hear on the news is bs. 60's and 70's tech is plenty and i couldn't care less if they make it or some other country makes it as long as iran has it. israel's US made airplanes are gonna have a hell of a time trying to bomb iran's facilities with the russian air defense systems. no "but", "ifs", or "ands" involved huh? so if its gonna be brute force let it be. like that other guy said, iranians will fuck whoever invades iran.

Ben Kahen said...


Iranian weaponry is a joke, and you know, otherwise why did they have to resort to fake footage!

On the other hand, no matter how much people like try to keep telling themselves that, Iran will not be able to defend itself from an air strike. I don't know how much you know about defense system, Iran got Sam batties right next nuclear sites, and these SAMS could be taken out w/ laser guided missles! After they are, that's when the bombers come in!

I dont' understand, is a nuclear bomb really worthed to destroy Iran for?

Anonymous said...

"Iranian populations within Iran are tired of this government and their tactics. Every voice that is coming out that country is screaming and tired of this government."

Yes, yes, every voice? Arash the Occupation Soldier is the self-designated speaker of 70 million people.

Arash who joined the Israeli occupation forces and served the occupation, please, do not talk about Iran as if you care. You have joined the Israeli army, thus, you have showed where your priority and allegiance lay. Meaning, when you view Iran, you do so with Israel in mind. So when you pretend like you are advocating for freedom in Iran, you are only doing so bc opposing this gov't is good for Israel.

IF YOU WERE REALLY ABOUT FREEDOM, YOUD BE PRO-PALESTINIAN. In other words, to serve the occupation gives you negative credibility to speak about freedom in Iran.

Leave Iran to Iranians honey, we don't need any Israeli Occupation sympathy.

As for Iran's kabab, I had the best and worst kabag in Iran. The worst was when I visited Dr. Mossadegh's tomb. On our long drive home, we got hungry and pulled over to eat and the kabab was full of rocks or bone bits or something but it was not edible. The best kabab, however, was at my mom's friend's house. It was homemade and finger licking good.


Do you still have 10 Israeli flags, the poster of Israeli generals at the wall after the 67 occupation, Israeli bullets lined up on shelves, and the like all over your room? Arash, you are an extremist and a one dimensional figure. Stop surrounding yourself with the same theme, it's reinforcing your one track mind. Relax, and go do something else. You're so militaristic/fascist and blindly supportive of Israeli policy, whether in regards to the occupation of Palestine, or opposition to Iran, that you don't see anything else.

Is this where your side kick Siamak jumps in and talks about the Mufti of Jerusalem 70 years ago and tries to tell me how a dictator racist Arab is representative of all Palestinians?

Do I really have to post the Ben-Gurion quote? Really? OK.

Here it is:

"We must do everything to ensure they [the Palestinian refugees] never do return" David Ben-Gurion, in his diary, 18 July 1948, quoted in Michael Bar Zohar's Ben-Gurion: the Armed Prophet, Prentice-Hall, 1967

This is the founding policy of Israel proclaimed by its founding leader/racist.

Enjoy cuties.

It's nice to come here every so often to whip a little ass.

Ill come here again when I feel like it to kick a little more.

Until then, talk amongst yourselves and go to some IAC meetings for reinforcement. Or just keep telling yourself that we humanists oppose Israel "bc we are jealous of Jewish independence." hahahahahahaha.


p.s. I love your new blog design, and the map? Do you find inspiration in my blog? It seems like you're modeling your blog after mine. Im flattered. The funny thing is, the map cluster you posted is actually very embarrassing to you. If you click on it, it tells you the # of visitors you had the previous day, which is usually around 10-15. hahaha. Now go run and tell your friends to come on your blog to read the latest from the mind of a fascist Israeli occupation soldier.


Ben Kahen said...

the coward pouya:

listen, I am not gona bother going through every issue, but again, fascists are the ones who denying holocaust or denying their own population the right to live!
fascists are the one who call for killing of jews everywhere you could find them!

About Iran: I never claimed to be Iranian sympathizer or Iranian for that matter, however I don't think you are Iranian either. About the describtion of my room, they were not Israeli generals, lets be more exact, they were Israeli parachupers after they liberated the western wall in 1967.

You are just a anti-semitic terrorist sympathizer who utilize words such as "fascist" and "occupation" in your writting just to hide this side of you!

Anonymous said...

General, soldiers, potato, potaato. Did you get my point about how I think it's best if you stop setting up an environment that reinforces your one track mind or did you just stick to the soldiers/generals bit?

Coward? A coward would stay silent to your hate and racist ways. A coward would let you spit your lies uninhibited. A coward would support the occupation of a poor people. A coward would blame the poor people who are victims of that occupation. A coward would serve in the IDF, and support the occupation, and then blame the people for fighting back. Indeed, YOU ARE THE COWARD.

Anyway, here's the fundamental difference between you and Ahmadinejad. He denies the Holocaust, or holds forums that question the Holocaust, and talks about wiping Israel off of the map.

