Sunday, May 11, 2008

New Enemies of Lebanon: Christian, Druz, and Sunnis!

Oh my G-d, the defender of Lebanon is the one destroying the Paris of Middle East and guess for what? Power! That is surprising. I am shocked! These “freedom fighters” are killing the invaders. Oh wait, the invaders are the citizens of the land. The group who vowed to defend Lebanon and its citizens was caught spying on the citizens and now they are killing the citizens of the same nation they pretended to defend. The terrorist apologists will use anything to uphold their Anti-Semitic goal which is to defame and slander Israel. They did a great job trying to portray Israel as the evil force and Hezbollah as the great warriors who defended Lebanon. The only thing is that they were wrong and they simply emboldened a terrorist group and justified their existence. Now these “great warriors” are nothing but power hungry greedy terrorists who are trying to high jack another country to turn it into a training ground. Here is the problem, every country they highjack, they destroy its future like they did to Iran. Iran is the perfect example of what Islamic Terrorism could do to a country. I am excited to see an Islamic Republic of Lebanon very soon. I have no doubt that if civil war begins in Lebanon, Hezbollah will win in a heartbeat. They have been training for this kind of take over for a long time. It was only a matter of a justifiable excuse to ignite a war and a violent take over. After all, the great architect of such take over (aka Iran) had a great success in Gaza Strip. The world did not do anything and now Carter is meeting with Hamas and legitimizing them even more. They would simply use their own citizens as hostage and take standard of living to such a low point that the world would sympathize with them and of course blame Israel for it. Oh well, let the world enjoy another terrorist harboring nation in the region. After all, it is all Zionists fault and they should find a way to bridge the gap between peace-loving Islamic Fundamentalist and not disrespect them or their way of life in any sense of form. For a lack of better word, let’s just pick on Israel to appease them. Oh by the way, it is for Olmert to wake up and realize the threat up north.

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