Thursday, May 29, 2008


I have no doubt that if Obama is elected, he will be more disastrous than Carter. His foreign policy advisers are very similar to Carter’s advisers in terms of their political ideologies. That is why terrorist-apologists and Islamo-Fascists sympathizers are celebrating every single Obama victory and they are joyful to see that he might be the next president. I wonder why?! Hopefully we will not repeat history and we will not establish another Islamic State through our mistakes.


Anonymous said...

Ben B.

Good article.

But, I think none of us realize how horrible Obama really is. He is going to make Jimmy Carter look good.

Anonymous said...

Karim N.

That's why you should vote John McCain :)

Anonymous said...

Lol. I am voting for McCain, but not because I like him - he's also a fairly bad candidate - but because he's the lesser of three evils.

Ben Kahen said...

I honestly think McCain is a good candidate because he is not too far right and he is not in love with Oil companies like our current president. At the same time, McCain ideology is more like how America is today. It is too far too the right and it is definitely not a leftists. There are some questionable facts about him for example with Immigration, but this race will teach him a lesson that America is not ok with open borders.
Overall McCain is a really good candidate because he will bring a lot of Democrats to republican side in this race and hopefully he'll prevent this moron Obama become the next president w/ his stupid rantings about open dialogue with terrorists.

Ben Kahen said...

"It is NOT too far too the right and it is definitely not a leftists."