You served in an army that doesn't talk about wiping Palestinains off of the map, but actually does it. You serve in an army that denies the legimate aspirations of the Palestinian people to statehood.
Now bitch and whine about what Jim or Joe has said, but we will call you out for what you have done. Your fellow fascists will call you a true patriot, but I will call you a blind sheep that was active in a killing machine.

You call me a terrorist sympathizer? Well, you served in an army that employs terrorist methods.

You have called me a Marxist and an Islamist on your blog. I do not blindly support any one ideology. I see the holes in every one of them, but you the other hand, not only endorse the ideology w the most holes, Zionism, but you have militarily served it.

I don't use "occupation" and "fascist" to hide anything. I call it like I see it. The occupation is illegal, not bc I say so, but bc international law says so.

You are a fascist not only bc you served in a fascist army, but bc you label people who peacefully oppose your racist doctrine as people of hate. This is nothing short of intolerance of varying political ideas, which is, of course, another attribute of fascism.

You are along the same line of thinkers that tell regular Americans to leave this country for being critical of its foreign policy. Indeed, yours and their intolerance for political ideas is just another telling example of your fascist ways.

Now, please, tell me more about how you think Iran should be free, all the while knowing that you actively worked to continue the ILLEGAL occupation of Palestine.

Yes, you are a true freedom fighter.

I am inspired.


Ben Kahen said...


If Israel would have wanted to wipe Palestinian off the map in Israel, trust me, they had the fire power to do it. Ahmadinejad did not open a forum to discuss Holocaust, he has openly called it a myth. Even though he keeps changing his story, anti-semites like you loves to point out to the ones that he says "i simply just asked a question."

You keep calling it as it is: hahahahahaha bulshit!!

Look Pouya: You have lost a lot credibility in every aspect of opinion. I really don't feel like going through everyone of them.

Israel is here to exist, Palestinian deserve to have their own country and sovereing rule, it is not just me, but Majority of Israelis and Zionist with exception of settlers (but we do controle our extremists as oppose to people like you who call Hamas killers and killing of inocent jews you true hero.)

Don't me start lecturing you on fascism because apparently you don't a single thing about Fascism. And about occupation, it is another broad question that like I said I don't feel like lecturing you on.

The issue in this subject ON MY BLOG is Iran and Ahmadinejad, why do you try to justify your position by arguing against my history in IDF (WHICH I AM DAMN PROUD OF AND I'LL DO IT AGAIN AND AGAIN)

And let me tell you something, I probably have more sympathy for what happens ot Iran than you do, because if you did, you realize what this government is doing to Iran and how it is delivering to an absolute destruction, but again, you are an anti-semite who are willing to sacrifice Iran's well-being for Arabs (the people who by the way hate your balls and call you fire-worshipers)

Anonymous said...


You are SO cute. Awwwwww.

I don't care if they are Arabs or Ethiopians, I sympathize w the Palestinians bc they are human and are being terrorized by the likes of you.

And I don't care if Israelis are doing it or Iranians, it is wrong no matter the religion of the oppressor and I would oppose them all the same.

Opposing Israel's warmongering and it's continued ethnic cleansing is not anti-Semitism, but nice try.

You can try to discredit me as a person so as to avoid my words, but it doesn't change what's being said.

And yes, Israel has the fire power to wipe out the Palestinians, but why do it in such an drastic way which can earn you international condemnation, when you can do it gradually and discreetly, which is what Israel has been doing.

"And let me tell you something, I probably have more sympathy for what happens ot Iran than you do..."

Bitch please, if the gov't in Iran was doing exactly what it is now but was aligned w Israeli policy (like the Shah) you'd would, without a doubt, be praising the gov't in Iran left and right.

I posted a cartoon on my blog. I didn't say so, but it's dedicated to you honey. Enjoy. And remember Israeli Occupation Soldier, if you get upset reading these posts, you can take one of those Israeli bullets you have in your Israeli Military Shrine of a room, and you can kiss and caress it to make yourself feel better.


Anonymous said...

p.s. you said: "Palestinian deserve to have their own country and sovereing rule..."

Actions speak louder than words, you say this to come across as political correct on your blog, but Id like to remind all 2 of your viewers that you served the occupation, which systematically denies a Palestinian state.

In any case, EVEN IF a majority of Israelis support a Palestinian state, it changes nothing. Settlements are continuously being expanded, the wall is built, and the military checkpoint continues.

Ben Kahen said...


There is no ethnic cleansing going on in Palestinian areas, howcome I don't see you saying the same thing about Darfur and what;s going on there since you really odn't care about ethnicity? Howcome you are not this passionate about what's going on there?

Your only problem is it's a Jewish government in that land and you know better than anybody else there is no ethnic cleansing going on??? Come on, who started the intifada? Who is the one who always talk about armed struggle???

Come on dude, you try to hide your anti-semitism through words such as "i'm standing up to ethnic cleansing" just like your beloved president always talk about "I just raised the question"

Howcome I don't see you putting a page on site about "Darfur" or even write about it?? but again, it's the muslims who are committing the actual atrocities and they are not Jews and you cannot accept it.

Anonymous said...

That's outrageous. The truth is, I just don't know much about Darfur. I've seen ads on TV, and I know there's something going on, but I don't know much about it, just like I don't know that much about the civil war in Colombia.

