Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hamas’s Great Deterrence

One of the roles of government is to protect its citizen. However, the elected government of Palestinians seems to have missed the memo on that one. Here is a statement by Zamar who is a Hamas leader. According to him, Israel will pay a heavy price if they do not accept the ceasefire that Hamas is in desperate need in order to regroup and rearm itself. The heavy price that Zamar is trying to deter Israel with is not a new weapon, air force, technology, or military tactic. Hamas is trying scare of Israel by threatening to kill its own citizen. Zamar said, “Israel may have 200 nuclear warheads, but Hamas has 200,000 people who want to blow themselves up inside Israel,” Click Here for the story.

Think about it: instead of protecting its citizens, Hamas is simply willing to sacrifice 200,000 of its own citizen to deliver a message to Israel. Keep in mind, this government is democratically elected by Palestinians and it is a perfect signature of pathetic Palestinian cause. How pathetic is this Palestinian Cause? This is why the Palestinian Cause that Western Academia is so found of is nothing but a terrorist cause. Another question is: they do not even value the lives of their own people, who would in their right mind think that they would have any mercy on the lives of Israelis if one day get any sort of power to cause any damage to Israel?

This is the great difference between Zionism and Palestinian terrorism. Israel values its citizens’ lives and will do anything to defend it. Palestinian cause is a terrorist cause that will do anything to achieve its evil intentions even if it requires slaughtering 200,000 of their own citizens.

By the way, this is not the problem with Palestinians. This is the problem with the “religion of peace”. Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini (The leader of the great Islamic revolution of Iran) said once that we have over one billion Muslims; there is nothing wrong with sacrificing half of it to destroy Israel. However, the pathetic and terrorist cause of Palestinian has fallen in to the same trap. Their only goal is not simply to liberate their land; their only goal is to bring back the Muslim rule to this peace of land. They are willing to use any means necessary to achieve that goal. The greatest achievement they have had is making a mockery of “human rights” and institutions that are supposed uphold such rights. They just simply cannot accept a Jewish nation, not because of its Zionists values, but simply because it is a Jewish government. This is why the terrorist cause of Palestinians reeks with anti-Semitic remarks and rhetoric. This hatred of Jews is so powerful that they will sacrifice 200,000 of their citizens and not even a soul in Palestinian territory is going to criticize this government.

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