Thursday, June 19, 2008

Olmert’s Pathetic Attempt to Stay in Power

The worst prime minister of Israel, Ehud Olmert is at it again. As if he got anything to show for his work in the office, he is now proceeding to make peace. Nobody would argue against peace, we all want it, but at what price? Is it the real peace? Is Israel going to be secured after signing these peace agreements? Oh well, lets look into the level corruption that we’re dealing with here.
Olmert is in hot water for his corruption scandals. He is gone and he knows it; however he is trying to stay in power by any means necessary. With assistance of another 2nd worst Israeli Prime Minister, Ehud Barak, these two are trying to make “painful concession” just to divert Israeli attention from Olmert’s corruption scandals by false promise of peace and jump starting serious of peace negotiation. Let’s start with the most obvious one: GAZA TRUCE.
This is the most ridiculous truce ever created under the sun. (click here for the link). They are giving the terrorists breathing time to rearm and improve their missiles, so they would be able to hit even farther cities inside Israel. Israel keeps threatening that if this fails, we’re going to attack Gaza. Well genius: why are you letting them know about when you are attacking them? You know you have to go in there either today or a month from now, why don’t you do it now? Why are you giving them a month, without any violence, they can freely set up their booby traps and send in our boys to their death? With the truce in effect, who is going to stop these guys? Sometimes I feel like a monkey could run Israel better than these two morons: Olmert and Barak.
If Israel would have attacked Gaza first and pulled out and then committed to the truce, then that would have been more reasonable. But come one, you are giving the enemy the time to prepare for your attack? ARE YOU SERIOUSLY THAT STUPID? HONESTLY?!
Now let’s talk about Lebanon and Sheba farms. That is even more shameful. Israel is under pressure to give up Sheba farms for peace. (Click here for the link). Funny part is Hezbollah has already said that they have wider plan for the region and it won’t stop by Sheba farms. So much for protectors and defender of Lebanon! Now it is obvious that Iran is a terrorist supporting country and their arm in the region is Hezbollah and they have bigger plans for the region which is an Islamic Shiite Government. However this is an amazing answer to those terrorist apologists who sees Hezbollah as only a defender and nothing more. They try to justify the existence of Hezbollah on Sheba farms. However, why is Israel even arguing about it? Come on how low could Israel hit these days? Israel should not have even offered it. Israel has won its wars, let them ask for it. Why are you offering it before getting your answer? Do they know the simple rules of negotiation?
Then talks with Syria: this is another pathetic attempt by Olmert trying to save himself and he is doing it again through false promise of peace. Syria has already said they won’t stop supporting Hamas and Hezbollah even if they do sign a peace agreement with Israel. THEN WHAT THE HELL IS THE POINT OF SIGNING A PEACE WHEN THEY ARE SUPPORTING YOUR ENEMY OLMERT? I really hope Israel doesn’t fall for this crap, but again masses sometimes make crazy decisions due to misleading media reports. Overall, I feel like a monkey could run Israel better than Olmert and Barak.

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