So what, in order to talk about Israel's ethnic cleansing, I have to talk about all world issues at the same time, otherwise I can't talk? No one is held to such a standard, if so, there would be no political discouse in this country.


And I think it's very telling of your own racism to accuse others of racism for opposing ethnic cleansing. You talk as if it's hatred to oppose Israel's murder of a poor people. Wow. I think it's all very telling of you and your character.

And lets be clear, IT IS ETHNIC CLEANSING AND IT IS APARTHEID. South African officials, who know apartheid better than most, have called Israel an apartheid state. As for ethnic cleansing, occupying Palestinian land, installing Jewish-only colonies (settlements), killing those who resist, implementing collective punishment of the non-Jews, making life so hard that it causes an exodus of the non-Jews, tells all of ethnic cleansing.

And it's a common Zionist tactic to try to silent criticism of Israel's murder w accusations of anti-Semitism but it will not silence me nor will it discredit my words. It's not anti-Semitism just likes it's not Islamophobia to criticize the Islamic regime in Iran and its treatment of Bahais, women, political dissidents, etc.


Ben Kahen said...


You said you don't know much about it, but what matter in here is that you are passionate about this subject more than anything else, and it is simply because in this case, there are jews, it is not ethnice cleansing because there is no mass killing or any killing. It is not aparthied because from what I remember it was ARabs themselves who attacked, and they lost and then they attacked again and then they lost again and then they attacked and they lost again.

And then they started intifada and force israel to hit back and when we hit back, we get accused of murdering women and children when these groups clearly hide behind and if not get refuge from them. Look, there is no apartied involved here and people like you and your supporters use the same style attacks on Jews, the only difference here is that you replace the word Jew w/ zionists and use the same rhetoric and same books and same cartoons. Funny part is most of your people deny holocaust or say it never happened, then they use the argument against Israel.

Yes, 600,000 people are fucking dead, and you don't say anything about it simply becuse YOU DON'T KNOW?? THEN WHO THE HELL ARE YOU TO KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT ISRAEL? WHAT MAKES YOU SUCH AN EXPERT ON THIS ISSUE??

Look, during the Nazi era, the same people blamed jews for everything, and now people like you loves to do the same thing!!!

The whole history Palestinians is written by mistakes, murder, internal power struggle, and all that crap.

Just like Nazis, people like you accuse Jews of committing crimes that they never commited, just like them who told people Jews are trying take over the world, to mass murder people and all that crap, you are doing the same thing. Pouya...I really don't have time to argue with you because of finals, but you don't have a single Jewish friend anymore... Just look into yourself and search for an answer and don't attack me for it.


I thought your goal was to stand up for humanity and mass murder..what happened this time??!! I think it is simply because it was muslims who were commiting the crime.

Anonymous said...

"...people like you and your supporters use the same style attacks on Jews, the only difference here is that you replace the word Jew w/ zionists and use the same rhetoric and same books and same cartoons."

No, please do not mix up the two. They are not one and the same. Many Jews are critical of Israel like me. Just bc you're Jewish, it doesn't mean you support the ethnic cleansing of Palestine.

Lets say you're right, lets say, just for argument sake, that all the Arab-Israeli were started by Arabs, (which isn't true by the way) does that mean that Israel can occupy land inhabited by Arab civilians? Does it mean that Israel can built Jewish settlements and rule the land at the expense of the natives?

"Yes, 600,000 people are fucking dead, and you don't say anything about it simply becuse YOU DON'T KNOW?? THEN WHO THE HELL ARE YOU TO KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT ISRAEL? WHAT MAKES YOU SUCH AN EXPERT ON THIS ISSUE??"

I didn't know I have to know about Darfur to talk about Israel. Who am I to talk about Israel? I majored in Middle Eastern Studies at Berkeley and in the fall, I'm going to Harvard to study Middle Eastern Studies for a graduate degree. Do I have your permission now? Or do I need to agree with your views to be able to talk about Israel (youre such a fascist Arash, it's ridiculous).

"Look, during the Nazi era, the same people blamed jews for everything, and now people like you loves to do the same thing!!!"

People blamed the Jews for conspiracy theories and shit like that, I blame Israel (not the Jews) for the illegal occupation and ethnic cleansing. Got it?

"Pouya...I really don't have time to argue with you because of finals, but you don't have a single Jewish friend anymore..."
Just look into yourself and search for an answer and don't attack me for it."

How do you know who Im friends with? I do have Jewish friends, both from my college experience and now in law school, they're just not fascists one-track minded individuals like you.


Do you know about the Zapatistas in Mexico? The tyranny in Uzbekistan? The plight of the Hindus in Sri Lanka? The death of 10% of Chechnya's population in wars of the 90s? And I know enough about Darfur to know that your 600,000 figure is actually way too small for the real count. When I said I didn't know, I meant I'm not acquainted w the history behind the current conflict. You see, before I form my opinion, Id like to know the root causes of the problem.

"I thought your goal was to stand up for humanity and mass murder..what happened this time??!! I think it is simply because it was muslims who were commiting the crime."

