Monday, April 16, 2007

Holocaust Remembrance Day

Well, today is the Holocaust Remembrance Day. It is a day where every human being should think back and realize what went wrong. However, for Jews it has a totally different meaning. Six million of us walked to our death. There are a lot of questions that Jew might ask. What happened? Why did it happen? How did it happen? How come on one did anything to save the Jews? My answer: IT’S OUR OWN FAULT.

Jews were the most passive group who were blinded by civilized society of Europe. They thought the Europeans were going to protect them. They were under impression that knowledge and education were the only tools for survival. They are necessary tools to have as a matter of being a better person and higher quality of life, but it won’t save your life. These Jews were simply too passive and not aggressive. They all fucking walked to their death in an orderly fashion! Even Nazis were surprised of how orderly these people were walking to their death. There was not a major uprising. I mean come on, six million simply don’t vanish. You are about to die, grab a gun, fight, don’t just simply walk and hope you’ll live another 2 minutes. There was only one major uprising in Ghetto of Varsho and it brought German Armies down to its knees. These guys forced German Army to use its Air Force and Tanks to clear this Ghetto. Just imagine what would have happened if at least 20% of the Jews would have resisted. If 20% is too much, just imagine if 5% of them had resisted. But they didn’t, they relied on the world to protect them. AND THEY DIED.

IDF does not like the idea of Holocaust. There is this major confrontation between IDF and Holocaust survivors. Don’t get me wrong, IDF does respect Holocaust survivors and everything, but they argue that Jews should have fought. That’s why IDF has this mentality of “Never Again!” I agree with IDF on this issue. However, every time a European Jew would hear such thing, they get mad. Maybe it is because I am a Sephardic Jew, but once you look around the world and in Israel you see the difference. Sephardic Jews are a lot more aggressive and pro-Israel and defending Israel. As oppose to European or American Jews who tend to be more passive. It is a good combination to run a country like Israel because it doesn’t allow Israel to turn into a totally war mongering country. However, the backlash is for example that 99% of the leftist wackos who call for destruction of Israel and proclaim to be Jews tend to be European.

Nazi Germany never got a chance to reach the Jews in Arab countries regions with exception to Morocco and Northern African countries. The argument that the Arabs would have defended Jews is simply Bullshit!! In Iran, Iranian Muslims had already Jewish properties thinking the Nazi Germany was coming. Iranian Shah had already made prior dealings with Hitler about Iranian Jews in that country. But again, it is an unknown area of we don’t know what would really happen.

Holocaust has a very clear message to Jews, NO BODY IS GOING TO PROTECT YOU BUT YOURSELF! No matter how much you think you are part of a nation or country or government, as history has prove over and over and over again, you are a Jew, and there is a chance you might get kicked out! No one will role up their sleeves to protect you except Jews and in today’s world it is Israel. This message is to those leftist who call for destruction of Israel and they claim to be Jews: there is no other place like Israel that is going to protect you. Just like when an Iranian is in danger, Iranian government has the obligation to protect that Iranian, as a Jew, Israel has an obligation to protect you and it has done so almost every time it tried. If you think that you could be respected or survive a day without a state of Israel, you are dreaming!!


Anonymous said...

A must see, UN Human Rights Council and Israel- not at all surprising!

Long version:
Short version:

Ben Kahen said...

Good movie!! Actually as I saw it, it reminded me of how nazis and their allies kept having these arguments against the existence of Jews. Now funny part is, we're hearing the same arguments.

It is funny how back then, no one accepted the Jews in their countries, and how today they all condemn the country!

Beneficent Allah said...

Hey I don't know you but great post. I think the main difference between how Jews in America think about the Holocaust vs. Jews in Israel is this: Jews in America blame others (international law, Germany...look at the b.s. legal battles over reparations) whereas Jews in Israel blame themselves.

Jews are not victims! We can, and must, take care of ourselves!

Beneficent Allah said...

I have to add, though: I don't think that Israel is 100% necessary for the protection of Jews.

Israel helps. 50 years ago, it was necessary. But now, Jews can protect themselves with our without Israel. I love Israel, it is my favorite country in the world. But as it becomes more and more of a liability for Jews, rather than a protection, I am less certain about Israel's future.

Half of my family is in Israel, and they are sending all of their children to the U.S. Since I care more about my family's safety than about Israel, I support their decision.

I love Israel. But being Jewish is about much more than a piece of land, (even if that land is really, really nice). If Arabs can't cooperate with us, then screw them! Israel was nothing when Jews got there, we built everything from scratch. If the Jews leave, I think it will be a lot like Ayn Rand's book "Atlas Shrugged" where all of the smart people more away and start another country.

Ben Kahen said...

Being Jewish is a lot more than a piece of land, but without that piece of land, we really don'th have an identity.

Israel does have a mentality that it will go after anybody who try to harm Jews, and frankly they have done a good job. In today's world, honestly if it wasn't because of Israel, there is still a possiblity that a guy would get up and try to destroy Jews. It is just a matter of us being able to defend ourselves. We could not do it if there was no country, we need a place, a base, somewhere we belong and there is no place like israel.

but thanx for such thoughtful reply.

rootlesscosmo said...

bro, I can tell you love Israel and that your heart is in the right place, but you got some ignorant stuff in this post here.

"Sephardic Jews are a lot more aggressive and pro-Israel and defending Israel."

