Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Happy 60th Birthday Israel

Israel is celebrating its 60th year anniversary. Of course, the jealous Anti-Semites cannot handle the fact that this Jewish nation has been a total success. What is amazing is that the media is trying to portray that Israelis are all uncertain and unhappy. BBC did a report on Israelis and their opinion of the Independence Day celebration and it was mainly negative. Yahoo Picture went even further as to put it in their captions for the pictures of showing Israelis celebrating. Other Terrorist Apologists claim Israel has not achieved anything. If that is true, maybe they should stop using their cell phones and laptop computers and stop going to doctors because Israel has made significant contribution to discovery and improvement of these technologies. I am not going to write about Israel’s achievements, but my favorite achievement is kicking Arab’s Fascists asses several times and of course being the only working democracy in the region. Funny part is that Arabs have more rights in Israel than any other country in the region. Isn’t that ironic? Happy 60th Birthday Israel! Here are some pictures from the celebration that is taking place in Israel. G-d, I wonder how shitty all the terrorist apologists and Anti-Semites feel about seeing these celebrations and how strong Israel is standing in the region.

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