Do I have to make you feel stupid? Do I? Really? Ok, in case you didn't know, sweetie pie, most of the inhabitants of Darfur and most of the people that are dying are MUSLIM you dumb shit.

Jeeeeeeez, look what Im dealing w.



Anonymous said...

Arash, really though, I promise not to embarrass you on your blog if you just give your "writings" a little more thought.

If you continue to write without thinking, Im afraid Ill be compelled to continue to call you out and embarrass you.

Ben Kahen said...


you call something ethnic cleansing and you cry your eyes out for it, which is not even close or for that matter any close to it, yet you choose to ignore the actual ethnic cleansing that is going on, I am just pointing out your hypocracy.

About the Jews, 99% of the Jews support Zionism! 99%!?!
So don't say there are jews who are good and they are the one who don't support Zionism or not zionists. As a matter of fact Nazis also had Jews who supported them, Marx himself who bashed Judasim was a Jew.

Yeah they are muslims and no ..not most of them of Muslims. It is the Arabs (who happen to be muslim) who are killing other ethnicities.

Ben Kahen said...

People like you have already made up their mind and draw israel in their mind as their enemy who is trying to kill arabs and destroy Islam and all that crap. You fail to see uphold arabs or palestinians for any of their mistakes, back in 1948 up until today. You cry crime crime crime, when Palestinians themselves are the biggest criminals who did this to themselves. When Arafat started the intifada, he nevre thought twice how many people would die.

You look up to Hizbollah and Hamas who call openly the killing of Jews a good deed that will reserve you a spot in heaven, heros, AND YOU DON'T SAY YOU ARE ANTI-SEMITE??!!

come on princess...unlike you, I have been to Israel, unlike you i have lived in Iran, I have seen it myself as oppose to reading books published by Hamas or leftist wackos! And I have read those books...
so next time u wana call me stupid, make sure you get ur facts straight!

ohh and unlike you I have lost friends and family in both regions..

And yes, Darfur right now is the most important crime in our times, because every thought exactly this way during Nazi era, same group by the way who are supporter of palestinian cause and lets not forget Palestinians who supported it.

Anonymous said...

"so next time u wana call me stupid, make sure you get ur facts straight!"

Honey, you have said nothing to dispute any facts. You just spoke generally and said no to this and no to that.

You put down no facts or history, what facts should I make sure they are "straight"?

And no, dumbass, most of the people of Darfur ARE MUSLIM.

As for Palestine, it is arguably the most important conflict of our time. Not bc I think so but bc what's happening in Palestine has global repercussions. It has radicalized extremists to exact revenge onto America for its support of Israel, it has sparked several wars, one of which happened this summer, and it is possible that a potential strike on Iran's nuclear facilities by Israel could spark another.

Don't tell me to prioritize anything simply bc you don't want people discussing Israel's atrocities.

The Arab-Israeli conflict involves the entire world.

Anyway, as to me having my mind made up, you're right, I side w the oppressed and oppose the oppressor. And yes, you have been to Israel, thus, you are a bit more emotional and little less rational when you discuss it.

You are the one that has your mind made up and excuses every murder Israel commits as a defensive attack. The entire occupation, all the settlements, the wall, all are a continuous OFFENSIVE posture.

Now go kiss your Israeli bullets lined up on the shelves you murderer.


Ben Kahen said...

Dude..the war of thissummer did not happen for Palestinian, it happened because of Iran and its search to set this regionon fire. I dont' want to discuss this summer's war but it was not because of Palestinians. Radicalization of the muslim has happened regardless of Israeli/Palestinian issue and you know very well. It is just an excuse and yet no one has true roleld up their sleeves to actually try to solve it. That is the reason we have palestinians in such a horrible situation. Every leader came along and declared that they would be the hero of the Palestinians. From Nasser, to Saddam, to Khomeini, to Nasrallah, to this midget lice Goosfandinejad, they all USED palestinians. Who paid the price, Israel paid the price. Of course Palestinians did too, but only Israelis died w/ Palestinians. Now days, we have some sort of awakening, now there is a movement in the region to truely solve this problem because of Iran. Iran is trying worsen the situation, Saudi Arabia is trying solve it (again, for their own self-benefit)

Until the day we have morons like you who keep making up defitions such as mass murdering, ethnic cleansing, and all that crap, there won't be mutual respect, w/out mutual respect, there wont be peace.

People like you have brain washed Palestinian kids, and I have seen Arabs in Israel and in the territories, none of them think like you, except the ones who are militans. Your militans ideologies does not have a single factual basis but rather a mythical standing.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Yes, Iran is setting the region on fire. Israel invades Lebanon numerous times in 30 years but Iran is setting the region on fire.

Israel is destroying the Palestinian people but Iran is setting the region on fire.

America invades Iraq but Iran is setting the region on fire.

Saudi Arabia funds the Taliban before 9/11 and supports the insurgency in Iraq yet Iran is setting the region on fire.

Israel kills 1,000 people, mostly civilians, in Lebanon, but Iran is setting the region on fire.

The US and the UK invade and occupy Iraq, but Iran is meddling in Iraq's affairs.