I guess I sorta see what you mean, but let's not get it twisted: European Jews built Israel. so respect due.

furthermore, your characterization of Jews as "walking to their deaths" is pretty insulting to the thousands of partisans and ghetto fighters who died fighting the Nazis and pro-Nazi facists throughout Europe.

and finally, you have to understand that the destruction of the European Jewish communities was a gradual process. they did not get up one day and walk en masse into gas chambers. their rights and legal status were stripped of them over a course of years, to the point where they had no legal recourse and no hope of mounting an effective collective resistance. this was not the US; the Jews of Europe had no right to bear arms and, by the end of the Nazi war against them, no legal rights to speak of.

the Jews of Europe -- stateless, penniless, weakened by years of deprivation -- were just supposed to rise up and fight the most formidable military machine the world had ever seen? GTFOHWTBS.

Ben Kahen said...

"I guess I sorta see what you mean, but let's not get it twisted: European Jews built Israel. so respect due."

Well that's a very very false statement. I am not sure if you are refering to creating Israel and help its independence or building its infastructure. In terms of buidling you are very very wrong. At least as compared to my relatives in Israel. Most of my relatives moved to that Israel in 1948. My aunt's husband build the pavements on Haifa with his own hands. My dad's uncle who has like huge farms in Israle were the first people to even be in Israel after independent. Iraqis for example were all expelled form Iraq in 48 and 50s who moved there.

I do accept the fact that European Jews did a lot more to create Israel. There is no argument in that part. But when it came to fighting for Israel, my own father, given the fact that he was a leftist Marxist who was also part of revolution in Iran, did go back and fought in Yum Kippur. Even when you look at Jews in Iran or Jews from Iran or Iraq, they are extremely pro-Israel.

But again, at the end of the day, we're all Israelis at heart! So that's what matter.


Zionists went up to Germans Jews, told them, lets go up and go to Israel, the answer was, what Zion? What Jerusalem??? Our Jerusalem is here "Berlin"!!! Yes, even till the end there were not major resistance!

"the Jews of Europe -- stateless, penniless, weakened by years of deprivation -- were just supposed to rise up and fight the most formidable military machine the world had ever seen? GTFOHWTBS. "

Penniless: they were anything but penniless. Plus, comeo n man...look at the pictures of them walking toward the shooting ranges, they know you are going to be killed, what are you waiting for! attack!! do something!!! Even germans were suprised with how orderly it was going!

Once you know you are dying: what do you got to lose!?! What are you being civlized for??!!

HOLOCAUST IS A VERY SAD ISSUE! I KNOW!! BUT LET'S NOT REPEAT THE SAME MISTAKES! As it is apparently it is the european jews today who are actually calling for destruction of Israel or keep criticizing Israel's whole existence in the international world.

I am trying to show you the lessons from HIstory! I do respect those people who still died but again, we should try not to make the same mistakes as they made. I am not blaming them but rather I am trying somehow show what history could teach you!

Anonymous said...

Sadly you don't know the history yourself, you're applying a modern mentality to something that happened in the 1930's and 40's. Please go back to school and get an education. And spelling lessons while you're at it since you are blogging for the world to see...

Ben Kahen said...

Hey thanx for the advice! Anything better you could teach me, feel free to do so!

The back of the hill said...

We know NOW that Jews should have resisted. But even now, how many European Jews turn a blind eye to the anti-Semitism implied in the policies and actions of political parties in Europe? How many Amrican Jews mentally gloss over anti-Semitic tendencies in American society?

We know NOW that they should have fought THEN. But the time for action is always now.

Ben Kahen said...

That is definitely true, but in today's world, the new anti-semtisim is liberalism. They carry any type of attack they want but the only difference is they just replace the word "jew" w/ "zionists" and they say the same exact crap that they used to say about Jews in 30s and 40s and the same excuse they burned 6 million Jews.

Chassidic Truth. said...

I read your blog and started out impressed. Then i got sidetracked by your spelling. You went to berkley and go to western and you dont read your blog thats no more than 2 pages long twice or three times? Im not here to spelling nazi you no pun intended but rather comment on your blog.

you got 1 of the 2 reasons for the Holocaust and you didnt do it on purpose.

Reason No. 1: The Enlightenment. A massive reform of Judaism, Assimilation, Rejection of Torah, and Intermarriage.

Reason No. 2: The Religious Jews amongst the Secular Jews forgeting Jerusalem and never wanting to return. They were happy and Berlin was now the new Jerusalem.

If you look at the history of the Jewish People everytime one of these happens, we are attacked by the nations, exiled, or the whole jewish people is sentenced to death.


Did we already forget why the decree against the Jews during Purim happened?

You are right we need to fight no one will save us just like no one ever saves us.

The only difference is the Holocaust was the 1st time in history that Jews didnt fight in mass like they did thousands of years ago.

Galus has weakened even the Sephardic Jews so get off your high horse and stop looking for credit where credit doesnt matter.

For someone that went to such esteemed colleges you really dont know much about the Jewish Faith. You must have been a science major.

The only way to fix this is for the Jews to reaccept the torah like they did during Purim and how they first recieved on Shavout.

Look at the experience when 600,000 jews accepted the torah.

Think about 14 million.

Ben Kahen said...

I actually have done extensive study on religious matters. However I am a firm believer that religion should stay out of politics. Religious Faith is a personal matter. Yes it is important for Jews to stay Jewish, however when it comes to unifying Jews, we cannot utilize religion because it will be a fertile ground for corruption. We can see this in Islamic Nations where religion is constantly used to unify muslim, and as we can see it has backfired. Religion should stay a personal matter, rather than a public policy.