Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Even though I have a huge midterm tomorrow, I still had to write about it. Ok, the truce was violated by Palestinian. It took them five days before not carrying an act of violence toward Jews would get on their nerves and try something. They are addicted. However, it was not Hamas who carried out the operation. It was Islamic Jihad. For those who are not familiar with terrorist group of Islamic Jihad, they are directly funded and supported by Iran. Islamic Jihad is basically Iran’s bitch in Gaza and Iranian terrorist officials are directly involved in daily operation of this barbaric group. So, as it is apparent, the whole idea of being Pro-Palestinian and their support for Palestinian cause is nothing but a self-serving operation. Any truce between Palestinians and Israelis would be damaging for Iran especially at this point (it is tied to the whole nuclear program and buying sympathy and keeping Israel as enemy that I am not going to go into at this point.) Iranian officials love to see this conflict going and they basically benefit from Palestinians dying. They couldn’t wait five until they destroy this shaky truce. This is for those terrorist apologists who claim people who hate Iranian government are doing it simply because they support Palestinian cause and this government is standing up for Palestinian. These terrorist apologists do not dare to even dare to criticize Iranian regime simply because their hatred of Israel is bigger than their love for their own countries. They would not say anything because they do not want to discredit a supporter of Palestinian cause when this same government (Iran) has and still is slaughtering their own brothers and sisters in Universities. Isn’t it amazing now? Iranian government loves to see Palestinians dying in the streets of Gaza; they love to see Israeli tanks rolling into Gaza strip and while searching for terrorists, harm Palestinian civilians unintentionally. They train these terrorists to hide behind these Palestinians to maximize civilian death when Israelis fire back just to enrage simple minded Arab world and buy more support for their corrupt, barbaric, and decaying Islamic ideology that Khomeini introduced to the civilized world in 1979. I have said it many times before and I say it now: Palestinian cause is nothing but a fraudulent cause funded, supported, and backed by government who are only looking for ways to push forth their own interests and keeping themselves in power. The best example is Iran: they are trying to keep this conflict going because they need this conflict to continue to buy sympathy for this terrorist cause in their own public eye, and justify their hatred toward Israel and keep Israel as an enemy. If Israel is kept as an enemy in the region, it makes it easier for them to clamp down on their citizens; all they have to do is label any protestor as a Zionists and coerce a fake confession out of them and execute them. No one will ask anything!
Another part about this violation is: situations like today seems a lot similar to 90s. It is similar to when Israel was being bombed and Israel failed to do anything simply because it was someone else who violated the peace agreements. Israeli government would ask the Palestinian what happened and they would condemn the act and they would add that it was not us who did it. Yet Palestinians did not lift a finger to stop those groups. Remember the bus bombings and how Israel did not do much to punish the actors in 90s because we were going through that fake peace process? One of the victims was also a relative of mine. Israeli government will claim that if we do anything, terrorist would be the winner of that because they want this truce to be destroyed and guess what is going to happen: terrorists are going to get away with just firing anything into Israel. Israel should respond and they should respond quickly and very harshly to prove to Hamas that they are not joking when they say no act of violence from Gaza. If they want another truce, they should go after Islamic Jihad, make them quiet first and then come to the table to renegotiate another truce. We should not repeat what happened in the 90s when Israel proved to be powerless in the peace process. We cannot allow this truce to tie our hands and take away our ability to defend ourselves.

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Shawn Abdian said...

All I can say is that Iran uses the Palestinian terrorities, as well as Lebanon, as proxies against Israel. In the end, the victims will be Israeli citizens as well as the Palestinian people. The Palestinians do not understand that resistance via violence will never help them achieve their long term goals of statehood.

Resistance without violence may even get them favor throughout the world community. The fact that they still promote and brain wash their society with anti-Israel and anti-US rhetoric shows that they have a long way to true statehood. Their continue support for Iranian backed resistance/terrorist groups will cause more detriment to themselves then good.