"That is the reason we have palestinians in such a horrible situation. Every leader came along and declared that they would be the hero of the Palestinians."

Yes, and the ILLEGAL occupation of Palestine is good for the Palestinians. Its the fault of the dictators for the plight of the Palestinian people.

Thank you for your wisdom O ISRAELI OCCUPATION SOLDIER.


p.s. for as long as you act stupid, I will embarrass you.

Anonymous said...

"We must use terror, assassination, intimidation, land confiscation, and the cutting of all social services to rid the Galilee of its Arab population."
David Ben Gurion, Founder of Israel

"We must do everything to ensure they [the Palestinian refugees] never do return" David Ben-Gurion, in his diary, 18 July 1948, quoted in Michael Bar Zohar's Ben-Gurion: the Armed Prophet, Prentice-Hall, 1967

"If I were an Arab leader, I would never sign an agreement with Israel. It is normal; we have taken their country. It is true God promised it to us, but how could that interest them? Our God is not theirs. There has been Anti - Semitism, the Nazis, Hitler, Auschwitz, but was that their fault? They see but one thing: we have come and we have stolen their country. Why would they accept that?"
David Ben Gurion, Founder of Israel

"Jewish villages were built in the place of Arab villages. You do not even know the names of these Arab villages, and I do not blame you because geography books no longer exist. Not only do the books not exist, the Arab villages are not there either. Nahlal arose in the place of Mahlul; Kibbutz Gvat in the place of Jibta; Kibbutz Sarid in the place of Huneifis; and Kefar Yehushua in the place of Tal al-Shuman. There is not a single place built in this country that did not have a former Arab population." Moshe Dayan, address to the Technion, Haifa, reported in Haaretz, 1969

Ben Kahen said...

Look Iran has invested a lot of moeny just to destroy the peace agreement between the Palestinians and Israelis, just like the way they ordered Hizbollah to kidnap Israeli soldier because they knew very well how Israel would have responded. Yes Iran is trying set the region on fire because that is the only way they could allow their Islamic ideology to take over especially in shite places such as southern lebanon. Saudi Arabia is not an angel either, they helped hamas too and now they are not happy with it.

But people like you have those quotes very handy to throw it around, but when asked about question such as what the hell is going on in Palestinian areas today even after israel pulled out or millions of dollars that is going to buy weapon buying when they claim that palestinians are starving, it is jews fault.

Why did Hizbollah had to abduct two soldiers that made Israel respond like that? When you start a war, civilians die, you can't do anything about especially when you set up your offices right next to schools and civlians areas. Don't fucking bullshit me about Israel atacked killed 1000 civilians, but why did hizbollah cross the border and killed six of our soldiers that made us respond like that.

Israel had pulled out of lebanon 2000 and it was over, it was a finished job, but again people and anti-semites like you loves to bullshit around say no it was Israel's fault. Funny part is the leftists wackos like you in Israel today agreed with the war.

Quoting those guys wouldn't get you anywhere, and doesn't prove a thing, lack of women's right, education in ARab world is the biggest disaster to Muslim world and people like you loves to blame U.K. and U.S Iran is the safe heaven of terrorist in the region and they are the one who are trying to destroy peace, because it is from ashes of war that Iran can get more recruit for their militancy that they are create.

It was part of Iranian foreign policy in 80s who were created by Ayatollah Montazery (same fucker who not today has turned against the government),

My father used to work with him after the revolution ..he was making these payments to all those so called "freedome groups" (Groohaye azadi bakhsh) some of them in Yemen, Oman, Iraq (shite groups which by the way gave an invitation for Saddam to murder Iranians), but again, Iran was in middle of the war with Iraq, yet it was paying for those terrorist gropus. Majoerity of these groups failed with exception to Hizbollah. And as it is apparently today, HIzbollah will never allow Israel and Lebanon sign a peace treaty even thought there really isn't much difference between the two country today. There is nothing to figh tabout but Hizbollah insist that today we need fight Israel.

Iran is the first country to established an islamic rule with Islamic law as part of state. Iranians today are tired of this crap, and now you are the one (who has never lived in iran) saying Iran is the best country in the region.

Pouya...I love what a coward you are that you don't even sign your name

Anonymous said...

to the Pouya fellow, ey val. tell this IDF puppy to go suck a nice big lolly pop.

Anonymous said...

"Look Iran has invested a lot of moeny just to destroy the peace agreement between the Palestinians and Israelis..."

Yes, Iran has destroyed the peace agreements. The entire Arab world has offered Israel a comprehensive peace, but when Israel rejects, it's Iran's fault. Yes, of course.

Iran doesn't have to set the region on fire to expand its ideology. In case you haven't notice, ALL Shia areas are part and parcel of Iran's ideology, whether we like it or not.

"But people like you have those quotes very handy to throw it around..."

So what do you have to say about the quotes? Are you going to talk about me, or the quotes I put down?

In any case, yes, the Palestinian economic embargo imposed on them by Israel is the Palestinian's fault. The military occupation is the Palestinian's fault. Blame the victims.

"Why did Hizbollah had to abduct two soldiers that made Israel respond like that?"

