Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Israel remembers its 22,437 fallen

I do not usually write any posts dedicated to dates such as Women’s day or Norouz or Passover. However I cannot ignore two dates that are very dear to me and they are Holocaust Remembrance Day and the day for fallen soldiers. Israel has lost 22,437 soldiers to protect its citizens. The number is relatively low due to constant aggression from its bloodthirsty neighbors who have constantly tried to eradicate the Jewish state from the face of the earth or harm its citizens by any means necessary. Yet, these 22,437 soldiers died to prevent these leaders and groups to repeat and finish what Nazis started. Even though the number is low compared to casualty rates of countries and groups they have battled, they are still 22,437 who died and they deserve to be honored. From bottom of my heart, I salute all of them. Here is a video showing the faces of fallen Israeli soldiers in the 2nd Lebanon war. Click here to read more about the events in Israel for this day. Please leave a kind word for these heroes who gave up their lives to fight an ideology that wants destroy other cultures and restore it with their primitive way of life.

By the way, I will not publish any comment that might slander these heroes in any sense or form.


Anonymous said...

Sara M.

very moving video! they'll be forever remembered for protecting israel and its people...

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this video. God bless them each and every one...Sal

Anonymous said...

Masha W.

They are heroes- such talented, beautiful life-loving souls.

rozi said...

they are the most brace and honorable soldiers a country could have.

the rest of the ME should be PRAYING to have such just men and women in their ranks.