Since they were kicked out of Lebanon, Israel has crossed the border 11,000 times, meaning, they have committed 11,000 acts of war. Why do they have to commit 11,000 acts of war? They have orchestrated assassinations and have abducted many Lebanese. In fact, many rot today in Israel's dungeouns, but when Hizbollah once attacks SOLDIERS (not civilians), all of Lebanon must be destroyed.

Remember, Hizbollah attacked soldiers. Israel responded by attacking civilians. Then in response to their civilians being targeted, Hizbollah began firing rockets into Israel's civilian areas. Who are the terrorists? Who first targeted civilians? And keep talking about how civilians die in war bc that's war, bc Hizbollah hide within the civilian populace. BULLSHIT, Israel targeted not only Hizbollah bunkers but also the entire CIVILIAN INFRASTRUCTURE, and by extension, civilians (who else uses the civilian infrastructure?).

I never said Iran is the best country in the region. I just said Israel is an aggressor racist fascist apartheid state hell bent on cleansing the "Galilee of its Arab population." (remember the quote from Israel's founder?)

But Iran's support for groups has NOT been a failure w the exception of Hizbollah. Indeed, if you look at Iraq, it is run by parties founded and funded by Iran.

And keep calling me a coward o Israel Occupation Soldier that served in a terrorist army that terrorizes a poor people. If that is your standard of bravery, then I am one indeed.

As for Israel's terrorism, most of its founding leaders were wanted by the British for terrorism, many of which came to govern Israel and implemented the terrorism they used against the British against the Palestinians. Hence the quotes I posted above.

Enjoy hot stuff.


Ben Kahen said...

I swear you are lucky I am in the middle of finals and I really don't have that much time to discuss everything.

But at the end of the day:
More Palestinians are gona end up dying, Iran will be bombed, and more people on the other side are going to end up dying if there no solution and peace is not signed. Israel is not going anywhere an it is here to stay. You could grab a gun and try to fight it, and get tready for your country to be destroyed and have more people dead, or you could simply learn to live side by side w/ it. I am an IDF puppy, I am talking about peace, morons like you are the one who are talking bout destroying Israel (which in your dreams will ever happen)

Sooner or later, not this generation, maybe next generation people will see through this sort of argument which does nothing to divide up people and create more wars. Yes, and everyone of those wars, you guys will cry that we're being murdered and killed, if you can't handle a war, don't start it!

Now keep trying post quotes that your leftist wackos have put 2gether to try to formulate your argument. If I go through all the anti-semitic quotes of your beloved leaders about killing jews wherever or whenever, you and your buddies will be very embarrassed. Hell it's not even a quote but rather there are 21st century movie clips of it availabe.
yes pouya, you are still an anti-semite!

Ben Kahen said...

About that comprehensive peace agreement, it's a joke, they have not done anything, peace agreement is giving up something, they just repeated what they wanted and that is it.

Israel should not give back any part of Jerusalem except of the mosque.

Israel should not allow a single refuge to return!

Golan heights is negotiable, but don't retrun everything, because Syria should pay price for its aggression in 1967.

Comprehensive: my ass!

peace agreement is you never get 100% of what you want. These arabs country simply saying we we want 100% back so we could recognize you guys as human...why don't you guys shove it up there as much we are concerned. We're the powerfull ones and after the wall goes up, we'll pull right behind that wall. As simply as that, let the Palestinians take care of their own fate. If they try to do anything to harm israel, IDF will go back there and once in a while show them who them the reality of war.

comprehesive my ass!!

Saudi Arabia is trying to suck up to Israel because of Iran, as much as I am concerned, let saudis lose all their power in the region. For Syria, they got nothing to lose, no wonder they want this to work out!

Siamak said...

Pouya no one here cares about your non-sensical propoganda. Israel is here to stay and there's nothing you can do about it. From before you were born to after you die, Israel was there and will always be there. YOUR BULLSHIT DOESN'T CARRY ANY WEIGHT AROUND HERE!! Hahahahhahah

The only racist, fascist, useless, pointless, selfish and outright pathetic thing around here is your refusal to recognize the right of Jews to a state in THEIR HISTORIC HOMELAND, ERETZ YISRAEL.

And you know what I think about your anti-Zionism? I don't give a fucking damn!! Haahahahhaa. You can take your anti-Zionism and shove it up your Marxist, Chomsky-loving ass.


Anonymous said...

Typical Shi'ite propanda.

My good friend, you just have to realize that your crazy, radical interpretation of Islam is invalid and irrational. Iran represents all Shiites about as much you represent all persians. i think its clear to both of us that you're just a persian immigrant to the United States who feels nostalgic and sentimental towards Iran, and even guilty for having to live here in the country of Great Satan.

This clouds your judgement.

For I think its clear to both you, me, and the whole international community that Iran is openly supporting terrorist activity in Iraq, Lebanon, and Israel. Iran is also developing nuclear weapons, while calling for the destruction of another UN state. As a matter of fact it is Iran's actions that have forced the moderates of the abovementioned three countries to unite to fight Iran's influence.

And yet you still blame all others. Israel's 11,000 incursions? What hezbollah site did you get that number from...

The recent israeli bombing of shiite strongholds in Lebanon happened because Hezbollah kidnapped the soldiers.

Of course now you will claim that you won. Now that you have gotten over your joyful jumping up and down, go to the shiite neighborhoods in Beirut and see whats left of them. As one general once said, "with more victories like this, we'll quickly lose the war."

Hezbollah was successful, but not in what you think. it was successful in uniting the Druze, the Christians, the Sunnis, and the Israelis across the border with one goal - the future complete elimination of Hezbollah.

Let's drink to that! oh wait i forgot you dont drink, well then.. to you covering your women with bed sheets! hooray!

Anonymous said...

Siamak-the-side-kick-who-got- brainwashed-by-his-peers and Arash the occupation soldier, you guys keep talking about how Israel is here to stay as if that was the issue. The issue is not whether Israel's existence is at stake, but the ethnic cleansing and Israel's military denial of the Palestinians right to exist.

Arash talks of peace? Really? Look at your original post, there's no peace theme, just one of confrontation.

As to the comprehensive peace, the Arab League offered the deal, in it there is a compromise by saying fine, we concede that Israel gets 78% of Palestine, now either allow the refugees to return to Israel proper OR COMPENSATE THEM (the way the Germans compensated the Jews), and let there be a Palestinian state in the remaining 22% (the West Bank and the Gaza). Return the Golan. Of course by your standards, that's not a compromise. The settlements are there for a reason and no compensation can be made to the refugess bc that admits guilt, and only Germans are allowed to admit guilt and pay compensations.

You pay lip service to peace, but your original post is one of confrontation and your service in the Israeli OCCUPATION forces is an act of war.

And what's the moron saying above my post, Im not religious AT ALL!!!


Anonymous said...

Funny how you completely ignore the hundreds of thousands of Jews that were kicked out of Arab countries following the establishment of Israel.

How about this for a deal - when Arab countries, who have hundreds of billions of dollars from oil receipts, admit guilt and compensate Jewish refugees, then Israel will compensate Arab refugees. By the way, Libya has already taken a step in that direction by offering the Jews of Libya to come back to the country after kicking them out.

As for the Palestinian Arabs.. In order to claim the 22% of the West Bank and Gaza, one has to first establish a claim to the land.

1. let's open the history books, have you ever heard of a palestinian state? now, look up the jewish state. the Jews have had a state in the land of Israel more than once.

Palestinians never had their own state, while the Jews had and specifically in this land.
Round goes to the Jews

2. National Identity - did palestinians ever think of themselves as a whole people independent of all other arab peoples around them before the establishment of Israel? No. Before and during Israel's War of Indpendence, all Palestinian leaders called for a merging into Syria, and considered themselves Syrian. Palestinian nationalism was a movement created to acquire international support for the Palestinians' war against Israel. Nothing more. -- A movement based on nothing.
Did Jews always have a national identity? clearly yes.

So now, should the Arabs get any part of the West Bank? The answer is pretty clear, they no links to the land and have a supeficially created identity.

By the way, if anyone does deserve their own state, its the Kurds of Iraq, Iran, Syria, and Turkey.

Although Kurds never had their own state, they certainly have had a separate national identity, with its own language and culture for more than 1,500 years.

So let's drink to Kurdish independence, and maybe some day to that of the Azeris?

People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones

Anonymous said...

Libya's offer is clearly a public relations stunt(i mean who's going to move to Libya and live in poverty?), but it does show that the Arab countries do remember kicking out the Jews and taking their property.

Anonymous said...

The nation-state is a modern concept. Iraq, Syria, and Kurdish aspirations for nationhood are new concepts. But, Kurds have existed, and so have the Arabs in that land, and that's all that really matters.

I just read this news brief and I wanted to bring it to the attention of the Zionist-Terror Apologists on this blog.

Siamak and Arash have in the past stated the Arab civilians die bc that's war, and bc militants hide in front of them. I see this as nothing more than blaming the victims.

In actuality, the opposite is true:

Israel 'human shield' suspension

"The Israeli army says it has suspended a commander after the unit he led was accused of using Palestinians as human shields in a West Bank raid.

Amateur video footage shot earlier this week showed Israeli soldiers apparently forcing Palestinians to stand in front of their armoured jeep."

Im sorry to say that this sort of thing happens often, but it was just caught on tape once.

Everyone, watch and see how Arash and Siamak turn this around and try to blame the victims.... again.


Ben Kahen said...

Pouya: What the hell does that have to do with anything?! It is one commander making a mistake and he is being punished for it. My argument is that terrorist do hide behind civlians and that is why a lot of collateral casualties as a result of each confrontation.

Plus, Pouya don't for a second try to deny the fact the Jews existed in Israel and they actually built cities such as Jerusalem historically. Don't try to deny our historical claim to the land. But again, you are an anti-semite, you know how to ignore fact or delete stuff!

Anonymous said...

ok, you who everyone is suppose to know, point is you dont disagree that palestinians dont deserve a state. good for you.

the next question is can they live in the land even without a state? Yes. just like the israeli arabs, palestinians have the same right. the difference in their conditions is due to the fact that palestinians are descendants of people who fought the jews and who left, while the israeli arabs are the descendants of the people who stayed and supported the jews.

Hence, its not surprising that they would not be loved by these very same jews they fought so many wars against. at the same time, their right to live in the state of Israel(including the West Bank or Gaza) is to be respected if they equally respect the character of Israel as a jewish state.

In a similar sense, can iraqis that have moved to Sweden live in Sweden? yes, however they have to respect that it is a Swedish country of the Swedes, meaning the culture and the language is to be adopted and not to be fought.

Anonymous said...

as for the Jews, history does not lie, Israel and Judea were there way before any arab invasion of the land thousands of years later.

in law, property is apportioned based on the rule of first possession. Since the Jews are the most ancient people who were in first possession of the land, it is theirs.

any claim about a right to an arab state would be as strong as one for a christian state in the area, since both peoples came to the land through the use of force. as you can probably guess such means are illegal and invalid and do not confer any such right upon on you.

Ben Kahen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ben Kahen said...

History of Jews in Israel is undisputable and no body can argue that Jews simply created a myth to be there. Except I remember this Moron Hamas guy who said Jews were never in Israel and they were just lying about their hisotry in this land!

Anonymous said...

"in law, property is apportioned based on the rule of first possession. Since the Jews are the most ancient people who were in first possession of the land, it is theirs."

HOLY SHIT. Nice piece of revisionism. The history of that land DID NOT begin w the Jews. And I agree, conquest should not give you the legal right to the land, hence, why ISRAEL's ILLEGAL occupation of the W. Bank is ILLEGAL.

And no one is denying the presence of Jews in Palestine. They have been there consistently but they were not conquered by the Palestinians. Irrespective, the civilian populace present in Palestine at the early part of the 20th century were civilians who had nothing to do with the Holocaust, or the Babylonian conquest of ancient Israel, nor did they play any role in the 1967 6 Days War, yet Israel made them pay not only for the Holocaust but also during the 6 Day War.

Arash, you're problem is that inherent in every statement you make, is the fact that you imply that your "G-d given right" to that land means, that everyone else should either leave, die, or be blamed for wanting to stay or resisting.

You pretend the Jewish right to Palestine supercedes the right of those people who committed no crime in the Holocaust, 1948, or 1967, except for being non-Jewish.


Ben Kahen said...

The existence of Israel has nothing to do with Holocaust. Read the article that I wrote about Holocaust. The existence of Israel is based on theory of a Jewish Homeland for the jews. It is the only land that Jews have claim to and they are going to exist there. The neighbors and the people of that land rejected the idea of a Jewish land and they attacked. Did you forget how Israel pleaded with these people not to attack and yet they did.

Plus regarding the natives, during the 1920s, the articles are still out when the Arabs in Egypt, Syria, and Jordan realized that Jews were migrating back to their homeland, they started incouraging their population to move to this land, therefore this who native population, maybe 20 to 30% of them are truely native. They rest moved as result of encouragment. One of the thing about the history of these places espeically with resptive to Gaza is that majority of the people who moved were poor people that those Arab government back then had the freedome to influence and we see the effects of it today too.

Jews and Arabs in Palestine could and should coexist! No one need to deport anybody, no one need to destroy anybody! I have said it many many times, whether Jews like it or not, there will be a country called Palestine because it is in Israel's beset interest to rule on such a different culture. At the same time, Israel is here ot stay as a Jewish state, whether you like it or not!

Anonymous said...

I never said Jews are the first people to have ever lived in the land. I'm saying of people that are in existence today, Jews are in fact the most ancient. Palestinians came to the land much, much later, hence Jews have a stronger claim for the land.

Yes, there were many other people in the land even before the Jews, but today they are not in existence. If they were it would be a different story.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous" lets say you're right and the Jews are the most ancient people on the land, even most of Israel's Jewish citizens immigrated from Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, does it mean they have the right to rule and expel the non-Jews?

As for Arash the Occupation Soldier:

"Jews and Arabs in Palestine could and should coexist! No one need to deport anybody, no one need to destroy anybody! I have said it many many times, whether Jews like it or not, there will be a country called Palestine because it is in Israel's beset interest to rule on such a different culture."

Yes, that sounds great. The reality on the ground and your service in the Israeli OCCUPATION forces say otherwise. Such activity says: "We have the means to expel you, and we have done so and will continue to do so bc you are not Jewish."

Iran and Syria won't allow it? Please, the occupation of the West Bank has existed before Iran and Syria had a foot in the conflict.

Israel's expansionism, unchecked occupation, settlements, and fascists like YOU are the barrier to peace.


Anonymous said...

Such activity says: "We have the means to expel you, and we have done so and will continue to do so bc you are not Jewish."

Pouya, the David Duke fan, I think I know where you have been getting all your ideas...

Anonymous said...

You have no basis to think I am a David Duke fan. Please refer to my one and only post on him, which said nothing of the like.

As for the quote: ""e have the means to expel you, and we have done so and will continue to do so bc you are not Jewish."

I stands and you said nothing to object.